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Wrong Gender..

By: Sultry Alice

Page 1, I know a trans-gender person and after seeing a recent television show about this I decided to write a poem. Please share this if you know someone who needs support.

There are many kinds of accidents around

Usually it takes a few days and we rebound

Some are worse than just a fender bender

When people end up in the wrong gender


Trapped in a body not matching your mind

Often at an early age the children usually find

Between legs a boy BUT between ears a girl

As the reality of their gender begins to unfurl


Having nothing to do with sexual preference

As sexuality is so often a confusing reference

Your gender is determined by plumbing alone

But inside your mind the opposite is known


Parents, family and friends need to realize

These people can’t keep up this disguise

You have to support the gender benders

They are not acting to simply be offenders


Before puberty they need blockers to hold

Back all the changes they’d have to remold

Don’t punish people or wait for a change

This won’t go away, this feeling so strange


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