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James Raid is a sophmore in highschool who is openly gay. Cody Fuller is a senior, who is secretley gay for James.

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I found myself in the same situation as every other day, in the locker room standing next to the sexiest guy in school changing for P.E. Cody Fuller, captain of the soccer team, was a senior this year and boy was he handsome. I find myself staring at his pants too often, but what can I say, the man has got a nice package, trust me I know I've seen it in the showers.
As I finish dressing out Cody looks at me and smiles. "Hey James, how's it going?" I almost melted right there. He said my name and asked me how I was, not to mention he was still partially undressed; I was totally turned on. "Not much, you know school." He chuckled and nodded in agreement. "I feel you there buddy! Especially when it comes to algebra, I mean since when are letters allowed in math?" We both laughed in sync, though my laugh was more like a little school girl's than a sophomore boy's; this made Cody laugh even harder.
You see, the great thing about Cody was that he knew I was gay and he knew that I liked him, yet acted totally normal around me. The other guys in our gym class changed in other areas of the locker room, and never took a shower at the same time as me. He was such a great guy and made me feel like accepted, even though I technically wasn't.
"You still don't get what we're learning? I thought Ashley was tutoring you." Ashley was Cody's girlfriend, the stupid skank cheated on him constantly and he knew it; yet turned his back and let it continue like a pussy. That was one thing I despised about him, he always put himself in the worst relationships.
"Come one James, you know how it is with all study sessions," he said this with hand quotes around the "study sessions". Of course, Cody, knowing that his girl is off getting fucked by other guys, picks her as his study buddy but turns her into his fuck buddy. If only he were her only fuck buddy then maybe it'd be okay.
"No, sorry I don't know. I study with my little brother and nothing happens." My voice was filled with sarcasm I knew he couldn't miss it, but surprise, he did.
"Dude, he's your brother, your LITTLE brother, I sure as hell hope nothing happens." Oh the ignorance of men.
"I was joking Cody, it was a joke," I felt suddenly awkward. "I'm going to go out to the gym, see you out there."
"See ya!"
Wow, even after that awkward moment he still acted completely normal, which was completely abnormal. Cody is the oddest guy I know, you could definitely not judge him by his cover, for you will find something totally different from what you expected.
During gym that day, we ran the whole hour because Mr. Dart was gone and left us with an incompetent substitute. I was on my fifth lap when Cody came up next to me. He automatically started talking without losing a breath. "So James, I was thinking, maybe you could be my tutor. Since me and Ashley never get any real work done, I thought I would ask you."
"Yeah, sure. That'd work out well," I replied, panting in between sentences. "Maybe we could squeeze some English in too; it's Ashley and I, not me and Ashley. Just saying."
"You dork," laughed Cody. "Can you be at my house at, let's say 5:30?"
I managed a quick nod, unable to speak. He thanked me quickly before giving me a dashing smile and bolting ahead to finish this lap before the bell rang.
This was great; I was going to Cody's house to study with him! This could mean anything; I mean he was the one who said, 'You know how it is with all study sessions.' Emphasis on the ALL. I couldn't wait, this could be the most amazing "study session" ever.
I ran all the way to the showers thinking of all the possibilities of what could go down tonight, most of them were pretty dirty. By the time I was in the locker room all the guys had already finished changing and were gone; being a Friday they all wanted to leave as soon as possible. No sports were in season meaning I had the locker room to myself and I began to sing. I jammed out to the Katy Perry song Teenage Dream, as I played it in my head.
I was so into my song and in my own little world that when I felt someone bump me from behind I screamed and whipped around 180 degrees on the slippery tile, causing me to lose my balance. The person who bumped into me grabbed me by my elbows as my foot slammed into theirs and came tumbling down onto me. I looked to see who it was. When I saw, I swear, my heart skipped a beat. Cody was lying on top of me, our wet, naked bodies touching, I had to get him off before I got stiff one in the most awkward of moments. I struggled underneath him but couldn't move, and he wasn't moving either, purposefully.
His face was so close to mine as he spoke to me, I could feel his warm minty breath tickle at my nose. "Sorry James, I didn't mean to scare you, just simply surprise you."
"You surprised me alright, god damnit Cody. I almost had a heart attack, a fucking heart attack!"
"Calm down dude, I'm not surprising you anymore."
This was not totally true, I was completely surprised that he hadn't gotten up yet and freaked out like a little girl because he was on the ground, touching naked bodies and private body parts, with a gay guy that had a major crush on him. "Cody, why aren't you gone yet, I thought I was the only one here."
He giggled and responded with a slight sarcastic tone, "Really, I could've sworn you thought everyone was here and wanted them all to hear your adorable voice?" At that moment everything changed, he looked into my eyes with his icy blue ones, leaning closer before he closed them and planted his soft and silky lips on mine. The chills shot throw my body like a silver bullet, Cody just kissed me. It felt so right; we moved our mouths in perfect harmony, never stopping for air. When our lips finally parted Cody looked at me and said, "See you at five thirty." He gave me a quick wink and then he was gone.


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