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Dylan’s life has never been what some would call “a good life.” With no family, she depended on her girlfriend Skylar to fill that void she’d been carrying around for so long. The only problem with that was Sky was controlling, a cheat, and abusive. It took a lot of courage to finally leave her and when Dylan does, she gets stuck in a little town called Serenity. Tori is strong minded and one that you don’t want to try yet still finds herself burden by her demons. A skilled mechanic, her world is thrown into a spin when she finds that a woman by the name of Dylan is going to be a guest in her house while she fixes her Lexus at the family garage. Tori and Dylan start rather rocky but when they discover their pasts share a common link they each have to decide if they’re going to hold on to the demons of their past or let them go

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Two Weeks Later…

It was as if the entire town had come out to the race track. According to Tori, they had really redid it to perfection. Occasionally I would glance at her to see if she was ok. She didn't want to come but Mae insisted that we all go to show our support. Tori seemed less than thrilled but she came along anyway. It was as if every car owner from the nearby cities got word of this race and came down. There were more modern cars but, as the mayor said, only vintage American muscle cars were allowed to race. The town was pulling in good money as they set up a cover charge to enter and racers had to pay an entrance and registration fee in order to race. Was actually quite exhilarating watching cars go at such fast paces, engines roaring loudly. Tori sat stone faced as the races continued on. Here and there I'd hear her whisper which of two cars would win a race. Funny enough she was right all but once.

The last race was finally here. I wanted to watch it up front so Tori came down with me. Down at the bottom we watched as the cars pulled up to the starting line. "THREE…TWO…ONE…GO!" The cars peeled from the pavement as they raced down the track. I was screaming and cheering along with the crowd. Tori watched in silence beside me. It was close and the crowd became antsy as they rapidly approached the finish line. "CAR #619 WINS!" The crowd erupted into cheers. I was clapping and smiling hard until I looked at Tori. She looked like she had just seen a ghost. "Tori, Tori what's wrong?" I asked placing my hand on her arm. Her face held a look of intense anger. She started walking to the gate that allowed you to actually step onto the track. I ran after her confused as ever. Catching Tori by the arm I stopped her and asked her what was wrong. "Oh my gosh! Dylan is that you?" This time I froze.

Jexmi ran up to me giving me the biggest hug. I was now more confused than anything. "What are you doing here?" she asked. "I should be asking you that question." I replied. She turned and pointed to Marco. He smiled for a second but it quickly fell and suddenly he pulled out his cell phone. "Marco heard about this muscle car race and drug me down here." Jexmi said smiling. "I didn't know he raced." I said. "Girl, me either. I just went to my first race with him a few weekends ago down in Silver City." I looked around frantically, "Did you come with Skye?" "I didn't see her and Marco didn't mention her coming down here." Turning around I saw Tori as she started walking towards Marco. He got off his cell phone and made his way towards her with a smirk on his face.

"So, Lucky, they finally let you out of the joint huh?" Marco asked still holding his smirk. "What's it to you, Vicious?" Tori fired back. Lucky, Vicious? What are they talking about? "You know I always knew you would lose. Never thought it'd take the law to knock you off your street racing pedestal." Marco said. Street racing? Tori use to street race? "Hmm, losing is something I'm not familiar with. Or did you forget?" Tori said. Marco took his tooth pick out of his mouth, "Well how about a race right now?" "I don't race anymore." Marco shook his head while smiling, "See that's why Nyla was called 'Heart'. She always had more than you. Even Word knew that." Suddenly Tori punched Marco in the jaw. He fell to the ground and I took off for Tori with Jexmi right behind me. "Tori! What is the matter with you?" I screamed. Jexmi kneeled to check on Marco. "Dylan, what are you doing helping her up?" Marco said as he got back up and checked his lip, "Where's Skye?" "Wait a minute…Skye? You mean to tell me that Skye is…" Tori couldn't even finish her sentence. This was too much. Caught in the middle of all this. It was bad enough that Skye's cousin had just found me but it was worst because Marco and Tori clearly had history. "Don't tell me you've taken to Lucky." Marco said, his smirk coming back. "And if she has?" Tori asked as her hands became fists again. "Are you serious? Did you not learn what happens when you cross Snake Eyes? Or did you forget Heart's situation?" Marco asked sarcastically. Tori pushed me out the way and punched Marco again. This time she jumped on top of him bombarding him with punches. It took myself, Jexmi, and two other gentlemen standing by the fence to get Tori off of Marco. He got back to his feet and two other gentlemen had to hold him back. "You think I'm afraid of Snake Eyes? Tell her to bring her punk ass down here! She aint woman enough to go head to head with me!" Tori screamed. "Oh yeah? That's what you think? We'll see. Snake Eyes is going to take you out just like Heart!" Marco yelled back. Tori went for Marco again but one of the gentlemen and I held her back. Marco started laughing, "You always want to learn things the hard way. You won't be so lucky this time." "Word said the same thing and we both know that outcome, don't we?" Tori yelled back. This time Marco went for her and it took those gentlemen and Jexmi to hold him back. Tori pushed me off of her and walked away. I tried to go after her but she told me to just leave her alone.

The storm was terrible. What was worst was we hadn't seen Tori since the fight at the tracks. Mae was worried sick. She kept pacing back and forth even after the Sheriff told her charges couldn't be pressed until they found Marco. I told Mae the whole story about the fight earlier that afternoon and she couldn't believe it. "The same people involved in your situation are the same ones that caused Tori to go to jail." she said holding her hands to her face. The sheriff said if we didn't hear from Tori by tomorrow's eve to give him a call and we could fill out a missing persons report. "The storm isn't going to do anything but slow us down if we look for her tonight anyway." the sheriff said as he was leaving. I was so over stimulated I walked outside and stood on the porch as he pulled off. Rain was coming down hard and the thunder and lightening were cruel as can be. The garage doors were open but the light was out. "Mae!" I called. She came to the screen door. "What is it, child?" she asked. "Have you ever known Tori to leave the garage doors open when she's not working on the car?" I asked. Mae shook her head. Hmm…that's strange. Grabbing a jacket, I walked out to the garage and peeked inside. The Mustang was gone! Suddenly my cell phone rang. Not now, please. I looked at the caller ID. The call was coming from the garage. I answered. "Get here now."

The thunder and lightning made me jump as I stood outside the door. Tori was standing by the Mustang, her palms resting on it. I slipped out of the rain and closed the door. She turned around quickly pulling a gun on me. My breath caught in my throat. Her face softened as she realized it was only me and lowered the gun. She placed the gun in the dip of her lower back underneath her overalls and returned to her original position. "Why didn't you tell me?" Slowly, I walked over to her making sure I stayed behind her. "I-I didn't know." I managed to get out. My heart was racing and given Tori's violent manner earlier I really didn't know what to expect. "Tori, how long have you been here?" "How long have you known Vicious?" I stood there confused as ever. Couldn't say I didn't know him because it was obvious that I did, however, his business with Tori was absolutely unknown to me. "I met Marco a few nights after I moved in with Skye. She invited him over for dinner and we were introduced from there." Tori looked over her shoulder at me, "You a part of their team?" "What team? Tori, what happened this afternoon was crazy, yes, but I have no clue what you and Marco were talking abtou. Why was he calling you 'Lucky'?" Tori turned back around. The storm was picking up as the wind was smashing into the side of the garage. The fluorescent lights overhead flickered in and out. I placed my hand on Tori's arm. "Tori, I cant help you if I'm left in the dark. Please just open up for once, please." Tori turned around and I saw that her eyes were red as if she'd been crying for the longest time. "Step into my closet." she said.


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