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Lovers in the west

Book By: JJC
Historical fiction

idk yet

Submitted:Jan 10, 2011    Reads: 28    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

"Why are you being like this? You keep doing this every single time and I'm starting to think you don't even want me anymore! If you don't just say you don't! Then I'll walk away from this Marriage okay? Just tell me for once! Instead of going out and fucking those whores!" "FINE! I don't want you I never wanted you I only married you cause of your mum! There happy now you know the damn true!" I screamed "No I'm not because I fell for you Corey I fell in love with you!" Lilith firmly stated then walked away into the house. "Can't even hold on to a mail-order bride can you?" Jessie walks out "Your baby bump sure is gettin big." I nodded "Yes well it happens when you're pregnant and a man who you love makes you pregnant." She pointed out. "Stop talking about me Jess." Mark walks over and hugs his wife from behind "We're saying good stuff don't worry your pretty little head you babe is fine." Jessie stiffly replies then walks inside after Lilith. "What's that all about?" I reply as I walk up and look at Mark. "She thinks I don't love her, I don't know why I mean I give her a home and a family pretty soon." Mark sighs "I'll never understand women that's for sure." "At least you love her, I don't think I'll ever love my bride I mean she's so young and tiny and I'm afraid she's pregnant." Mark smiles "Well that's good you'll have a baby with you guys maybe your just missing that?" I shake my head and frown "She's not mine for the taking! I should of never put that ad in the paper now what am I gonna do with her if she is!" "Well I say send me away but you won't cause you're a no good heart of stone man!" Lilith snaps "Now Mark get your head out of your ass your wife is bearing your child right now so march!" "I won't take orders from a tiny girl." "Then you won't see your son or daughter be brought into this world! NOW MARCH!" Lilith yells and walks in "I should go good luck Corey." Mark runs in after Lilith Should I really let her go and face the unknown world of the new west I think as I walk into the house hearing screams and shouts then soon the shouts stop I see then Lilith come down drained and with blood all over "She's…….I…..hold me."Lilith runs towards me and wraps her arms around me as I hold her soon Mark joins them. "It's a boy." Lilith smiles and holds me closer. "She scared me." Lilith murmured to Mark "Why did she scare you love?" Lilith looked up "She just stopped so I ran cause I was scared. Don't let go." She holds me tighter "Never sweetie never." I look up at Mark and see him smile this is what I was missing her willingness to be with me and her need for protection. "Sweet heart why don't you go and look at Jessie see if she needs anything." Lilith nods and walks up the stairs. "She needs sweetness and kindnesses not yelling that's why she runs away from you sometimes show her sweetness and she'll run to you again." Mark laughed then walked up the stairs as Lilith with a dress on and everything came down. "She's sleeping so I came down sorry for earlier I know you don't-" "I do love you."


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