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Article By: mongoe charles
Health and fitness

Tags: Motivation

This includes two articles;dangerous minds and confidence heart..and the titlt speak..this articles would bring you back to you are,a best health and normal person.

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Building a new you.

What makes me is what I think off,it is my mind,the brain I have ,the heart in me.My mind not other paople's mind,not my father or friend but myself.The second person comes second and I am first.

Just recall it as often as you wish,a happy memory never wears out.

Take A class

People who return to studying have more active brain cells,which help protect the ageing brain.If you are sad,you likely to forget many things.Sadness is bad to your mind .It takes yor focus and still yor strenghth.Happy happiness open up,brighten your mind and boost your mind.

Exercise can do the trick,your blood and oxygen carried away to your brain cells in order to function very well if you exercise it in your life.Your break let be an exercise from now on,it will assist you to think,your mind will enable you to know what you studied and release solution of the problem that are before you.It fights stress which cause you to loose focus and the good futioning of your brain.

The dangerous Mind

Written by Charles Mongoe

You may think it is a wizard or magazine stories.Just imagine,the discovery of transport that fly in the sky.How did that happen?Its someone's mind the reason it come to live.Today you can fly to the moon,from SA to USAis that a magic,it's a human's mind.I believe too,there are magic,magic is real but all comes in mind,to be practical performed.I am speaking of a human which is me and you and potential that we possesses,which connects man and God.This has done by a man,why shouldn't I do also.I can do it.If we think like this,our driving force is our mind,the word we have in our heart,is a start before action.Put faith in what you think on your mind.It's a beginning of a dangerous mind.

How it fit on me?

Many possess these minds,doing right and wrong comes from your mind.Do you think you have a limited mind?What you do,is what you think.(facing a difficult decision :King 3,Ester 4:7,Psalm 139 ,Daniel 2:14-23,Colossians 3:12-17)The test of your mind strength and power.You should do what should be done by you.Your minds allows you to do it.

The minds of a man

As a young man,i once know back in life.Who use to try everything and never give-up.Just like practising maths problems.He was a hard worker at school.He even passed with flying colours,learners.He did not continue studying via university/college.

He did not think.He was failing in life but take it as a bridge in life that enable him to bridge over where he wants to be and full-fill God's plan in his life.Those who knows him in class,they boost themselves saying "we can't be like him,he is wiser then anyone on earth".They think he can dictant an answer before being questioned. He draw a thing and put it to its existence.Building house fixing any electricity appliances even fix cars.One day he combined body parts of different cars and create his own car.Yes was an artizen.

He stole my attention even though I was baby boy.That story of a man keep ringing.Besides Solomon the son of king David,who was exceedingly wise.I grow willing and wish to be wise and have mind like that but I was a fool and lazy even try at many times.I was able to draw I did stick to what I think I know which is mathematics even my family and agree with this.I never meet their mind but there is nothing stoping me.I still believed in improvement in my life.From college I turn myself again.I did excel in many subjects that I used to fail at high school and even primary school levels.I believe that I can do what other people can do,because I am a man too.


Is like dreaming a dream and looking forward to live it,to its reality believing that you can do anything.No one better than you.Is not being ashamed of failing as a man who try.Knowing that your words can't let you down,you are a driving force to yourself and others around you You are not the last but always the first.Is not being afraid of trying,it is ignoring negative and following on the positive building a positive momentum in your dream and make a life works that as a dangerous minds.


Who knows what God was thinking when he created all things.Did he needs a driver or think that he can't do it byhimself(Genesis 1:4)God saw the light that it was good.If what you see is good,what happen next?Is keep on doing more great things just like God.If what you think ,wish do happens to life,you are boosted on your courage to do as much as you can.

If we know who ourself as David says in(Psalms8:5)We are made a little lower than the angles with glory and honour.He adds on vers 6,we have dominion over all God created,it being put under our feet.Just say over and over,have control over problems,failure,pains,fear and even mistakes you make.That is a start if you see it as good.

If you know that you are just and wise your work are on God's hands,solomon said in ECCLESIASTIC 9:1 a boost of courage is to utilize what God given you.you fail because you are unknown to yourselves.you must discover and konw what you have,what you can do.if sickness comes not saying there is no cure for me.instant say I will be well , I will be fine now,that way you are victorious over that you are developing your mind. If I look in life I see a man of such a mind in me and you just like jesus christ in his gospel there are no difference in us now.the challenges of failure he did mets, some as for us today,we face hate,untrusted ,betrads with friends,people we love or believe on. We face even sorrow,lost and family fights,even temptation why jesus need the followers ,didn't he believe on his power?yes friends are needed on our live but not to drive us to bad direction but fellowship with us in one common good goal that gives life,helping each other to grow.be the first man not the last man.



