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This is a short story I came up with off the top of my head. I was really bored, but I think I did a good job on this. I hope everyone likes it. Please comment if you do:D

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Amber walked to the center of the room. She had never seen such an immaculate house, and this was even better. The house her parents had just bought was recently owned, and it seemed as though whoever had lived in the room she was in, had forgotten their toys. It belonged to a girl as well, an older girl perhaps who had forgotten the joys of playing with dolls, and decided to leave them.
Amber couldn't have been more excited. For the first time in her life, she would be getting presents for free. No charge for her parents or anyone. They belonged to her now. As her mother and father came into the room with her bed and bureau, they smiled at their daughter. Nothing could've made them happier. Amber showed them the lovely dolls that were left behind, with corkscrew curls and porcelain dimples and ruffled dresses.
"Can you believe it?" She exclaimed. "Why would someone ever leave such beautiful dolls?"
"It must be good luck, I guess." Her mother shrugged. But she knew why someone would leave such good toys. The little girl who previously owned them had died in a brutal accident. Or at least she was thought to die. No one could really tell if she did or didn't. Her body wasn't found and neither were her bones, or clothes. But she wouldn't mention that to Amber. Not yet.
"Sweetie, me and father are going to run some errands, would you like to come along?" She asked in a hasty voice. Leaving Amber alone frightened her a little more than it should have.
"No, I want to play. I don't mind, I can take care of myself." she said, with a smile.
Her mother was weary of the choice she made, but she let her stay home anyway. They wouldn't be out for more than an hour. Amber would be fine.
Amber sifted through the large toy box at the end of her bed, fishing a teddy bear and a dress out of it. She placed the teddy bear next to one of her new dolls and ran to her closet. Reaching to the highest shelf, she grabbed a wooden box that held a tea set in it, one of the very expensive glass one that shouldn't be used for playing. But since mother and father were gone, she would put them directly where they were before they returned.
She set out the cups and plates, and took the tea pot to the kitchen grabbing the red Cool Aid and pouring it in. As long as it didn't spill, she wouldn't get in trouble. As she walked up the stairs to her bedroom, she heard a light knocking on the door. Amber was eleven years old, and she knew full well not open the door for strangers, but something compelled her to look through the peep hole. As she lifted her eye to the opening, she saw a little girl standing on their porch, holding a tray of some sorts. She set the tea pot on the counter and opened the door for the girl.
"Hello, my name is Eliza." The girl said, with a pink face. Her eyes were a light colored blue and she had curly blonde hair. She almost looked porcelain herself.
"I'm Amber." Amber extended her hand and shook Eliza's lightly.
"My mother made these cookies for you, but she asked me to drop them off." She said shyly. She was cute and innocent, but looked at least a year or two older than Amber, although she knew the look in her blue eyes said otherwise.
"Thank you. My mommy's not home right now, but I don't think she would mind if you came in for a minute." Amber said with a smile. She didn't expect herself to make a new friend all in the same day and was delighted someone sweet had come her way.
"Are you sure you want me to come in? I won't get you in trouble?" She asked with eagerness, her lips were trembling as if she was about to say something.
"No way, my mom won't mind, and neither will my dad." Amber chided, as Eliza jumped over the threshold, and into the house with a giggle.
It was far longer than an hour before Amber's parents returned, and Eliza, or Elizabeth as she said formally, was becoming more incredible by the moment. They drank their Cool Aid in the glass tea cups, and ate the sugar cookies her mother had made for them. They danced and laughed and played with Amber's new dolls, and nothing could have been better.
When it came time for Eliza to leave, she climbed down the window with haste, jumping through the trees along with her mother's cookie dish. She asked that Amber waited until the next day to introduce her to her parents. Amber had never imagined she would meet such a sweet girl, not in her entire life. She seemed about the same as Amber was, but bolder and even more funny. It was the wonderful start to a beautiful friendship. And she couldn't wait until the next day when Eliza would visit her once more.

Eliza had offered this time to bring the Cool Aid for their tea party, since Amber had offered to bake the cookies. It had been three days since Eliza and her met, and they had been together ever since. The play dates were even longer now, and Amber's parents trusted her and Eliza enough to leave them alone together.
As they sipped the Cool Aid from the glass cups, Amber noticed something. The taste was a lot more bitter than it had been lately, but sweet at the same time.
"How did you make the Cool Aid?" She asked Eliza, who had been munching on a chocolate chip cookie.
"I accidentally poured a tinge of salt to the mixture packet. I thought it was sugar, and almost cried when I found out what I had done. But my mother said it would taste fine, so I didn't bother making another batch." She said with a shy giggle.
