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Life for Asilia Robinson was simple...until she met Kai Williams. A nice body, charming smile, and a mesmerizing pair of eyes, Kai was definitely a twenty on any girl’s scale of ten and Asilia instantly finds herself infatuated. As their friendship progress, romantic tension begins to grow between them and several instances occur where they almost cross that line. One item that poses an issue is the fact that Kai is a woman. The second problem is Asilia’s boyfriend Bilal. When he confronts her over a family holiday, the reaction Asilia receives is totally opposite of what she expected. To makes matters worse, Kai leaves Asilia to face the music by herself. When Kai returns, Asilia has to make a choice between staying with a life she knows rather well or taking the hand of a woman and experiencing a world she’s never known.

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Talking too Much and Saying too Little

I stood in the mirror looking at my spaghetti strapped dress. It had been six months since I started working out with Kai. I'll tell you this much, her body is bomb! I thought she was kidding me when she said she was a personal trainer. My fear was that I would look mannish but when I saw her in just some shorts and a sports bra I quickly killed that thought. Now I could look at myself and see some nice results. Between the early morning runs and lifting weights after work I better see something or Kai knew she was getting an ass whooping. I couldn't wait to show off on her arm tonight. Looking at my watch I knew I had about another twenty minutes before she arrived to pick me up. Tonight she was performing at Poetry in Motion and I believe I was more excited about it than she was. In recent months we spent a lot of time together aside from working out. I'd meet up with her after she left the studio or work and we'd do our work out and normally head to some little spot or the park afterwards. Things between us had really blossomed. Though I still had feelings for her, I loved having her as my friend.

I turned around one more time looking at my cute perky booty. "Yeah it still looks hella nice." Bilal walked in the bathroom. I really hope he wasn't going to give me any more shit. That was the only downfall to Kai and I, Bilal always threw tantrums when I'd be spending too much time with her. He leaned against the sink while eating his apple. Bilal looked grungy as hell. His holey sweat pants and faded wife beater were not becoming at all.

"You need a haircut and fresh shave, not to mention a new wardrobe." I told him while putting on some lip gloss.

He set the apple down and wrapped his massive hands around my waist. His thick lips began planting kisses on my neck, "You gonna help me freshen up?" The doorbell rang. Saved by the fucking bell. "Come in!" Bilal hollered clearly irritated. To my surprise he didn't let go. In fact he upped his game by making more advances at my cleavage area. "Hey, you in the back?" Oh shit that's Kai! I do not want her to see me all hugged up with Bilal.

"Hey, oh, um my bad. I wasn't aware that you guys were busy. I'll wait in the living room." she said turning around. I pushed Bilal off of me.

"Nah you're good." I told her. She turned back around, "What's up Bilal? How you been? We missed you at basketball last week."

He threw his head back before turning towards me. "Sil, what's your problem?" he said with a little bass in his voice.

"Excuse me?" I asked turning to face him.

He looked down at me, "You always pushing a nigga back. Always running the fuck off. Won't even spend a night in with ya man." Without taking my eyes off Bilal, I told Kai to wait for me in the living room.

We pulled up in front of the café and Bilal let us out while he went to park the car. He, by far, had me pissed. Not only did he embarrass me but he threw a bitch fit about being neglected and pretty much whined his way into going with us. The place was pretty packed but none of that seemed to faze Kai. She had this cool as a cucumber vibe that gave me a chill. Her pretty boi look was sexy too and I kept sending her joke texts in the car about it. Her dark blue jeans and button down shirt were nice and all I kept thinking about was what was underneath. Her Kango hat sat to the right and over her right eye a little bit giving her a mysterious look.

"Yo man you ready?" A girl walked up in jeans with a bluish hue and a white shirt with Malcolm X etched in rhinestones.

"Of course, of course. Hey I want you to meet Asilia. Sil meet Elle." We shook hands.

"And I'm Bilal, Sil's boyfriend." Startled by his sudden appearance, I tried to remain cool as Elle shook Bilal's hand. Her eyes looked at him and darted back to me.

"Nice to meet you bruh." she said. Kai, knowing Elle was confused, quickly explained that we came to see the performance before suggesting we go in and grab our table.

Inside the cafe damn near every table was packed. "I'm go find Mama Ruby." Kai said disappearing off into the crowd. Elle looked at me out of the corner of her eye.

"Got something on ya mind?" I asked. She glanced at Bilal who was looking around. I turned to face her fully. She asked what was up with Bilal and I and I told her the truth. Elle's facial expression told me she felt some type of way but wouldn't share. Then to my surprise she told me that she knew I liked Kai. Before I could muster a sentence Kai and a plump woman walked up on us. "Look at my Elle. Let me see you now!" The woman looked to be in her 40's but she had a warm face, sweet spirit, and a kind demeanor. It was obvious that she was the owner of this establishment when she told us our special table was ready. "Come, come now. Let me sit you down." she said nudging us along.

Mama Ruby sat us in a booth not too far from the stage. Kai and Elle sat on one side while Bilal and I sat on the other. I liked this because it was dim so I could look at Kai without being spotted. Ruby asked questions about Bilal and me and I was really wishing that he would just shut the hell up. Didn't really want him broadcasting that business especially with Kai listening. Wasn't trying to turn her off from me…if she was even interested. Out of nowhere a girl came up to Kai and kissed her on the cheek. Instantly I was jealous when I saw Kai's face brighten.

