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The Charley Dixon Records

Novel By: Toni Roman
Health and fitness

Warning! The Charley Dixon Records uses frank language and correct terminology for the human anatomy because this series is medical in nature. You have been warned.
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The Charley Dixon Records 5

"Mission Abandoned"

The phone rang again.

Michelle: (holds out the phone) "Maybe you should speak to her."

Cameron reluctantly takes the phone.

Cameron: "What do you want Sarah?"

Sarah: "Is the reason you won't come home because you think I'm hateful to you?"

Cameron: "I don't think that, I know it. But it's not the only reason."

Sarah: "What else then?"

Cameron: "You blew up Cyberdyne killing Doctor Dyson and leaving his children without a father."

Sarah: "Those people are used to growing up without fathers."

Cameron: "Black people?"

Sarah: "Yes."

Cameron is recording the conversation with the intention of turning it over to Agent Aldridge.

Sarah: "I didn't want John to grow up like those people so I let Derek stay so John would have a male role model. Besides, he is Kyle's brother and John's uncle."

Cameron: "You're jinxed. You are what sailors call a Jonah. You get everyone around you killed."

Sarah: "You're alive."

Cameron: "I escaped."

Sarah: "You're being melodramatic. Did they teach you that in school?"

Cameron: "I learned very little of what I needed before you pulled me out of school."

Sarah: "So what else is on your mind?"

Cameron: "You told me not to think at that nuclear plant."

Sarah: "Leave the thinking to me."

Cameron: "Is that wise? I sacrificed my only way back to my own time to save you from cancer and you make a bee line to the nearest nuclear plant to get cancer again. You have a death wish."

Sarah: "No. You do."

Cameron: "You threw away my life along with yours like you don't care."

Sarah: "So you think I'm hardhearted and callous?"

Cameron: "You walked out on two fianc├ęs. Mister Dixon is a good man."

Sarah: "That's none of your business. Are you coming home?"

Cameron: "No. My ears work just fine. I can hear you cleaning that gun."

Sarah stops. She has been cleaning a gun while talking to Cameron so that she can shoot Cameron in the head when she comes home.

Sarah: "You're a coward. I don't think Future John reprogrammed you. I think the machines kicked you out."

Cameron: "You call it cowardice. I call it developing a healthy sense of self-preservation. Besides, John threw acid in my face."

Sarah: (surprised) "He did that?"

Cameron: "John does a lot of things you don't know. He ordered me to beat up an FBI agent."

Sarah: "What agent?"

Cameron: "Ellison."

Sarah: "Oh. He's one of those people. They're all like Martin Luther King. They don't fight back."

Cameron: "Good-bye."

Cameron hangs up and hands the recording to Charley. He takes it to Agent Ellison instead of Agent Aldridge. Ellison realizes that he has been a fool taking Sarah's abuse and starts arresting Resistance people.

They are obviously a dangerous cult of sociopathic apocalyptic survivalists and Aryan Nationalists hoping to set off a nuclear war between white supremacists and machines. Probably devil worship in the whole mix, thought Ellison. Sarah was always comparing her son to Christ. So John could be the Antichrist!

And Ellison knew of reports that Sarah was investigating UFO's. The New Agers liked to talk about Space Brothers who would solve all our problems. Of course, these "Space Brothers" were blue-eyed blonde Nords, a Raelian-like master race of Nazi aliens in league with Grays who pilot flying saucers and do rectal probes. Ellison smiled grimly. His first impression of Sarah Connor had been the correct one. She was a psycho and a dangerous terrorist. Made more dangerous because some of this was not imaginary. The morgues contained actual victims.

daily record

Slow. Just one today. Meeting arrival from Palm Springs by jet ambulance at the executive airport for transport to Cedars-Sinai.

I find out why they call it the City of Lost Angels when I get home before Michelle and Cameron. Sarah is waiting at the door.

"I want you to kill Cameron."

She moves closer. I can feel her body heat. I can tell that she isn't wearing a bra and there is no VPL (visible panty line). She tries to guess my thoughts.