"That's fine. I just didn't recognize the taste."
"Amber, did you know you have an attic above your bedroom?" She asked with a sly smile, pointing to the ceiling.
"No, I never checked. And how would you know?" She asked, looking at spots on the ceiling, trying to find a door or opening.
"Me and Amelia would go up there all the time." She said in a whisper as she stood up and walked to the far corner of the room. She pulled the toy chest along with her, standing on top of it, and pushing in one of the boards. The latch to the door was opened, and a rickety pair of wooden stairs shot out from the entrance.
Amber, astonished by the discovery had yet to ask what she was thinking about. "Who's Amelia?"
"She was the little girl who used to live here, until she moved away."
Amber climbed up the stairs after Eliza, and coughed a mouthful of dust out of her lungs. Amber had recalled the window from the outside of their house, never knowing there was any way to get to it. Eliza sat on top of another large chest, and motioned for Amber to follow her. The lock was already cracked on it, and she opened the lid to reveal the beautiful dresses inside.
"Were these Amelia's?" She asked breathless, pulling out a white corset and the skirts to it.
"Nope. They belonged to a British woman who lived here a long time ago. She died before she could give them to anyone else. And no one ever knew about this Attic except for her, so they were lost until me and Amelia found them." She said, grabbing a black dress, and placing it down as she pulled off her other clothes.
Amber's face flushed, and she looked away, afraid she might offend Eliza by watching. One thing she noticed about Eliza body was that she was a lot more developed then she let on, and she usually didn't look that way. She returned her gaze to Eliza with sheer adoration, as the ruffled black skirts cascaded around her soft, pale legs, ending at her knees. The corset fit tightly around her waist, and her rounded chest was more plump than Amber had evaluated. She was absolutely beautiful, like one of the dolls in Amber's toy chest.
"Me and Amelia would dress up all the time, but she had trouble with the dresses as well. Do you need help?" Eliza asked, walking over to Amber, and kneeling in front of her.
Amber's face became flushed again as Eliza slowly pulled her pants down, and her cotton pink panties clung to her skin. Eliza was doing this slower than she could've, and it made Amber all the more nervous. Amber crossed her arms over her chest. She might've been eleven years old, but she didn't even have to wear a bra yet. She didn't want to embarrass herself.
"Don't worry about it, Amber." Eliza said, her hands moving slowly up Amber's abdomen, brushing Ambers soft chest, and removing the shirt all at the same time. Her crystalline blue eyes were focused on Amber's brown eyes, as she slid her hands once more over Ambers small bosom. "Amelia felt the same way at first, but she got used to it. We're girls, and girls do this stuff. That's how they have been doing it for thousands of years."
Amber felt remorse for thinking anything bad about Eliza. She event felt pleasure when Eliza's hands ran over her chest. But she wouldn't say it aloud. Eliza pulled the long white skirts over Amber's slim soft body, and laced the corset until it fit perfectly around Amber's torso. Amber had never felt more beautiful than in that moment. She waited for Eliza to return to the attic with the tea and cookies, with joy.
Nothing could ever get better, she told herself. Eliza was older and wiser than Amber, and she had taught Amber so many new things. She never wanted to leave Eliza's side.
They sat on a blanket across the dusty floor, with the large glass window slightly opened to let the air through. Amber sipped her tea while Eliza sifted through the Attic's large boxes.
She came back holding a violin, and it's bow. Her smile was gorgeous, as she tuned it, and began to play. The music was like nothing Amber had ever heard. It brought a weird nostalgia to her, and tears began to stream from her eyes. Eliza noticed this, and stopped, asking Amber what was wrong.
"It's nothing," she sobbed "your music, it's just so beautiful."
Eliza began to play again, but much softer now, as Amber continued to sip her Cool Aid. Her voice was quiet as she began to speak to Amber once again.
"I used to play for Amelia, when she was sad."
"Did she cry like I do now?"
"Amelia wasn't as cute as you when she cried. So I stopped playing for her. But she was always a good friend. Even when my mother beat me, she let me stay in this attic." Eliza continued, slowly, deafly.
Amber stopped, her eyes focused on Eliza's. "Your mother beats you?"
"Yes, but only when she's mad. She's always mad when I'm around though." Eliza crooned, sorrowfully.
Amber never wanted anything bad to befall Eliza. She wanted to keep Eliza safe, so that nothing wrong ever became of her. She considered it a moment, and then asked.
"Would you like to stay in this attic, while I live here?" She asked, a little embarrassed when Eliza stopped.