Impossible is what hadn't being done but remember nothing new in this world,is all had happen before ,every thing changes but don't change much.meaning sun will still rise from its direction.death the saparator..so all thing are possible says God,you are the best no one is better than you . You are first ,good on your own ways,never compared yourself with other people.

You are special on what you do most.no you can't be equal to me,we are unique yes our back ground is a great influence in life.learning from a person who has fear,you to grow up in fear of your metto man,we failed because of our parents, they beliefs.our pastor'''s lack of understanding,ouir teachers they knowledge all is a peer presure to us.our minds develop in state where it being leads too fear and failure.the influences of entitle by our surroundings society,friends and family.

Other can't go to church,can't further they studies due to one good reason that is what they belief and learn at home.a wisdom streanghtern the wise man.let us search for wisdom,as we grow up.no man can run from his own ties ,since they are part of him. But you can as well accept when it come out in joy or sad just wipe it away.just walk tall and keep your head up high.

What create a dengerous minds is courage,most of us has no courage .that is a reason we have fear on un existence.building a confidence is like wearing nice suit and feel positive that you look good.that brings in you a new you,person with a confidence heart,an existing mind.a man of courage,just because you are presentable in the public.

If you can keep that momentum you have a dengerous minds.poverty inter in a person the some way it can disapear into that person,lack of mind.an adle mind are devil's play ground.be a model let people look at you.know that most of what people fear are unknown to them,so let just stand up and walk in the presence of fear with confidence without anfear that is courage.we will be shaken yeswith wind that blow but we need to stand a ground with faith that we are strong we can't fall.

You got a weapon to win tomorrow,all things fear us,les know this.




Vol: 1 issue April 2010

by charles mongoe


HOPE- e.g. if a person wants to go work,he goes to the station and waits for bus/taxi-knowing that it will come again if you plan something,you make it with hope.Hope

gpes together with faith.Faith isto be sure that the thing will take place/happens.(Hope unseen thing) therefore hope which is waiting,faith that come by hearing the-word,believe it is true and trust which is love...

WISH-is like seeing a gilr,car or house and like it and say in to yourself this,I wish it

could be mine. That does not means you will have it,so you wish for something you know or had seen it.That wish means you have seen it,so you like it that is willing;you change your mind anytime .In our society,everwhere we are.There are people some shares eventhe room,bed or work togrther but no trust hates each other.Can you believe it?

Person can laugh with you now hid poison inside that can kill you later.He can give you hugs best food that you like so much,but put poison on it.Person can give the entire material thing but not wishing you good in life,at all in her/his hear hate you.But we have to believe and trust other people just life goes on just like that.And with confidence towards what you believe to be right.Living positive life like all think the same as you,such like all is right.Like there are no enemies all around,even though you know but keep tha fear away from you.

Because confidence hear or positive life is like living such a man behind all plans,likeyou have control,instructor of all things.A fool is a person who fails even to try.But there is no failing in trying.Fool is the one who quit in the fight.Don't be a stereo type,keeping one thing in your head please think of another way before making any judgment , use your head to select(your)correct option because you have lot in life.

People were telling Elisha that his master was going to be taken away.He was strong and positive believing evertthing will be fine.Daniel and his friends never forgot their background until they got promoted.Never allow anybody to have control over your life you must learn to take your own decision.Like Abednigo,Meshack and Shadrak trust in God though times.

Every challenges is a brigde to your success,you need to be penitent every time.Never giveup until you reach your goal.



Written by: Charlie Mongoe.

Its not that life is full of negatives but it's that we put too much negatives ahead of us.While I was living near her.this woman can't let her kids play outside the house,when I came back from school

as I was in college there.I felt sorry for them because they were just peeping through the window and looking at passersby.They felt punished by their mother,but their mother had this negative thoght that outside there,people might steal them because she did not trust people passing by.That is a negative life,or living in fear.

That was anegative kind of life that I have experienced in life,which made me as aperson not trust others without any reaso.You see life begins the moment you start living positively or when you stat trusting other people without fearing what they might do to you.Living positively without fear bad thing or what can happen to you.Look crime take place now and again,witout prejudice and realizing it but bear in mind that life goes on.We must not be over protective unnecessary life is good and we need to enjoy our freedom and not live in fear.

