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In the rain with you

Short story By: synesthesia
Gay and lesbian

I remember first meeting a girl with pink hair in a rain storm. I didn't realise then that Gemma was actually an angel.

Alison is used to being looked down on. a tomboy and a weirdo, hated by her school and its students. she said she didn't need friends, she didn't need anybody. and then she met Gemma, and for what felt like the first time, it wasn't just her on her own anymore.

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It was cold. So very very cold and dark outside that night. I sat in the gutter and listened to the rain on the lonely pavement. A Street light flickered, and I could hear the cars on the road beyond the wire fence. Other than these simple sounds it was so quiet, I didn't make a noise, despite the cuts that pricked and stung at the sky's tears. I was soaked to the bone, but I would not go back inside yet. They would be waiting for me, with scissors and garbage. I don't understand why they hated me.

I picked bits of banana peel from my limp black hair, egg shell and mouldy fruit gunge. I sighed, I hated this school. This school hated me. I heard the sound of footsteps, slight and gentle, through the pattering raindrops on the wet ground. I closed my eyes and curled myself up against the wall, willing myself to disappear. But it wasn't like I thought.

The footsteps stopped, and I clenched my teeth, waiting, but instead of pain, I felt the stinging water droplets that had splattered my face stop. I looked up; a girl was standing over me, holding an umbrella over my head. I recognised her, by her sugar pink hair. In the classroom earlier when they began to close in around me, I glimpsed her. A girl with pink hair far away behind the jeering crowd, frightened and pale, tries not to watch. I looked at her properly now. Her pale skin was wet and trembling and the silky little dress was soaked through and clung to her body. Pink wisps of hair dripped onto her shoulders. Her face hadn't changed, her large brown eyes still frightened, her cheeks still pale. She looked at me like I was a wild animal. Why was she here? Didn't she know what they would do to her? I looked away again. I didn't want to be pitied. I was starting to wish she would just go away.

"I...I'm sorry." said a small voice. I looked up. "I'm sorry." she said again. "That's fine" I said "they would have just got you too" "no..." she said. I think she was crying now, but it was hard to tell, with the rain. "I...I should have...done...something, anything...I ...done..." I stood up slowly wincing at my leg injury, leaned against the wall, and stared her in the eyes. "You know about me, right?" I said. "Everyone does now." she looked down, and nodded.

"So leave. They'll hurt you." "It's ok." she stammered. "It's not ok!" I shouted. "Go. Go on, go!" she looked taken aback, scared even. I sighed. "Look, I'm sorry, I just..." "I'm not going anywhere." she interrupted. It was my turn to be shocked by the firmness in her voice, her face was determined too. "Why..." I began, but she interrupted me again. "I want...to stay...with...with..." she murmured. "With me." I finished. "yeah." she smiled at me. "That's very sweet of..." I began, but her face contorted with pain, and she collapsed. I reached out in shock, and caught her clumsily, near falling over myself. Her smell of sweet flowers filled my nose. I felt myself blushing deep red, and tried to hide my face when she looked back up.

"I'm so...so sorry" she babbled. "It's just...just my ankle" I looked down at her feet. Her right ankle was red and swollen, and cut in at least 4 places. It looked painful; I recognised it immediately, the work of them. But why her...? then it clicked into place. I looked into her big brown eyes, and I could feel myself blushing again, I tried to look away. I could feel her breath on my cheek, warm. She was very close now. "Are you ok?" I heard her ask softly. "Yeah, yeah I just..." "Alison" I looked back at her slowly, my heart was back flipping in my chest. I could smell flowers. I closed my eyes and gave in. we kissed in the rain, it was so perfect. I don't think I ever want to kiss anybody else lips ever again. She's beautiful, my Gemma. I'm not alone anymore.


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