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A look into what I'm experiancing. It's a rough draft, let me know what you think!

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My parents called my sister and I into my room to have a talk as a whole family. They said things like: "no, we're not going on vacation." and "No, we're not moving." They also said that we had to look on the bright side of what they were going to tell us. They made us promise that we wouldn't freak out. Instantly, I thought that they were going to tell us that they were getting a divorce. I had already been through them saying that before, so I wasn't worried at all. But the words my parents spoke were very different from what I was expecting. My mom told me and my sister that she had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
We were both speechless, and I scarcely talked when my mom was explaining everything about Breast Cancer and the procedures she'll be going through soon to cure it. I was choked up and it felt like I had a huge lump in my throat. But I didn't want to cry because it scares my sister. I also didn't ask very many questions like I usually do.
My mom is going to have surgery to get the cancer out in about a month or so. It's scary because I've never had a sick relative like this, besides my great-great grandma who I wasn't very close to. I've never seen anyone go through surgery either, unless you count the time when my dad had his wisdom teeth pulled. But I don't think a trip to the dentist and going to the doctor to get cancer removed is quite the same thing. I can't help but think of what my life would be like without my mom. I don't want to think about it but it's difficult because when people think of cancer they think of death. Or at least I do anyway.
I barely got any sleep last night thinking about it. Although, I think I was partially in denial. When I woke up, I ignored all those thoughts in my head about it. I wanted this school day to be normal. But once I got to school, Keri came up to me and said "What were you going to tell me?" I told her I'd tell her later, but soon after that I decided to explain the whole story. It was hard to tell her, because saying the words out loud made them true to me. I broke down crying. So did she, which I wasn't expecting. I guess that's why we'll always be best friends. Our eyes were both red and watered down when we went to first period. I don't know what happened in me, but once I got there I started crying again. I think the realization of reality fully sunk in and by then, a bunch of people were asking me what was wrong. I didn't tell any of those people, until fourth period.
It was nice because the person I talked to had gone through the same thing before. Her mom was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer but she's okay now. That gave me hope for the future, knowing that it will eventually be back to normal. But I almost started crying again.
Then once I got to fifth period, the people that were asking me about what happened in first period got to know the full story as well. Jessica was probably the most supportive person I talked to. At first when I told her, she started to get choked up like I did the night I found out. She asked me many questions about how I was doing and about cancer itself. Then we got to talking about what was going to happen after my mom recovered. I told her about the breast cancer walks that my family plans on going to so we can support people going through what my mom is going through currently. It took me off guard when she said that she wanted to come to all of them with me. But it felt good to know that someone cared to do more than just ask "what's wrong?" Now I knew that I would have a friend through all the steps of dealing with this. It reassured me.
After school, I told two more people. They gave me hugs and offered me support for me whenever I needed to talk about anything. At moments where I feel like I'm completely alone in this, it's good to know that I have such amazing friends.
I couldn't go through this without them.


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