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Girl Scene

By: PoppyFey

Page 1, Just a little snippet of something I\'m currently working on. If i get good feedback on it I\'ll continue to write it. Let me know what you think.

One action led to another, each move more aggressive than the last. She pushed her lips against mine. They were soft and wet. She bit my lip and as I ripped at her shirt; her hair fell away from the hairband that was holding it up so perfectly. I didn’t feel that it was wrong for girls to be acting in such a way. If anything, it felt completely normal. It felt right and I wanted more. I kissed her neck gently as my hands slowly made their way down her body. She moaned as I began to massage her neck with my tongue and she dragged her nails soflty along my back. I gently pulled at her skin with my teeth, biting her neck that smelt of damp perfume. I pulled away, looking at her natural beauty, deciding what to do next. I leant in to kiss her, she grabbed me by the shoulders and threw me onto the cream rug infront of the fireplace. She climbed on top of me, her breasts seductive and full, and began to make her way down my body with her tongue...

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