The blank look in Eliza's blue eyes washed away and she became overjoyed that Amber wanted her to stay with her. They discussed the matter for the rest of the evening until Amber's parent's returned, and Eliza left through the window.
Amber replayed Eliza's song, over and over in her head. Amber would soon have a live in best friend. There was nothing she could've wanted more.

Eliza returned the next night with a blanket and some pillows for the old mattress upstairs. Amber waited for her with a lantern, and clean sheets. She had cleaned the place up for Eliza, and she wanted her to feel at home.
"You're sure this is no trouble?" Eliza asked, wearily, as if she was tired, and thought Amber would refuse her.
"As long as my mom and dad don't find out, I don't think it will be any trouble at all." She said with a grin. She couldn't believe that Eliza was going to be staying with her. "And it get's a bit drafty in here at night, so if you get too cold, you are welcome to my bed."
"Thank you so much, Amber. I couldn't have asked for a better friend." Eliza's smile was genuine. She was truly happy that Amber was taking her in and couldn't wait to sleep.
Amber left Eliza to sleep and returned to her own bedroom. She was so excited that Eliza was here, and worried at the same time. She didn't want Eliza to be found out by her parents, so she would lock her door while she slept.
Amber's dreams, took her to a place where she had never ventured before, but felt incredibly familiar.
She felt soft hands caressing her skin, every crook and cranny her body had. Even the places she dared not touch herself. The hands were so warm, so warm and inviting. And then she felt a pinch.
And another pinch.
A pinch that itched like crazy, like something she couldn't scratch. The crazy itching feeling drove her to the point of waking up and running to the bathroom to find where this itching was. She wanted to see what was making her itch. She scratched her neck, very hard, and her arms as well. Her thighs itched, and her chest itched. It was as if she had gotten a rash from something. Her head was heavy, possibly from the lack of sleep. She sat down on the toilet and patted rubbing alcohol on the rash, and as it screamed, she bit her tongue. The itching went away and she returned to her bed, hoping Eliza hadn't gotten the same rash that she had.

It was as if it was rehearsed, that Eliza showed up every morning that summer, greeting Amber's parents at the door, when she had only just climbed down the window from the attic. It was only a month until Amber's birthday, and she couldn't wait. This year she would spend it with Eliza, and Eliza would give Amber her very special gift. She had spent some nights just thinking of the things Eliza could give her, the wonderful, wonderful things. She was going to be twelve years old, soon and so many things came with that responsibility. She would now stop playing with her dolls, because Eliza had stopped playing with them a long time ago. She would be the best she could, just so Eliza would be happy. She would ask Eliza for the special recipe Eliza used to make the delicious cookies she made everyday, so she could make Eliza even better cookies.
Everything Amber was doing, or wanted to do, involved Eliza. Amber's mother and father were aware of this, and asked her about it.
"Amber, didn't you have some nice friend's up the street that you played with? Why don't you invite them to your party?" Her mother asked, as Amber set the table for their evening dinner.
"I don't want to upset Eliza, I don't think she would like it if I invited more people to my birthday party. Besides, she's the only one that's worth inviting." Amber said, setting a fourth plate at the table. Her mother cleared her throat, and picked it up, setting it on the counter.
"I think, maybe Eliza should go home and eat there tonight." Amber's mother said, a little irritated with Amber.
Amber stiffened, and turned to look at her mother with teary eyes.
"But Eliza's mother, doesn't like her…" She said with a trembling lip. Amber's mother wouldn't fall for it. She scowled and took Amber by the wrist.
"Then Eliza can find someone else to eat with." She said sternly.
Amber ran upstairs to the attic, but Eliza was not there. Her eyes overflowed with tears at the thought of her best friend leaving her, of all the time they had spent together. She never wanted Eliza to leave. Never.
Eliza didn't return the next day, or the next week. Amber didn't speak. She couldn't. It was almost her birthday, and her best friend wouldn't attend it. She could've killed her mother for doing this. She wanted to.
She locked herself in the attic, collecting anything that smelled like Eliza, and wrapped herself in it. She wanted her friend back so much. She wanted Eliza to return. She felt so attached, that she couldn't let it go.
She found that on her birthday, she would not celebrate. She rejected the presents her parents gave to her, and she stayed in her bedroom, looking at the porcelain tea set that lay dusty upon her shelf. She brought it to the attic, and set it according to the way she used to. She put on the white dress, and inhaled the scent on the black one, rubbing it along her face. She wanted Eliza, like she wanted the Cool Aid Eliza had made for her.
