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Henrys story

By: HenryRS

Page 1, The Story of a young man and his way through life


HenryTheJedi also known as Henry was born in Kibera, Kenya.  When he was still in the womb he and his mother got hit by a truck and he was in a coma inside the womb for 7 years.
When he was finally born he got out on the streets immediately and started dealing, only 7 years old.
When he was 9 years old he tried to rob a store to get crisps but the owner of the shop found him out, put him in a barrel, and chucked the barrel with henry inside into the ocean.
Approximately 1 and a half years later the barrel arrived at the coast of south Australia where a Jewish couple that were having a picnic on the beach found the barrel with henry in it, they took him home and raised him as their son.
He lives with the jewish couple and Henrys step brother Connor.
Henry despises Connor, he thinks of him as some Jewish spoilt white kid who never had to travel in a barrel across the Indian Ocean eating only crisps for more then a year, also Connor touches Henry.
To this day Henry still lives in the Jewish couples basement whilst constantly being molested by Connor and playing Runescape whilst eating the same brand of crisps that he tried to steal that fateful day in the corner shops.
If you wish to support Henry you can donate Runescape GP to him by adding his RSN: HENRYTHEJEDI

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