Being positive

Is like letting your kids during winter to go to school.

Is like teaching your kids to ride bicycle

Is like living your kids at hme and go to joburg for work.

Is like healing a flu or headache by you without consuling a doctor

You feel highly positive that everything is going to be all right.If you can look at a thing doubtfully,then fear creeps in and steals your positive thoughts and will start to stop negative thoughts.Just say no!and stop questioning good ideas that comes to mind.Stop distruting yourself.Let's just say you want to join soldiers who are going to war

While I was living at Acornhoek,I face too many ch.I was living with this woman who had two kids,a girl and boy.She was black like me but the kids were white.she loved those kids too much that made her to be afraid.Confident at heart and believe that all things will be alright.

As a student study believing also tha you will pass your examinations.If you are well prepared noting can stop you.Its not that we hold the future starts now and it is nothing without us.believe that when tomorrow comes you already possess it.You cannot change your past but have the power to change tomorrow.No one knows what the future hoids but we can certainly prepare for it,by having positive attitude towards life itself.

Fear and Faith.

Fear noting!but keep on having faith because faith can move rocks and mountains along the way.In the bible the word fear appears numerous times.This word comes from God for he is always with us which means he is EMMANUEL.He is telling his people to fear noting for he will fight for them,He will be with them.And if you know that,is walking with the hero around you telling you not to fear.How deos that feel?

Facing the king of Eggypt,(second book)it was not easy,but since God had said fear not.Moses did not stop,he kept on going to the king positivelywithout any fear.Even David:young man who had faced the lion and even Doliath with no fear ,said to him,I come to you by the name of the

living God.His king Saul,hunted David because he was chosen to be the king to keep his heart away.David still loved Saul.David lived his life positively.


When people tell him your master is going to be taken away from you,but in his heart he said"i want to be there when this happen".Positive life is knowing what you want.And make a preparation of getting it.You do not stop and said I know but you make action towards what you believe to be right,stick to it hold on.The glory is there.

Can you remember Daniel and his friends

They never forgot who they were and where they come from,what they are capable of doing.until they get promotion in doing what they know is right.People around have no control over us,you have all control over your whole body,tell yourseives that I own this body,mind and soul is mine ,when it come to yourself,you are a king.No one can force,make you do what you don't like.You have the right.In the heart of a burning fire be positive just like Abednigo,Shadrack and Meshack(Daniel 23:13-18)trusting in God.In the lion den live positively just like Daniel who said all is OK , GOD is with me.

The challenges we meets lead us towards our goals.To our promotion.You will not get trusted unless you pass that trial.The reward you grt is because of that experience , even Jesus Christ passed that trial.(Luke 4)so the challenges we meets,does not make us live in fear,doubt but in continuing to move forward living right.

The challenges or fear is the bridge for success even when trouble comes tell yourself,i am near to grape and rap my glory.

You don't wait and stop but fight the situation till it pass and learn on it.Just wear the shield of faith.To move to the second grape,is what you are doing now or going through now....

Believed me,i went through that situation many did not know,but you never ask me or ask someone who know me.

All that because I went though,And as I still living and traveling am still learning from difference people.I come from Manyeleti,Cork ,Joburg,Venda,Polokwane,Free State,Acornhoek,Hoedspruit,even spent many of my time at school and college I have lived with both bad good people,Christian and non Christains.Grow up as boy Christain to much temptation many challenges but I still believe that Jesus is the way Lord and King.

Challenges or fear come and pass is the bridge for success even when trouble come,tell yourself it will pass just like it came before.Believe or not but even Nelson Mandela,Jesus Christ himself.He was templed first to do the work of God but he kept on living positively with hope and faith.The strong man Job had lost all that he owned but he never gave-up hope.still living positively.

The rsult was amazing he finaly gain more than he ever had before.Now you know,do not run from the challenges,be brave continue in living positively knowing your goal is near.That is your missing as your vision unless is completed,you go forth live your vision now.So positive life goes together with hope,faith,trust,no fear in yourself.you could be in debt,but if you live positive bounce back.Just focus on the positive solution of the probiem and live tomorrow now.

Positive minds,positive feeling,positive willing that makes positiveliving for daily life

Tomorrow start now!


Daniel 1:8

provebs 27:1

Psalms/Songs of David 23

Topic(Confident heart)..A person who knows his/her goel,what he/her want in life is dangerous.

Words by charles Mongoe






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