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Protein Power

By: Ranjani Raman

Page 1, Proteins are considered as the building blocks essential for human body. These are one of the key nutrients and have to be consumed for a healthy muscle growth, development and maintenance.

Protein Power

Its an increasing fitness trend these days and most fitness maniacs speak the protein language. Every second person speaks about one of the macro nutrients "Protein". We all defintiely know Protein Power is essential to build muscle, but we must also know what are its functions and how efficiently we can intake protein through the diet. Also, always remember that, just because you ate protein for a week, you do not get your six packs. Protein when consumed along with other micro nutrients and with consistent exercise routine for at least for a minimum of 4-6 weeks is required to see any visible toned and muscular result.

Requirement :

This varies depending on your fitness goal, age, activity level and body type. Its essential to know how much of Protein is important so that you do not overload your body. 

Sources of Protein:

There are various Protein supplements available in the market, however, the natural form of protein is the best unless one belongs to a fitness industry where you need to market using your muscular power. As a nutrition consultant, I vote for natural protein.

Vegetarian Protein Sources:

Milk, Curd, Cheese, and other dairy products, whole grains, Sprouted pulses, Legumes, Nuts, Soyabean, cereals etc.

Non Vegetarian Sources:

Egg whites, Chicken(boiled/steamed), fish, liver.

Its advisable to consume a combination of protein sources as the amino acids present in one particular foods may not be available in the other. Hence mix up your sources, innovate your recipes, get creative and relish the Protein sources.

Tip for the Protein Lovers:

It is scientific that all the protein consumed will not be absorbed by the body. One of the ways to increase the protein absorption is by adding any citrus juice along with your protein meal. You can also sprinkle your foods with lime juice for maximum absorption.

Recipes - To be created and prepared on your own

Sample Recipes

Brown Bread stuffed with cheese and egg white + 1 glass lime juice

2 rotis + 1 cup sprouts/2-3 pc chicken/fish and 1 cup low fat curd + 1 glass mosambi juice

Cheese stuffed roti + Soyabean grave sprinkled with lemon


Eating Protein is all about getting creative and enjoying it.  Enjoy the Protein Power.


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