"Hey Kai, haven't seen much of you." she said. I won't lie and say the girl was ugly. She was, in fact, very beautiful but she was all up in Kai's grill.

"My bad, Sweet. I been hanging with Sil." Kai replied. With a look of confusion Sweet asked, "Who is Sil?"

I raised my hand in the air. Sweet eyed me up and down for a second and I started to say something but Bilal started laughing loudly. She looked at him and then at me and smiled when she realized Bilal and I were together. Ugh! Bilal is really killing me right now. I think Mama Ruby sensed the tension because she suddenly sent Kai and Elle to get ready for their performance.

About twenty minutes later, Kai and Elle had everyone jamming. "Damn, they can flow. They need to get into someone's studio like now." Bilal said. Couldn't argue there. They were nice. Sweet sat on the other side with Mama Ruby nodding her head to the music. Didn't know what her angle was yet but I was going to find out. Kai and Elle's next joint "Music Fades Out" had everybody on their feet.

"Those two are so talented." Ruby said over the music. I didn't respond, just watched Kai on stage. She was so mesmerizing.

"I told Kai when we were together that she should make an album. They would be big by now." Sweet replied.

There it was! Kai and Sweet used to be! The truth was finally out. Kai didn't tell me that and I really felt some type of way about it. All this time and Kai never mentioned any recent girlfriends or ex's. After their performance, Kai and Elle came and sat down at the table and we all applauded. While Bilal gave them everlasting props, Ruby ran to fetch a bottle of Merlot. We toasted and I stared at Kai over the rim of my wine glass. She saw me and gave me a look of confusion. I didn't try to hide my stare, I wanted Kai to know I was pissed at her.

As the crowd slowly started departing, we figured it'd be best if we all retired for the night as well. "You come back and see me now, ya hear?" Mama Ruby said as she gave me a big hug. I promised her I would and as she gave Bilal a hug I saw Kai give me a look that told me she wanted to know what my deal was. Fuck that! I wanted her to feel my anger with no mercy. Six months of a strong close friendship and she never parted her lips once about Sweet. I be damned if she think she's getting off that easy. Bilal went to get the car and Kai stood with me. We said good night to Elle and I turned my head when Sweet told Kai to call her soon.

"So that's ya ex huh?" I asked. Kai looked at me, "Is that what the dirty looks are about?" I looked down the street so I wouldn't have to look at Kai. Didn't want to look into those eyes.

"I sure like how you told me. I love looking like a fool in front of people especially ex's." I said. Kai turned towards me and it actually caught me off guard a little bit.

"Are you serious? Sil, I honestly didn't think it was a big deal whether I told you or not. We dated a year ago and I didn't think you'd want to hear about lesbian drama." she said with a little bass in her voice. Ooh that tone is kind of hot. No Asilia, focus! I turned to face Kai determined to give her the same bass she'd just given me.

"Kai why the fuck would I not care? You are my friend, right? That's a bullshit reason and you know it. I guess we're not as close as I thought since we have to have secrets." I said turning my back to her.

I felt really hypocritical saying that to her but at the same time it was the truth. In six months Kai knew damn near my whole life to include who I had been involved with and she had shared a story or two about an ex but clearly she withheld her most recent relationship even if it was a year ago. Kai went to explain herself but I cut her off telling her I didn't want to hear excuses. Bilal pulled up at the corner and honked the horn. We didn't move right away. Stood there going back and forth. The thought that we looked like a couple arguing did pop into my mind especially since Bilal was sitting in the car but at the same time I wanted Kai to know I was hurt.

"Asilia if it's that big of a deal then I'm sorry, damn. You acting like I cheated on you or something." Kai said aggravated that the conversation was still going on. We stopped in front of the car.

"Might as well have, Kai. How would you feel if I just randomly had some girl approach me in the club and kiss all on me and you're sitting there wondering who the hell she is?" I asked. Kai looked at me a bit lost, "You mean a dude all, right?" Realizing my slip up, I shot Kai a look and got in the car.

When we pulled up at the house I told Bilal that I'd be inside in a few minutes.

"Ok, that's cool. Hey Kai, let me know if you need some people to do a track with." he said.

"Bilal, you don't rap." I said looking at him.

"I know but I have home boys. Shoot, Kai could help them niggas out big time. Night Kai." he chuckled as he shut his door. Kai and I both got out of the car and walked over to hers.

"Look, Kai, I'm sorry for going off about Sweet. I just felt hurt that you didn't tell me about her. I don't care about sexual orientation when it comes to us." I said as I rested my head on her chest. She wrapped her arms around me, "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about her." I wrapped my arms around her, "It's ok." Kai turned around and looked back at the house.

"Why do you do that? Who are you looking for?" I asked.

"Sorry. Just feels a little weird with us hugged up like this and Bilal is in the house." Kai said.

"Girl please, Bilal is oblivious to half the shit in his face. Plus he has an early debrief at work tomorrow so he's probably already in bed. Now if we were making out then I could understand your concern." I laughed. Kai chuckled, "I could imagine."

"Could you?" I said looking up at her. Kai looked back at me, "I-I should go." My eyes went from Kai's eyes to her lips and back.

"Yeah, I should get going." Kai said. I smiled before letting her go. Kai kissed me on the forehead, something she always did when we parted ways. I stood on the curb as she got in her car and pulled off. Damn…almost.


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