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Essay By: iLoveZebras
Health and fitness


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When you look into the mirror do you think you're fat? Most teens do. Their self concept of themselves makes them think they're something their not. They believe they are a few pant sizes bigger than they really are. Its almost like looking into a carnival mirror; When you look your see your body distorted into something it's not. Carnivals are fun, but wanting to be thin definitely isn't. Girls need to realize that the people in advertisements that influence them, aren't real. Producers download the picture onto a computer, and fix blemishes and extra flab until the person looks like a totally different person. So really, girls are wanting to look like somebody that doesn't exist! But that's not the bad part, the bad part is what the girls will do to achieve "The Look."
One of the most common and deadliest diseases is anorexia. Anorexia is hardly ever eating, excercising uncontrollably and self induced vomiting. The people that over exercise, barely eat anything. In order to exercise you need energy. In order to get energy you need to eat. But, anorexics barely eat. So where do they get energy? They get it from the tiny amounts of food they do take in. That's very little energy, and they use it al up excercising. Soon, they start feeling drowsy all the time and feel like they are not in control of their own lives, like the only thing they can control is their weight.
The reason people do this is all for the approval of their peers. Peers lokk at brands that are cute and sometimes expensive. Some expensive brands make their clothes small though. Like a small shirt from a paticular brand equals a medium in a different brand. Then people feel pressured into losing wieght to fit into cool brands. Many turn to anorexia. But anorexia is bad, it makes you lose more weight than needed. You start to lose weight but you keep doing it because your hooked. You get addicted. And being addicted to anorexia is way worse than being addicted to niccotine. Anorexia makes you get thinner and thinner. You notice that your getting more tired, more close to death. But you don't stop, because your addicted. When you smoke, you don't feel anything.
Another vey dangerous disease is bulimia. Bulimia is when you eat and eat and eat. Then performing the act of self induced vomiting. Its similar to anorexia but they differ because anorexics don't eat, bulimics do. Bulimics don't do anorexia because they like to eat. They figure that they'd rather eat whatever they want then throw up rathen than eat nothing then throw up. Some bulimics don't even exercise either. They just throw up whatever they take in so the body gets its nutrients, without gaining any weight. Some bilimics and anorexics stick a tooth brush down their throats to help them gag and vomit. They think its gross to stick down their finger.
Bulimics rather throw up than exercise to lose weight, but what they don't know is that throwing up has more cons than excercising does. There are acids in the stomach that deteriate food so it can leave the body. Everytime you throw up, those acids come up the esophagus, burning your throat on their journey. That's a lot of damage to the throat. People go through all this trouble just to be thin.
The last resort to skinniness is fad diets. The word fad means its popular for a while then dies out after a while. Its like yoyo's; All kids had one, but after a while they got old. Just like these particular diets. That's why they're called fad diets. The advertisements have a bias, or slant in the way information is shown. An advertisement couls say something like " Its better than (another diet)." And the product can be better than another product, but it still might not work. You can spot when a diet will not work when the claims they have are impossile. Like saying you can 20 lbs. in one week. If you lose more than 10 lbs. a week, your not losing body fat. Your losing body water.
All fad diets do is waste your money. They say that you can have your money back guaranteed but that's not true. Some people just don't return them because they think they're so fat that it will work on other people but not them. They're embarrassed. In the United States, the number for ver weight people is increasing. More then half the people are over weight. When your over weight, it can make you depressed, tired, nervous and desperate. And manufactures take advantage of that. They know that people are so desperate for a way to lose wieght that they'll try anything to get rid of it. Including fad diets.
No matter what kind of easy way out you take, it wont work. The only healthy way for you to lose weight is to eat right and exercise! Sure youll sweat. Sure youll have to balance your fruits, vegetables, breads, fats and meats. But it will all be worth it! Its worth it to be healthy. Excercising is actually fun. If you exercise by playing sports. Almost any sport counts as exercise. Softball and baseball, you run the bases which is exercise for the legs. You also bat and catch, which is exercise for the arms. Basketball,you run, exercise for legs. You dribble the ball, exercise for the wrist. It can also improve your hand and eye cordination by aiming and dribling. Soccer, you run and exercise your calves. You also kick, which requires you to kove your leg. That's exercise, too! Track, of corse you excecise, all you do is run. So get out there. Have fun. Exercise! Its way funner than throwing up.


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