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Nightmare tumor.

By: sweetcitywoman

Page 1, This is about the hysterectomy I had in 2006 and the problems I still have today.

Was the tumor developed because of the abortion just a week before becoming a teenager ?    The promiscuity  that followed, the prostitution and sex so early in life ? 


In my late twenty's my period began to be very painful.   I bled very heavy as well,  and a lot of times I dropped clots as big as a mans fist.  I suffered for many years, taking ibuprofen to do away with the swelling, and anything I could get my hands on  for pain. Even drank Nyquil to help the pain and to knock myself out. 

Some years later, I layed in my bed and bled for over a month.  I was anemic, and in a bit of  trouble before I knew it.   One night, my s / o was standing over me and yet he  seemed so far away and blurry.   I told him it was time he take me to the hospital. 

When  they got to me I was told if I hadn't came in, I'd not have lived to see another day.   I had bled out that much.   They admitted me, gave me a blood transfusion and because my insurance  had lapsed ( I had been covered under s / o's insurance ) they booted me out the next day.  

 Three transfusions later a  female doctor got a hold of me and convinced me to have the hysterectomy.  I finally agreed.   

I had  a tumor on my fallopian tube that  had grown so wild that it attached to my colon,my stomach and liver.  It was cut away, and everything  was removed, all the parts that made me a woman. 


 When I over eat, I pay dearly for it because my stomach doesn't react kindly.  Like last night.   

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