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Tidings (promo)

By: Dianna Greene

Page 1, A promo for my new novel, Tidings! These are character pictures, hope you enjoy.



Ireland, 1760. What is the truth behind Emma Bishop's life? A lady of high born rank has everything she could possibly want: a family, a fancy home, parties and above all, unquestioned respect. But what's Emma to do when she realizes she's been living a lie? Desperate to recover the truth she sets out on a journey that defies everything she's ever known. A mother who is not what she seems, a father who might be a fraud. The question and key to the answer of who she is and where she came from lie in the rise and fall of the tide, should she be brave enough to face it. But the real problem is Captain Teague.

Emma doubts he's who he says he is. And is he really concerned in her welfare or playing her to his advantage? Furthermore, dare she let herself fall for a filthy, lying, two-face pirate? Sure, he's charming, witty and ridiculousy handsome, but Emma is defiant to fall for his tricks and folly. He could ruin her. He could ruin her family and her social staus and her future.

Or, perhaps she's managing to do that all on her own. On the journey between lust and love and hate, of trust and mutiny, you won't want to miss this voyage on the High Sees.

Emma Bishop:

(Captain) John Teague:

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