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My Royal love

By: Foreverjoi

Page 1, Ama is a princes who has everything she could ever want everyone listened mindlessly to her and life was simple boring but simple until a pair of hazel eyes glare down at her like she was of lower class challenging her with defiance she has never had to struggle to take control of anyone or anything... until now.







          My heart stopped at the sound of the roof shattering the room rapidly getting hotter it seemed to crumble and fall like it was nothing, not a world that took centuries to build but trash willing to be buried, my mind couldn’t wrap my head around what was happening in front of my very eyes my family, life and empire was up in flames and I couldn’t do a damn thing about but simply watch as my world fell infront of me.



















                                                                       Chapter 1




                                                                  I   Am Princes



I never thought the answer would come to me. It felt like a hand just gave it to me. It was different then anything else in my life it was a good feeling, a feeling of joy but of course you have no idea what am talking about so let me start from the first day I met Him…..  

Living in a high status life style is supposed to make me automatically happy but ruling over people and having them obey  your every word can get old……fast, you want someone to stand up to your authority right have some fun? but that never happens, today was different from the rest.

 I sat lazily in my chair next to my parents  admiring the setting sun on the horizon, seeing the land we rule over slowly burst in to a dull red orange, black, and slivers of pink made my eyes start to close but my viewing was obscured as three of our guards brought in a young man in tattered garments, he was being held tightly by his arms so tightly that I could see the guards finger nails dig in to his arm and forcing him to his  knees before us made him wince in pain, his face was covered in dried filth, his body was ashen from the elements, but out of all of that his clouded hazel eyes glared straight at me with childlike innocence….my heart skipped a beat. Our many guards addressed my father with his head bowed and eyes averted. “My King I found him wondering outside of the palace what do you want us to do with him?”

I tore my eyes away from man before me turning my attention to my father waiting for his response expecting him to send the intruder to the labor fields or worse.

“What do you want to do with him Elizabeth?” My father’s demanding voice was soft and warm with my mother, I turned my eyes to my mother watching as she look in between me and this strange intruder and then I saw her face light up and the hint of mischief touched her lips.

“I think Ama should keep him, she needs a male servant.” My mother’s smooth, musical voice spoke out, I glanced at the filthy man and his eyes weren’t filled with that childlike awe that I got so lost in but unadulterated fury, with an angry growl he spat on the ground at the of my father’s throne my face twisted in disgust as the guard punched him in the stomach and face making his head drop to the ground.

“Ama would you like that?” My father demanded lowly ignoring the disrespect that just happened but the hint of rage in his voice said it all.

“Yes, this will be new.” My voice was monotone not really knowing how I felt about this.

“Take him away and have the girl’s clean him make him smell and look like a role servant.” I ordered without another a word they moved quickly to do as I ordered.



                                          * * * * * * * * * * *




I took my time getting to my room counting each step not really knowing what to expect but once my guard opened my bed room door for me Inside the filthy man was now clean and in a bright Wight toga with the family golden crest stitched on the side he was tall by first glance he looked about 6 foot, his body was a warm brown and marred with scars, his hair was brown wavy and it looked as if it was cut with a knife from how uneven it looked I would have to have that fixed, his eyes were glared at me with definite clear in them ,his lips were the part that I got stuck on they were full and a light peach  they were cracked from dehydration but still looked all the more appealing but he wore a frown on…… I didn’t like that.

“Hello.” I said to him he didn’t say anything back.

“What is your name?” I asked and again nothing.

“Are you not going to respond to me at all?” I said frustrated.

He moved towards me and I stood my ground as he approached me.

“My name is Anthony.” His voice was deep.  “Anthony….. Well come here and turn for me.” I demanded and he did so but not without some hesitation. His clothing was perfect and so were his sandals the shiny gold shimmered as he moved if anyone didn’t know any better they would say he was a royal of some sort.

“Come here let me smell you.” I said as I took him gently by his hair soft I pulled his tall frame down to my level smelling his skin and it smelt like warm honey and vanilla good. I released him and took a step back looking at his tall skinny frame and I scowled.

“When was the last time that you ate?” he looked down and away from me and that was more then enough of an answer.

“Well, I will house you, feed you and bath you but….Only if you give me your complete and utter loyalty and this means me and only me do you take orders from you are to stay by my side at all times understand. You obey my every command no questions asked understand.”

Anthony looked at me and uttered. “Yes.”

“Kneel.” I challenged and he did so.

With a satisfied smirk I called one of my female servants to bring me 3 plates of exotic foods. After I fed him and told him he would be sleeping in my room on the bed across the room that I had the others bring in and in the morning he is required to wake me up before the sunbreaks the horizon and have my food ready as he does.

“Yes my Princes.” He spoke with his eyes to the floor.

I turned over on my side to look over at his side of the room.

“You are allowed to call me Ama but only when it is us in the presents of others its Princes.”

“Yes Ama. Good night.” That night was a fitful sleep as I was not use to sharing a room with another person but I was happy to have someone there.


(Authres note)

Thank you all for reading my first story please comment/review and another chapter will be coming up shortly.





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