There was a scratching noise, on the window. Amber's head turned slowly, and she was met with a pair of crystalline blue eyes, and a set of golden curls. She could've leapt out of her skin. Nothing could express the excitement she felt.
"I'm sorry I'm late for the party, but I was still getting the ingredients to the Cool Aid. You don't mind if I make it right now do you?" She asked, and Amber shook her head.
She poured the continents into a tea pot of red liquid. Dark red liquid.
"Did you already put the mixture in?" Amber asked, as Eliza took one of the cups and scooped some of the Cool Aid into it.
"Yes. I hope you don't mind." She said, handing Amber the cup with eager eyes. Amber had been craving this since the moment Eliza left, and didn't hesitate to drink the entire thing. Eliza smiled greatly as Amber finished the entire kettle.
"Eliza, where have you been?" Amber asked, wiping the liquid from her mouth as Eliza wiped her own.
"I have been at home, I didn't want to upset your mother when she got angry with you, so I decided to leave for a while. But I would never miss your birthday."
Amber smiled. She was so glad that Eliza was back, but noticed something quite awkward. "Eliza, where is my gift?"
Eliza's smile couldn't have been more devious. She stood up, much taller than Amber was, a fourteen year old. "Please, Amber. Might you lay on the bed for me?"
Amber's reluctance was nothing. She didn't bother, and she laid down before Eliza, the skirt of her dress brimmed the edge of her panties. The look in Eliza's eyes gave her a certain awareness of what would happen next. Eliza leaned down, her stomach between Amber's legs, and her own chest pressing into Amber's blossoming one.
Her lips pressed hard against Amber's, opening them and shoving her tongue between them. Amber's own tongue massaged Eliza's, as her knee's bent around Eliza's hips, constricting them tightly.
Amber had dreamt of this night before, imagined what it was life to have Eliza kissing her, exploring ever part in her body. She imagined the feelings she would have when Eliza's finger's entered her, when she would moan all of the things she had ever wanted Eliza to hear. She had dreamt of the way Eliza's tongue would lap her breasts, erecting her nipples as her hands squeezed them. Eliza, so wise, so much older than she, would bring her true happiness.
Eliza's tongue ran across the surface of Amber's clit, before inserting itself deep inside her. Amber moaned her name, and ran her fingers through Eliza's hair.
"Is this my birthday present?" She asked, exhausted and exhilarated.
"No, not even close." Eliza's mouth met Amber's, then drifted to Amber's neck.
The pinch had returned.
It didn't hurt, not at first, until Amber could feel the blood being pulled from her veins. That was when Amber realized what the rash was. Eliza had bitten her. At different places on Amber's body. Place's she didn't want to be bitten. This was not the first time Eliza and her had made love. Because when Eliza bit her again, she remembered numerous times, that Eliza had done this with her. Every time she did, she had erased Amber's memories. But now, they could not be erased. Because Amber looked down at the tea cup that had been tipped on it's side.
The red liquid that dripped off it's brim was not Cool Aid.
And Amber had been drinking Eliza's blood for almost four months now. This time, Amber's fate was sealed. Amber felt the searing pain rip through her body. Her sore gums began to bleed as two large fang's erect from them. Eliza watched her coolly, as Amber stood up, thrashing and screaming.
"Why is my throat burning?!" She yelled, hitting her head against the wall.
"You need to drink. There are two live humans downstairs." She said, malevolently. "Kill them, and drink their blood."
Amber didn't hesitate. She didn't even bother to dress herself. She shot through the hallway downstairs and found her parents. She didn't care that they seen her naked, or they seen her bite marks. She didn't care when she heard them scream. She didn't give them mercy when she chewed on their necks.
And when they were dead she felt no remorse. Amber was a monster now. She knew how Amelia's family died now. Her mother had told her Amelia had died, but Amelia wasn't dead. She was undead. She was another of Eliza's puppets. Amelia and Amber would be stuck at the ages they were transformed forever.
Eliza would dress them up as dolls, porcelain dolls, and sell their bodies for money. Eliza never loved either of them, but only wanted them for the pleasure she got from their surrender.
Everything was left where it had been in Amber's house. Even the bloodied tea set in the attic. The little girl that surveyed her room was amazed as well. She couldn't believe her parents had bought her such a house, with all these wonderful toys and dolls. Courtney was her name, and her parents had left to get dinner.
Courtney had found the attic, and the tea set. She washed it and filled it with Cool Aid. And as she reached the stairway she heard a light knock on the door.
Could anyone guess who it was?


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