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What Happened to Anastasia Romanov, The Grand Dutchess of Imperial Russia?

By: HalleEllen

Page 1, We all have heard of the Mystery of the missing princess Anastasia,We all know what happened the night the Royal Romanov\'s reign came to an end. But one question still remains;what happened to Anastasia? Sources of information:

           We have all heard of the mystery of the Russian princess, Anastasia. Although  the truth about her disapperance was hidden from the world for 73 years, many rumors had been spread during that time. Many beleived that Anastasia and her grandmother had escaped and fled to Paris, as shown in the 1997 Fox film "Anastasia". Some beleived that she died with her family, but none of these were proven to be true. So what really happened to her? Did she escape or did she die on that fateful day in July? Only time can tell. 

           Anastasia Nicholaievna Romanov was born on June 18, 1901 to Nicholas II, the last Czar of imperial Russia and Empress Alexandra. Anastasia was the fourthchld born into the family, she had three older sisters Olga, Tatiana, and Maria; she also had a little brother named Alexei. Anastasia was the prankster of the family; she would pull pranks on everyone whenever she had the chance to. She was also the favorite of her grandmother, Maria Feodorovna. Anastasia, was aslo very close to her older sister Maria and her little brother Alexei. When Alexei got hurt, Anastasia would take care of him; telling jokes just to make him laugh so he would feel better.  

             On the night of

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