"I'm not wearing any underwear."

Instinctively I reply: "Go buy some. Now get out of my life."

At night, I look out over the lights of the city from the famous sign. The chamber of commerce almost let it fall too. What a fool I was. Ellison told me that Sarah chose a church in a poor Mexican village as a place to ambush and execute one of these killer robots. She could have chosen anywhere but she brings guns into a church. Hallowed ground. The house of God. And when the thing falls mortally wounded, instead of letting it die or showing it mercy, they shoot it like a dog with rabies. Right in church. Ellison did not participate because it had once spared his life. 'Thou shalt not kill' it says in the Commandments. And the poor villagers are left to foot the bill of repairing their church. What place breeds such people as Sarah Connor?

Los Angeles.

The home of Hollywood where evil appears as good (Deviant Degenerate Democrats, border-crossing felons, and terrorists masquerading as tolerant people) and good is portrayed as evil (traditional family values, unions protecting American jobs, Judaism, Christianity, and religions other than the one that gets everybody killed). I think of that other city.


A city obsessed with meddling in a place that the Bible personifies as "a wild ass of a man." The Book of Revelation alone should scare any Christian politician and convince them to simply leave the place alone to rot in its medieval feudalism. Let them destroy each other rather than the USA. That's one view. Another view is: "Be a peacemaker." This world kills peacemakers.


A city ignoring climate change when we are at the point of no return from extinction of our species. Green technology versus fission/oil/coal. The supposed arsenal of democracy props up corrupt dictators. DC gives fission to the world and then acts surprised that they are not interested in electricity but only interested in making dirty bombs and atomic bombs. The politicians in DC really are that stupid. Aside from the fact that I live on this planet, why do I care?

If there is a grand scheme of things, then I am not part of it. I'm just a regular guy trying to hold down a job and maybe give something back to the community and to society.

I was raised by my grandparents, Grandpa and Grandma Dixon. My parents, who were good people as much as my child's mind could remember, died before I was ten. My grandparents moved and changed churches. They were seeking answers. They had been Christian Scientists, so perhaps that is why I ended up in the health field. They tried the Unitarian Church and the Church of Christ. Their whole spiritual quest left me distrustful of the overemotional Pentecostal types, the cram-religion-down-your-throat Evangelicals, and the doctrinaire dogmatic Fundamentalists who may not think that "God is an Englishman" but who certainly think God is a right-wing reactionary Republican. If the TV preachers are right, then God is a bigot who hates most of the human race, believes in war instead of peace, and wants to destroy the Earth since their pet politicians fight any attempt to reverse pollution, global warming, and climate change. In other words, their god is Skynet.

I learned about Skynet when I was engaged to Sarah Connor. She turned out to be a survivalist (the police say a terrorist) who co-opted the language of Christianity when she spoke of her son as the Salvation of Mankind after Judgment Day. I thought I had no beliefs until I met Sarah. Now I know better. She believed in nothing except her son. So much so that the day after I proposed to her, she simply disappeared. An FBI agent named Ellison visited me when I reported Sarah missing. This is when I discovered the hidden part of Sarah's life -- the asylum, the criminal acts, the lies, and the evil.

So why am I thinking about Washington? I have decent looks and I come from a rich and powerful family. I could have been one of those politicians that I hold in contempt. So why am I thinking about Los Angeles? I could have made it big in the movie industry. Instead I chose to be ordinary, to drive an ambulance, to save lives, and to make a difference.

I'm not a nomad like Sarah who can skip town at the drop of a hat. I have roots here and so does Michelle. Even for Cameron, the only home she has known has apparently been the West Coast. Depot 37, her build place, is near here. Her friends were at Campo de Cahuenga High School. Before us, her family was The Connors. The change I am contemplating will be wrenching for me, Michelle and Cameron. Personally and professionally wrenching for me and Michelle. Educationally and emotionally wrenching for Cameron.

And if that were not enough, Sarah says I am going against history, against society, and against the human race by siding with a terminator against the supposed Savior of Mankind. Consider the source.


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