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I Think i Love You?I Know i Love You!

Short story By: TheBurningFox21
Gay and lesbian

This Short Story is about two young roomates Jasmin Doe and Angelica Gordon who fall in love at the age of 19.Jasmin is a Gothic animal lover,and she loves reading.Angelica is a punk rock party throwing ball of beauty.

Submitted:Jul 21, 2014    Reads: 585    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

Jasmin was interupted in her late night reading when she herd screaming downstairs.Jasmin waddled down stairs still in her night gown."Hey shut the flip up im trying to read!".Jasmin screamed as everybody froze in surprize."Jasmin what a surprize to see you here after i told you to stay up stairs eh?"Angelica whispered annoyed to Jasmin."well i told you not to make me come down then!"Jasmin whispered loudly.The music had came on louder then it was,Lollypop Gun fire was on,Lollypop Gun Fire is the worst band in history."Steave!turn that off!"Angelica yelled over the blarring music.The music was quickly off and evryone exept Steave started lauging."Every one shut up and get out!"Angelica said as clapping.After everyone left the house Angelica ran to her room.Jasmin was still standing on the stairstep she placed her self when all this started.After a while of thinking Jasmin slowly walked to Angelica's bedroom and opened the carfully allmost as if she was still a little child scared to go back into her room becuase she thought there was a monster under her bed,but in this case,its a bunny on top of the bed.Jasmin walked towards Angelica.Jasmin stepped on a creeky floorboard,EEeeekk was the sound it made but Angelica couldent hear it becuase of her crying.Angelica had stopped crying after a while,but she was still sitting there like a lifeless lump.When Jasmin got to Angelica's bed she crawled on top of it till she was next to Angelica."Whats wrong?"Jasmin asked."Whats wrong?Whats wrong is that you yes you had ruined my fabbulous party!i had boys all over me i thought i could find someone to love!"Angelica said. TO B CONTINUED :3


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