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I'm glad I haven't quit smoking yet

Short story By: paloma0703
Gay and lesbian

Opening scene: a 10-minute play for an assignment in a class I took, but it kind of reads like a short story. Two girls: chance meeting. Thanks Ms. Casey for allowing me to be me. :)

Submitted:Dec 30, 2012    Reads: 650    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

Marie has no desire to go out in this 20 degree weather but her friends insist that sitting at home on the couch reading a book is no way to spend her Friday night. It is 10pm on the 13th of October. This day usually brings Marie great surprises and has always proven to be a lucky night for her so she gives in to her friends request. She begins getting ready with no inclination of just how lucky tonight will end up being for her.

Jean is new in town with only a few friends and they are on their way to a party across town at a co-workers house. She is excited to meet new people and get to know the area better. Although Friday the 13th has never been a good night for her, she is determined to change that as part of her fresh start in this new city.

Marie and her friends arrive at the party and park the car at the end of a long row of vehicles. The baby blue house to the left is overflowing with people and the music is so loud the girls have a hard time hearing each other in the car.

Inside, Jean is feeling a bit claustrophobic. She decides to step outside for a quick smoke, a habit she plans to break at the start of the New Year. As she quickly rounds the corner just outside the door she slams right in to a tall, dark haired girl with deep eyes, she swears they are black.

Marie: "Oh, I'm sorry; I was just having a smoke before entering the madhouse. I really shouldn't be standing right outside the door. Are you okay?"

Jean is spellbound, she has never seen a girl this beautiful, and they don't make them like that where she's from. She can't even remember what year it is, let alone how to say hello. She doesn't know if she's okay, she only knows that she is glad she hasn't quit smoking yet.

Jean: "It's okay, I was just coming out to get some fresh air and pollute my lungs."

Jean thinks to herself (What! That doesn't even make sense. Fresh air and a cigarette?! Are you stupid Jean? This girl should just walk away right now).

But Marie finds the humor in the crazy statement and offers up her lighter, she can't stop staring at this gorgeous pixy looking creature. As Jean leans forward to light her cigarette on the flame her eyes are transfixed on Marie's onyx stare.

The two girls carry on a conversation so easily that they forget just how cold it is. After 30 minutes and enough smoking, they decide to say goodbye to their friends and head on over to the local 24 hr. burger joint where they eat, and talk for hours. Marie knows that the book she left on her bedside table would have never been this interesting. Jean knows that her Friday the 13th luck had officially changed for the better.


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