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The door to the office sticks as she turns the brass handle, tempered by it she barges her hip into it. The door opens; a crackling hinge. Her eyes master the room like she’d been trained to search it. Every book, dusty lamp and leaky pen told its story. Her feet shifted casually, one hand on her hip, the other she used to wipe her lips free of the red lipstick she’d worn for him.

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The door to the office stuck as she turned the brass handle, tempered by it she barged her hip into it and the door opened; a crackling hinge. Her eyes mastered the room like she'd been trained to search it. Every book, dusty lamp and leaky pen told the story of a man she dispised. Her feet shifted casually, one hand on her hip, the other whipping her lips free of the red lipstick she'd worn for him as his pretty assistant!
Standing in the centre of the room she turned full circle and then moved toward the dark wooden desk that stood to face the door, the window behind it.
She run her finger along the polished wood and continued until standing on the opposite side. The smell of aftershave tickled her nose; a musky cologne she recognised muffled her senses. Her eyes looked to the chair before her and she pulled�it out to see the black leather moulded into his shape. The heavy set arms seemed tired where his fingers had played excitedly!
He was foolish! She decided as she sat in the chair and made like she was him, though the chair far too large for her size.
Still, she'd not had enough fun yet and so pulled herself forward to search the items before her. His leather book sat infront of her, it was his diary and bared no interest to her. A work diary, not a log of his sexual encounters which would serve his wife well! She sighed and quickly pushed it aside looking for something else.
That's when she noticed his secret stash of cigars, untouched in their silver tin. He never smoked them, he'd use them to scare the folk who where under question like his employees who'd forgotten to wear a tie, or polish their shoes that morning.
She took the tin between her fingers and popped the lid to reveal five brown digits lying neatly next to each other. Still wrapped and waiting, she took one and bared its flesh before placing it between her lips. She smirked as she smoked lifeless puffs, mocking him with a serious exterior he used to intimidate his clients.
Unable to keep up the act she laughed inwardly at herself, he'd freak out if he knew she were in his office! It was perfect. It was sweet revenge for the way�he treated people!
"Ignorant arse!" she snorted and moved forward picking up the receiver of the black 1940's style phone.� dialling a familiar number�she rested back into the leather�cushioned recliner.
"Hello?" a women answered.
"Julia, it's me, guess where I am!" her voice squelled excitedly.
Julia's breathing�halted "Please tell me you haven't?" she pleaded.
"Ok, I haven't…"
Julia sighed with relief "Thank god."
"Ok, I have!" Shelly admitted without an ounce of gilt "But hell you should see me swinging in his chair, its hilarious! Think of the things we could do in his chair!" she said clumsily placing her feet onto his desk.
"Jesus, Shelly you promised me!"
"Oh, keep your knickers on, he is out… something about a million pound deal with some big time campaigner blah, blah, blah…" her voice trails off in a tiresome tone.
"Shelly, listen to me. Get out of his chair and put his cigars back where you found them…"
Shelly cut Julia off with sharp a gasp "like I would smoke his cigars!" she said removing the digit from her lips.
"You totally would!" Julia told her bluntly, knowing her well.
Shelly dabbed the wet end of the cigar with her finger and slipped it back into the tin, hoping her boss wouldn't notice "I only played with it, didn't smoke it" she said dryly.
"Look, I don't want you to get fired…"
"I'm sleeping with his wife I think it's a safe bet!" She blurted, causing silence to fall between them. All the while Shelly still looked for things to play with on his desk and picked up a rubber band.
"Shelly… Please!" Julia begged.
"Ok, ok!" Shelly agreed with a sigh "It's just he doesn't deserve these cigars, or his A to Z catalog on business management" she said flicking the band between her fingers.
"I know" she agreed.
"Most of all he doesn't deserve you!" she finished but before Julia could answer Shelly recognised the approaching footsteps from the outer office and began to panic "Shit, shit!" she stuttered and as she stood the elastic band went flying across the room making her nearly drop the phone.
"What is it?"
"I have to go!" she slammed the phone down quickly pushing the chair back under desk and�fingerd the�diary to the centre of the desk�before running for the exit where three men stood in their designer suits and bland ties.
He tongue in her throat, Shelly stood caught out at the arch of the door.
"Shelly, everything…" her boss�was about to ask�her what she was doing�but was interrupted by his cell phone ringing.�"Ah, Julia…" he answered and with a finger asked her to move out of the way�so he could close the door and in doing�so�disregarded the incident completely!
Shelly moved toward her desk with a well earned smirk causing her colleagues to perk up with interest. She owed Julia for saving her from�that close call and she'd be sure to pay her when her husbands out of�town on business.


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