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I am a member of smiley-360 and I submit product reviews. This particular review is for Emergen-C!! I just received my samples in the mail and i'm ready to let you know my opinion!


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http://smiley360.com/1812850.cfm <-----This is a link to my mission page. Please visit to help me earn smiles!! It will also give you more information about the product.


I received my samples in the mail on May 22. I was exited to see all the different flavors they sent me to sample. 5 flavors!! Wow. I instagramed a picture to all my friends to let them know about my mission because I was just so exited. They came in the mail just in time because I was just starting to feel like I was coming down with something. I can not afford to get sick!! First and foremost, emergen-C is is a dietary supplement taht comes in a powder form that you can add to water for a fizzy flavored drink! It contains 1,000 MG of vitamin C alone as well as nutrients, vitamins, electrolyes, and antioxidants.

Pink Lemonade

I decided to use the pink lemonade flavor first. It contained 1000MG of Vitamin C, 24 nutrients, 7 B vintamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants. I was fresh out of the gym and drained of energy so I really needed the boost. I had a little more that half of a 16.9 oz water bittle that I added the powdery mix to. I recommend not adding this to a water bottle with a closed lid. I shook up the water bottle and removed the lid, but the lid just kinda blew off. I guess because of all the fizzy. The taste was not a strong as I would have liked it to me. Next time I will use less water for a stronger flavor. Upon drinking, I expected it to have a fruity flavor, but it had a vitamin taste to it. The pink lemonade flavor did not mask the "healthy" taste. I kind of had an earthy taste to it. I drank it all down, but was not sure if I was feeling energetic yet. Not my favorite flover, but I do like the idea of the product.


I was really exited about this flavor!! it contained 24 nutrients, 7Bvitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes, and 1000 MG of vitamin C. I used let water this time. Maybe like 6 oz. I also mixed it in a cup this time. The fruity smell was a lot stronger this time as well as the flavor. It had a lot better taste to it when using less water. It did not have as much fizz as I imagined it to have. it is nothing like a soda. More like a soft light fizz. I had just unloaded a truck of plants, so i needed the extra boost to get me through the rest of the day. I really enjoyed this flavor. It is probably one of my favorate ones! I would definatly buy this in the store.


I was just as exited about this flavor as I was the others. Contained 1000 MGF of vitamin C, 24 nutrients, 7 B vitamin s, antioxidants, and electrolytes.I poured my powder in the water and watched the fizz come to life. You could see it as well as hear it. The taste reminded me of cool-aid. The cranberry was way better mto me though. it would make it great for children. (Only give a child the children's emergen-C) it hafd a great flavor that was not to sweet or too bitter.


This one I was really exited about because it contained 1000 Mg of vitamin C, zinc, 1000 IU vitamin , and it supportted the immune system. This one would be the best in my opinion to drink while you are sick. It fizzed a lot when you poured it into the water. The flavor was great and reminded me of grapes. I loved the slight twang it had. It had no powdery texture to it like protein shakes have, although it did have some sediment. I would definatly buy in the future.


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