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On the night of his lover's birthday, Reincarnation is going to grant one wish.One that may bond their souls together forever.

A short story on a rp character I role-play as and his lover.

Submitted:Mar 22, 2013    Reads: 172    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

"I had fallen with a heart....
✖ ✖ ✖

I thought I no longer had...."

The Immortal Kiss

Candles burn under the valid of the moonlight casting shadows to dance. A slight wind seem to tap against the heavy of the glass window singing a ghost song of sorrow and pain. Sheets of pure red seem to cover the massive bed plastered in the center of the room holding the content of two souls intertwine by one fate. Their eyes had never seem to remove their gaze from the beauty of the other looking upon the body of a immortal god. With a gentle kiss, they brought in the possibility of pure makings. Slowly did they mount the night in the ability of soft kisses and sweet passion. When the sun was about to pierce the mountains bring forth the light of destruction, the two lover spent their time speaking about the future. 'You know I love you forever my sweet love.' Reincarnation spoke bringing a hand upon the male's cheek allowing it to rest upon his warm skin. Due to being immortal, the warmth had no effect upon his hand dying along the coldness. The other male offered a smile leaning into the hand giving a light sigh. His blue eyes seem to glisten under the dim lighting of the candle spread among the room in the scent of romance. 'I love you as well.' he hesitated for a moment drawing back forcing the vampyre to be upon alert. He had seem to gain a sadden face as though he had done something wrong without knowing so. It wasnt till Alex turn back around to assure him that it wasnt of his nature, the male relaxed. 'Today is my birthday. And I was wondering of....you be willing to change me into a vampyre. I dont want to grow old and leave you. I want to stay with you forever. Our fate was meant to be here in the arms of our love.' his words had seem to linger off the walls. The light flicked followed by only the grand play of silence. Reincarnation laid across the bed for a moment pondering the thoughts now haunting his mind. He knew that if he changed his love, then he too would be cursed forever to walk this earth as a blood drink. But then again if he didnt, the male was sure to die leaving the vampyre alone with nobody to love. There was much to consider within the words spoken. And for that given moment, he didnt want to watch his love suffer the life of a immortal. Doomed to walk the night. Doom to feed on blood. Doom to live forever.......

Giving it much thought, he lean forward brushing a hand against his lover cheek once more taking in his beauty. Alex seem to lighten up some as if he was tense awaiting for a denial. Instead of simply giving him a answer, the male lean into his lovers body tilt his head back before sinking his teeth into his neck. The warm liquid of blood filled his taste buds as his eyes close to enjoy the every given moment. It wasnt till the male was brought to the brink of death, did he stop removing himself from Alex. Then with a simple gesture, Reincarnation used his dagger to cut across his skin forcing it to the lips of the male who then drank. Pleasure pounded into the two bodies forgiven by no sin nor time that slant like a shadow among the tied wind. Their moans echoed off the wall like a banshee singing the song of danger luring the men to their forever doom. It was a moment later that his love had released him from the blood consumption leaning back using the back of his hands to wipe his mouth. The process had begin within the given moment to which Alex being to feel a burning sensation in his skin then his body drain of all strength. 'My love. Say good-bye to the world of sun. For your now plunged into a life of darkness.' the vampyre spoke watching his love light die as a human. Alex soon took his first breath into the life of a vampyre bringing only the most purest happiest to his features. Reincarnation and Alex where now together forever. To walk the world as Immortal Lovers. Bound by one soul. By one fate.


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