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Days of Night

By: Imuildaeren

Page 1, The back drop to the Blood Marriage world.

It was the year 1899 in the county of Bludses which was part of a loosley formed states called the States of Bavaria. The county of Bludeses along with many other county s had not had a real form of goverment for some time. Warlords and ambtious young heros ran amoke and with the invention of the rifle and other invetions. Now the vampires who dwelled in the huge Caraplin Mountains had been seilent for some time, some say it was civil war others say it was the seilence before the storm. By the year of 1905 Bludses had been cruely united in the iron fist of Vasdolic Hajkikerik. Vasdolic was foolish in ruling his kingdom and he didn't look into the future so he missed about the future concept of "the Storm". 1925. Villagers are being snatched from their homes mystriousley in the night and Vasdolic refuses to do any thing about it. Some say "The Storm" is only years away.

1930. A rebellion called the "White Horse Strike" have led a rebblion against Vasdolic. 1935. "The Storm" has come and it choose the right moment. The weakest of the two crumbled under Vasdolics poor command, and the "White Horse Strike" has become more underground but are still the closest thing to a goverment.

1950. The battle of Nuybuivek. The legendery vampire warrior Valunek Vovs Dracula the king of the vampires was slain by bomb dropped by a mettalic bird. The Emporer of the Draculas is now Vadarek Vol Dracula with his heir Attila Val Dracula.

1960. Attila is arranged to marry.

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