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Happily Ever After... Sort of

Short story By: StrangeMind
Gay and lesbian

Okay, this is really bad, and kinda unoriginal... But I FINISHED it. And for now, that's all that matters!

Submitted:Apr 28, 2012    Reads: 682    Comments: 6    Likes: 4   

It was that day; it had finally come! Princess Sara sat on the edge of her bed, her legs shivering with excitement. It was finally her sixteenth birthday, and as every princess knew, that was the birthday on which your prince came to save you.
Sara ran a brush through her long golden hair one more time; just to make sure it was perfect, and pinched at her cheeks slightly so that they blushed a rosy pink.
Then she heard it; the sound of footsteps on the stone steps of her tower.
What should she do? Sit on the window with her hair down? No, Rapunzel did that for her birthday. Pretend her evil stepmother had locked her away? No, she couldn't copy Snow. Besides, Sara didn't even have a stepmother.
Yes, that was it! She's pretend to be asleep; under a spell! Barely anyone spoke to Aurora since she got married, so no one would think she'd copied her.
Quickly, she jumped back onto the pillow of her bed, closing her eyes delicately, and pursing her lips ever so slightly. And just in time.
She heard the footsteps cross the floor, heard the sound of a sword hitting the bed (sexy), felt soft hands touching her face… Very soft hands. Oh well, better than calloused and gross, and felt lips press themselves against hers for a while before pulling away.
Slowly and as gracefully as possible, Sara opened her eyes. Then she saw them.
"Breasts?! You're not a prince!" she cried to the brunette girl stood besides her bed. The saviour… Saviourette?... jumped back with surprise, before regaining her composure.
"Yeah, and you're not the grateful princess I was expecting. But you get what you're given," she said, running a hand through her choppy, chin length hair.
Sara sat up, and stared at the girl. Despite the rudeness and the lying of her identity, Sara had to admit, the girl could kiss.
"Well, can I at least know your name?" she asked, standing up.
"That's not very feminine."
"Says the girl who wanted a prince."
Sara turned around to start bitching Kay out, but was met with Kay's dark, smouldering smirk. Her dark eyes stared in Sara's own, and her charismatic body language let Sara know that this wasn't someone she could mess with.
"We should get out of here," Sara said, and Kay nodded, turned on her heel, and began to walk.
"Uhm, normally the prince picks the princess up; all gallantly and whatever," Sara called to her rescuer.
"Pick yourself up," came the reply. Kay was already descending the tower steps.

Moments later the princess had already caught up to Kay.
"You're not doing a very good job," she breathed heavily, but Kay just shrugged.
"I saved you, didn't I? You're out of the tower, aren't you?" The two girls exited the tower, and Sara stared at the surroundings.
They were on an island, surrounded by a moat of lava, with nothing more stable to use as a crossing than a rickety wooden bridge.
"Ladies first," came the warm whisper in Sara's ear, and she felt two hands on the small of her back, pushing her onto the bridge.
Her foot hit wood, and instantly her heart was in her mouth.
"You can't just let me cross by myself!" she screamed, and Kay stared at her, unmoved.
"I've already crossed that today, and I don't trust it to hold more than one person at a time. You have to go first."
Sara stared at the girl, this was it.
"You know what? This is my birthday! My birthday! Do you know what was supposed to happen, hmm? I was supposed to get a prince, and a white horse, and he was supposed to carry me to safety! Then we would kiss, and he would ride away with me into the sunset, back to my party. What do I get? I get you! A girl with no empathy, or sympathy, or seemingly any emotions other than bitch. A girl who doesn't seem to care if I die on my birthday. So screw it, I may as well cross! At least I'd be away from you!"
Sara turned as she finished shouting, unable to see the reaction she had received, and started to stomp across the bridge- safety and sense all completely gone from her mind.
Who did that girl think she was? Surely she wasn't a registered rescuer? Not with her lack of care anyway! She was a menace if nothing else!
Thankfully, Sara was half way across the bridge, and closer to safety than Kay was. With a smile, she began running, not caring that the bridge was starting to swing quite dangerously. In fact, she barely even noticed! That was, until one of the boards gave way, and her foot fell through. Luckily, the material of her dress gave her enough reaction time to grab onto the remaining bridge boards, and she hung there instead of falling straight to her death.
What now? The bridge could barely support her, never mind two people, and she doubted that Kay would even care after that little outburst. She would probably wait until Sara had fallen to cross safely herself.
"Sorry your Highness, but I'm afraid the rescue took a turn for the worse. My condolences."
That would be it. She would be dead, and Kay would be off.
The heat was starting to get to her now, and she could feel her fingers slipping. This was it; her death.
She closed her eyes and waited for it.
"Stop being such a drama queen!" came a cry from behind her, and she felt a tugging at her waist, before being hauled up and carried quickly along the remainder of the bridge.
She landed with a cry of pain as she was thrown onto the solid ground at the other side, and watched with horror as the whole bridge gave way, taking Kay along with it.
Surprising even herself, she screamed and screwed her eyes closed.
No, this couldn't be happening. This was her birthday and she just watched her saviour die trying to save her. Against her will, tears began to well up, and dribbled miserably down her cheeks. She didn't even care that the last thing she heard from Kay was annoyance, she was just so grateful, and so glad.
"Stop that, princess. We're not all as useless as you."
Sara's head snapped up, and she saw Kay hauling herself over the side of the bank. She was sweating profusely, and her clothing was ripped, but she was very much alive.
With a sigh Kay slumped down onto her knees in front of Sara, shaking her head.
"I swear, you are the last princess I am saving. This job is too hard; I quit."
"Really? Ignoring the princess and throwing casual insults is hard?" Sara asked, but she smiled this time as she said it.
Kay shook her head.
"Look, okay, I'm sorry. I know it's your birthday and everything. I should at least try and give you the proper package." With that, the girl placed her hand on Sara's face and leaned in, pressing her lips against the princess's.
Sara felt her lips tingle under the pressure, and surprisingly closed her eyes, allowing her lips to move and kiss the brunette girl's in return.
What seemed like an eternity later they both broke apart, and Kay once more shot her her smouldering smirk.
"I even have a white horse, if you want to see it sometime."


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