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Chloe is in trouble when she's kicked out of her parents house, her boyfriend dies, and she starts dealing, k=join chloe in her fight for freeedom.

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A Fake Life By: Jayden Cooper

Her name… was Chloe. Yes she was emo as they say now but she had feelings too. Her life wasn't much her schedule was, drink, get high, and go to bed she was only 16 and her life had already been destroyed. She was different and people judged her for it, but it didn't matter to her she had failed many a times and high school always stayed the same every year. Her life was like an episode of 90210. She had a boyfriend he was Goth but she didn't know the difference, but was there ever. They met like most 16 year old bail outs, on the street with the same dealer. They had so much fun at the beginning snorting and such. Pour Brandon, the guy was sucked into her trap, but when he started going out with her he had paid himself a one way ticket to death. 4 months after they started dating Brandon died from a drug over dose and Chloe was to blame. Everyone was against her, she lost her friends, she lost the ability to love, and she was on her own. She had no money and she was evicted from her parents house, she was getting high so bad in the house her little brother Cammy was sick in the hospital with cancer, from second hand smoke. She was ruining the lives if the people she was supposed to love and care about, but after Brandon love just wasn't in her heart anymore and the town and her family just couldn't stand her for one more second. So Chloe went to go run the streets and beg for money. She stayed with a close friend Hailey during the day but, Hailey worked nights so she wasn't there to keep an eye on Chloe. One night Chloe gave up she couldn't stand being hated for who she was she was expelled from her school; they thought she was a bad influence on the juniors. She had to leave this place she was not wanted and she wanted to be wanted, so she set off to the back building, where her dealer was. She told him she needed some money, so he gave her a job on Crown Street, he said the street was not taken but Chloe had absolutely no idea what she was in for. When Hailey got home that night Chloe was gone off to Crown Street where trouble awaited her. She was doing alright until the "Boys" stopped by. "Eh what you's doin on our street chicka"? Chloe started for town but the boys got her and threw her in their van and set off. They made their way to the Back Building. Once they got there the leader of the boys started for Carlos, Chloe's dealer. They started arguing pour Chloe was cuffed and her mouth was taped shut Carlos has told her to be careful and this was her punishment. She hears fighting, and pushing, and, shoving, and then she views it all the leader of the boys pulls out a gun and kills Carlos, as he falls to the ground fighting for life he gently stops, and dies. Well isn't Chloe's life gone down the drain her dealers dead her boyfriend is dead who else will it happen to? That's just your typical New York day now isn't it. As Carlos is lying on the ground splattered with blood the boys are now facing Chloe. She thinks in her head "oh great is it my tern"? But then she realizes that nobody fought for her in her need, nobody stood up for her death was her best choice right now. Chloe closes her eyes and awaits her death, and nothing happens she slowly opens her eyes and the boys are gone they let her off the hook and she was devastated, death was her freedom and the boys left her hanging. The next morning Chloe is just glad that yesterday was over and that today was a new day, now that Carlos was gone she had no one to count on for drugs and she was near passing out. Chloe got up and headed for the kitchen where she kept her needles she turned on the stove and let it heat up and set the needle down when it was hot she slowly Injected it into her left arm. Once that was done she was good for another half an hour. Hailey was gone doing her Saturday shopping and such, since she had friends to go out with and shop but Chloe wasn't aloud with her friends anymore they banned her from hanging out with them, so she was there alone and high her favorite way to be. She still had some money from the night before and since no one in New York wanted her she would set out for a job in Las Vegas. She takes the subway to the train station and asked for a one way ticket to the city of lights and off she was. She had left Hailey a poem before she left and it went something like this, Hilly

You were my friend

When I was in need

And I will always think of you

Thanks babe.

Chloe didn't want to leave her best friend but it was time Hailey was her only friend she was the only one who excepted her for who she was and she always thanked her for that, and the poem was just a reminder of her appreciation for her and her ways. Chloe had forgotten her drugs and needles but for a reason she was trying to stop her ways but on the train she wasn't feeling well Chloe had become so obsessed with drugs one hour without them was like living in torture. She was starting to go down she was beginning to die and there was nothing she could do about it. Finally the train stopped and someone noticed Chloe lying there like a bowl of jelly. He picked her up and brought her to his house. Chloe woke up in a strange looking hotel room. There he was standing over here Chloe jumped up and started screaming "HELP". "The man says to her come down its fine". "Its fine I don't even know who you are and all I'm in is a house coat"! "You were passed put on the train and you don't look so well". "Well thanks for clearing that up for me can I go now"? "Why don't you stay here for a while until you get cleaned up and find a place to live". "Fine" Chloe says after all where else was she supposed to go she was in Vegas now and people didn't give a crap about her accept for this nice man. Chloe explains to the man that she needs a job so she sets out and tells him she'll be back near midnight. While Chloe is out she spots a dealer and she says she needs some dope and he gives her some but it shortens her $150. She out walking and she spots a club where they are looking for waitresses she decides that this might be her only hope. Chloe walks in and asks for the manager he arrives and politely asks her what she needs. Chloe says she wants to take the waitress job he accepts and says she starts now. Chloe gets in uniform but takes a pit stop at the bathroom and has some of the bath salts she bought and now she's high more high then she has ever been. She has to get out there and has she makes her way out she heads for the bar takes some orders and is when she is almost finished her shift there is one guy that needs her. She walks over and the man says to her, "looking for some dope"? "Yeah why"? Chloe replies "I got some here". "Well how much you want"? "$350 bucks do you have it"? "Give me a week and I'll have your money ok"? "One week that's all you get". Chloe had made a deal she didn't know she could keep but she was going to try.

When she returned to the hotel the strange man was there waiting for her. They both went straight to bed they were tired especially Chloe slept in the bed and the man slept on the couch out in the main part of the hotel room. The next morning Chloe had some money but not $350 dollars and she had no way of getting the money she only worked at night for 3 hours and it was her time was running out. Over the week Chloe came in with some money but not enough and her deadline was here and her dealer was coming she didn't know what to do she was going to die her life was finished over. She went to the strange man she has been staying with. She had to tell him everything and he knew what to do he would be trailing behind her at all times, and he told Chloe not to go to work because that's where he would be looking for her. Chloe agreed and softly whispered, "Thanks". Chloe didn't know for sure but she might have been falling for the strange man so she decided to ask him his name, "oh, and one more thing what's your name"? "My name is Kyle James". Chloe thinks, Kyle James I like that name. Chloe was supposed to stay indoors but she went out for some cool air and out of nowhere there is there is the dealer from the club. He jumps Chloe and when she wakes up she's in the hotel room and her mouth is taped shut and she's cuffed, talk about disavow. The man speaks "where is my money"?! "I don't have it" Chloe says shyly. "You don't have it"!!!! The man is so furious he pulls out a gun and, right then Chloe stops and in her head she is remembering every moment in her life. When Kyle bursts in and behind him the police. When the place is clear Kyle stays for a moment alone with Chloe he asks her to go to rehab and take her life back he waits…….. Chloe agrees and ceils the deal with a kiss.

9 Months Later

Chloe has gone through her rehab she is now a human being she took her life back she got married to Kyle, and she has her friends her little brother Cammy died before she go back from Las Vegas, but she prays for Brandon and, Cammy every night. Chloe went from having nothing and getting into trouble to having a normal life.


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