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The butterflies

Short story By: Nixie
Gay and lesbian

Katie get's the butterflies. (This is a very short flash piece!)

Submitted:Mar 27, 2008    Reads: 699    Comments: 6    Likes: 5   

Butterflies - first dates are always like this, Katie mused as she slipped her toes into the foot of her tights, prepared between each hand. Ok, so maybe it wasn't quite butterflies, more like nausea! Meeting people, first date or not, was never her strong point, and she was hardly the conversationalist! More like a watcher. Yes, she nodded as she pulled the tights up over her calf, I'm a watcher!

Her previous date was enough prove it, but unfortunately it wasn't the date she was watching, it was the woman sitting alone by the window with a steaming coffee nestled between her hands. Katie couldn't help staring at the lovely woman instead of her date, not that he wasn't attractive enough, he just looked liked all the others! She smiled remembering her - the woman, whilst repeating the motion with the tights on her other foot, unravelling them up and over her thighs, finally standing to finish the job. She was a little older than her, with dark hair pulled back loosely with a clip, allowing stands to fall around her face.

Katie reached for her dark brown skirt rested on the bed along with the rest of her outfit, a low cut top and a dinner scarf. She remembered looking at her, past the waiter as he placed an empty wine glasses down on the table, her attraction unnoticed until the waiter asked for the third time "Red or white?"

Katie had answered "Red, no, white, ah red… wait, I'll have both!"

Her date, she forgets his name now, had looked over his shoulder into the direction of the woman by the window and asked if they were acquainted. They hadn't been, but Katie had blushed at being caught looking and answered "She looks familiar, that's all".

Even after being caught she still watched her, and being unable to make small talk with her date he eventually got so wound up that he stood and left!

Poor guy, he had no idea. Though nor did she! She sighed and looked into the mirror where she turned from side to side, checking all was in order. The only thing missing was her boots which sat beside the mirror on the floor. She picked them up and moved to the bed where she sat on the end as she had done before, slipping them on one after the other.

Katie had remained at her seat, even after her date had left. She was glad in fact that he'd gone, able to give her full attention to the woman without the distraction of his white noise.

Katie had caught her breath the moment the woman licked her lips free from the coffee foam, sending her stomach into wild butterflies! Not much later the woman stood and went to the counter to pay and then waved the staff goodbye, thanking them in a lush Irish accent that drove Kate out of her seat toward the door.

She stood again in front of the mirror and then heard a knock on her front door. She took a deep breath "Damn butterflies!" she stuttered nervously and moved off to get the door. There she braced her self, a final flick of the hair, a deep breath and she opened it.

"Hey! Ready?" came that sweet Irish voice from the brunet standing at the step.

Katie smiled, and held her stomach - Butterflies indeed!


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