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{This was painful to write cause it was base off something that had happen to me long ago. In Las Vegas I had forever left my boyfriend Mark. After the dance, he had promise me that we be together forever in the future if we saw each other. After I moved, I cry till I couldn't anymore. I do truly wish sometimes that he was here.}

A moment broken by one choice brought a moment where love show that it does conger all.

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The clouds gather into a ice cold kiss as tears befell the world below it. Cars appear and vanished in the background taking their right full owners with them. Streetlights light up creating a path which many follow to their next destinations. Not many found themselves enjoying the two males who had each other wrap in a embrace. Other seem to pay much less of attention to them anyhow. Silence rifled across the sky in a dim scream as the two males seem to only stand there in sadness. Although tears never seem to falter their face, their eyes held the truth of how they felt.

'I wish I wasn't leaving you my love.' Axilic had spoken in a low tone trying hard to not bring himself to tears.

He hated the fact that his family had decided that on the day of the welcome back school dance, they was moving to California. He had keep it much of a secret from Marajit waiting for the right moment to tell him. When he told him during lunch, Axilic couldn't look him in the eyes knowing it hurt to much.

'I wish you wasn't leaving to Axilic. I love you.' Marajit whisper back bringing their body closer together closing the gap between them.

Placing his head perfectly upon Marajit shoulder, he would let a sigh forge pass his lips. His hands wrap upon his waist in a tight grip closing his eyes for only the slightest second. Whispers of faggot and queer seem to escape the many that watch them. Axilic pay no attention to them finding that this moment was all to much more important then others. His lover hands wrap around his lower back as nothing was said. 'What words could make this moment perfect?' Axilic thought. His mind fell upon the first time he was introduced to Marajit. He fell for him quickly never understanding why or how. It was the male's smile and the way he spoke about things. How he seem to cheer you up when depression strike a hand against you. That was the many reason why Axilic fell for him. Even though he was chased off by the Joukai which is now the ex. Marajit always seem to come back to him to help him in his time of need. The embrace last longer before they pull apart looking into each other eyes.

'I want to make a promise with you. That in the future when we meet. You will be mine forever.' Marajit said placing a chain upon his neck that held a pink diamond key.

Axilic felt himself get teary eyed as he reach at the necklace holding it in his hands.

'I will love you forever my prince charming. I will never once forget about you.' he said placing his arms once more around the males waist.

Marajit lean in placing his lips upon the males giving into the moment. All the world around them seem to fade forever given by this passionate kiss. Closing his eyes, Axilic lean further into the kiss placing his right hand upon his neck gripping it slightly. Rain fell upon them in a rhythm as all whispers seem to fade.

'My forever.' Axilic thought.

They broke the kiss stepping from each other looking to the floor. Nothing was said nor did they move. A moment pass by before from the distance a girl could be hear yelling come on. Axilic jump and look upon Marajit with a sad look knowing that this was good-bye. Leaning in, he place one more kiss upon the males lips before breaking apart.

'I love you.' Marajit whispered.

'I love you too.' Axilic whisper back before walking off forever into the darkness leaving behind Marajit.


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