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Responsibility Strikes Again: Why We're Fat and What We Can (Really) Do About It

Article By: Bernadette Greene
Health and fitness

Article discussing one of the major reason's why so many American's continue to lose their fight to be healthy. Points out the problems regarding diet and excercise programs and defines the best approach to a more permanent, healthier lifestyle.

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DISCLIAMER: There are no diet, exercise or nutritional tips in this article. This article won't make you lose weight, get healthy or increase your figure or your libido.

Many of us want to lose weight. Some want to lose more than others. All of us know how yet few of us ever will (at least permanently). We'll try; we'll buy, splurge, purge and try every fad diet, gobble up disgusting pills, contort ourselves into weird shapes in the latest and greatest exercise trend and snatch up every weight loss and diet book on the shelves. The advice, information and suggestions never change, only the messenger and the delivery. Eat more fruits and veggies; drink more water and less soda and beer. Increase your vitamin intake and reduce your cholesterol, sugar and sodium intake. Walk Fido more, avoid elevators (not a bad idea with the latest weather-related disasters), yada, yada, yada. I don't have any fancy degrees, nor am I a dietician, therapist, nutritionist or tri-athlete (unless eating while vacuuming and talking on the phone counts?) I'm just an almost thirty-eight year old mom that religiously argues with my scale every morning.

Why do we torture ourselves reading all of these articles, perusing the healthy eating articles in line at the grocery store checkout (trying to refrain from sneaking the kitkat bar onto the pile, like the checker cares)? Reading is meant to be either entertaining or informative. At this point, are you really learning anything new? Reading about how to eat better, lose weight and become a healthier person isn't actually going to motivate you to go out and do it.

So what am I saying here? Are diets wrong? Actually, a lot of them probably work, to some degree. The problem isn't the diet- it's the dieter. It's hard to change your eating and exercise habits (that's why it's called a "habit"). It's even more difficult to have others try to change or force their habits on us; when was the last time you listened to a political TV personality with your opposing views and suddenly shouted "Yes, you're right! Because of what you said I am no longer going to vote for so and so!" Changing your habits comes down to mental strength or lack thereof. You taking responsibility for the food you put in your mouth, how often you put food in your mouth, when and how much you do or don't exercise. All the "experts" telling you it's not your fault are pandering to our collective desire to blame someone else for our failings. This is probably not going to make me real popular, telling you what you do not want to hear. But consider this: I'm not trying to sell you anything; no pills, books, exercise dvd's, self-help retreats or self-esteem ebooks. I'm telling you the truth that you already know just don't want to admit.

A physical trainer, Jenny Craig weight-loss consultant, personal nutritionist, therapist or other "expert" can temporarily set you on a better path but unless they are with you 24/7 you are going to fail until you alone make the decision to be healthier. Millions of people have spent billions of dollars trying to lose weight, shed pounds and inches, sculpt their body and beat the clock. We know what foods increase our likelihood of diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and other health problems. We know that McDonald's isn't good for us yet we continue to eat there. Choosing convenience over your health is your responsibility. Some of us have "bad genes." This can contribute to our propensity to pack on the pounds. I myself am the daughter of an insulin-dependent mom and a five heart-attack survivor father. I know my family's history and take that into account. There are reasons but no excuses. Very few of us are "force fed" after about age two and as adults we do get quite a bit of say in what we eat. That's it, the "secret" to losing weight and being healthier is you being responsible. Now, imagine if you can take responsible for what you eat, then you can start being responsible for the money you spend, the officials you elect…. Let's start a trend and let's start today.


**Author's Note: After this article was first published last month on opednews.com, I received more than a few "you're a hypocrite" comments and emails from readers. There may be advertisements on this page (depending on the site you are viewing this article from) for weight loss products, diets and exercise programs: I have no control over what advertising is placed around this article; advertising works off of "tags" and "keywords" and that is probably why there are these types of ads on this page. I do not endorse a single product nor am I getting any revenue from any advertisements. Bernadette Greene


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