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Vero joins the legion

Book By: Armor3
Historical fiction

This is the story of Marcus Aulus Vero during the year of the four Ceasars. He is a legionary in the 14th Legion that fights for Othos, Emperor of Rome.

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Vero Joins the Legions

Chapter 1

Marcus Aulus Vero has spent the last three months travelling to Carnuntum from Cisalpine Gaul. He was born in 47 ad to Marcus Vero and Paulina Vero. He is 6'4" tall with redish brown hair. His stocky build is very daunting to most men but Vero was humble enough to know that he was not the largest man in the world. He enlisted in the army when he was 20 and he is on his way to join the 14th Gemina. Nero is preparing for a Parthian Campaign and the 14th is supposed to take part.

"Vero, how tough do you think the Parthians are going to be?" asked his friend Victorus. He and Vero had only met 2 months ago at the enlisting office. Victorus is from the far north of the cisalpine but him and Vero became fast friends. The enlistment office had encourgaed the "men" to pick a battle buddy and when everyone partnered up, Vero and Victorus were the two odd men out. The first thing that Victorus said to Vero was, " I guess you will do for my battle buddy, as long as you can keep up."

"I heard they are pretty tough, we all know what happened to Crassus." replied Vero.

"Shut up ladies! We are marching in formation not sipping tea around a table. That means you Vero and Victorus!"

The two friends shared a grin and adjusted the t-frame packs to move the sore spot to a different portion of their backs. They have been marching for days. The work would not end once they got to Carnuntum either, in fact it would just become harder and more tedious. They were exhausted, poor excuses for legionaries right now. But Vero had longed to join the legions since he was ten years old. Victorus is only 5'10" tall with jet black hair. He joined to avoid some family responsibilities. He never really talked a lot about his past and Vero never pressed the matter.

There were 15 in all, coming from Cisalpine Gaul and they were all eager to join the 14th Gemina. This was the same legion that marched with Ceasar in Gaul and defeated Boudicca's revolt. Winning a battle when the odds wer 23 to 1. It was startling to Vero to think about having to kill 23 screaming barbarians and then the others that happened to kill their counter legionary first. Sure, he was technically a barbarian being from Cisalpine Gaul but the celtic tribes on the large island north were true barbarians. He would never be considered as civilised as the citizens in Rome but at least he practiced daily hygiene and never considered drinking the blood of another human. Which he heard occurred up north.

After two weeks of hard march, they finally arrived for a warm welcome at the closed city gates of Carnuntum. "Who goes there?"

"Centurion Gauis Baetis, centurion of the 14th, open the gates!"

"Beg pardon for the lack of warm welcome, sir. The Primus has the ordered the gates closed at night due to some dacian raids from across the river."

"Not to worry, I did not realize that the dacians were starting trouble. The primus ordered the gates to be closed at night? Where is the Praetor?." replied Baetis. Baetis is an old soldier with the battle scars to prove it. He carries his rank on his persona more than the rod that he is never caught without. A true roman from Capua that stands shorter and broader than most men but with the confident killing power that comes from 15 years of service.

"The raids are just some isolated groups of bandits. They do not fight under a banner but they have become quite a problem.The Praetor has not arrived from leave yet. We are expecting him in two weeks. I hope the legion is ready. But, you all have had a long trip and I am sure you are looking forward to some warm beds and food. Welcome to Carnuntum, sir."


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