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Courage with Lupus

By: bethanysousa

Page 1, Living with lupus may be difficult but it should never determine the outcome of your life or your happiness. Allow courage to guide you.

Courage is finding out about my lupus and accepting it as part of my life. Courage is using medication as a means of survival and still being happy regardless of the circumstances. Courage is dedicating myself to my health and making hospitals my second home. Courage is having a painful lupus flare ups in the morning and going swimming in the afternoon. Courage is not viewing lupus as a form of limitation, but a way to expand my view on everything. Courage is being happy despite anything that could be wrong with me. Courage is accepting that being unique can be a good thing. Courage is accepting that I may not be able to do all that I've been able to do, but that won't stop me from being who I want to be. Courage is accepting that despite my condition, I am stronger than most. I will never let my lupus determine my happiness or the outcome of my life. I will live as a lupus fighter, not a lupus victim. I have lupus, but it doesn't have me. -Bethany Sousa

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