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Metro 2033 - Paradise Lost

Book By: S N G
Historical fiction

Metro 2033 - Paradise Lost follows several characters living in the metro system underneath the Swedish capial of Stockholm in a post-apocalyptic scenario. It's a dark and claustraphobic world that the last of humanity has had to retreat to. After a bloody war resulting with a splinter group of the pre-war government ruling the majority of the metro and bringing stability a new danger emerges. This time in a drug giving the users glimpses into their lost past, but leaving their minds ravaged.

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Metro 2033

Paradise Lost

By: Sebastian Gustavsson


He ran. He ran so fast he nearly stumbled on the cracked and dirty cobblestones beneath his feet. As he vaulted over the burntout car he heard the flapping of leathery wings behind him. It wasn't the light flutter of the birds he rememberd from his youth but a heavy, menecing sound. The sound of death.

A thought appered in his head, the same thought that had tormented him ever since he first fled down into the metro 20 years ago. Everything that represented his youth, his former life, was dead. Everyone that he had ever known was dead. Every place he had ever been had been destroyed. Either that or he hardly recognized it anymore.

Like the great massive Swedish royal palace to his right. Its sandstone walls slowly crumbling throwing the statues that stood on them to the ground, shattering them. He turned his head and looked on the dead titan, it's windows shattered revealing the dark twisted inside of the castle. A statue of a woman lay broken on the pavement, her arms broken and her stony eyes staring up on a sky that once was a briliant azure colour but now turned black and grey.

He was jerked back to reality by the shrill shreik of his hunter, like someone had plunged a handfull of rusty nails into his ears, as the monster dove towards him. In the last second he threw himself down on the gentle cobblestone slope. The monster missed him and instead crashed into the wall of Storkyrkan stunning itself and falling into a pile of bones, pale skin and huge wings.

The man hurried to his feet and ran toward the square on his left. As he entered the square with medieval buildings along the edge he heard the predator lurching to its feet. The man was badly out of breath having to breath through the filters of his gasmask and he couldn't even see very well with the mist forming on the glass of his visor but he pushed onward as he heard the big leathery wings behind him unfold and lift to the sky. He rushed towards the alley across the square as his ears were pierced with the shriek of his hunter once again but this time he didn't throw himself to the ground but continued running towards the alley and threw himself into it.

He heard a loud crunching sound of breaking bones as the abomination broke it's wings agianst the walls of the narrow alley. The man, the scavanger, bent forwards and catched his breath thinking the animal was dead. But a few seconds later the broken hunter lifted it's head and stared straight into his eyes. It sent shivers down his spine and he felt cold.

What stared back at him was horrifying. The head looked like someone had taken a skull and streached a piece of dirty white leather too tightly around it. The animal had no nose, just a big gaping hole with little fluttering flaps, like it was smelling him. The eyes where so big and black that the man couldn't be sure if there even where any eyes or if it was just two empty sockets. It had been completly quiet until the beast now started hissing at him through two rows of needle like teeth not coverd by any lips. Some of the teeth where black and rotten while some where white as ivory. As the hissing from the monster steadily grew louder the man unholsterd his revolver, it was old and ugly but reliable and powerful. He stepped closer to the beast and pointed the gun at one of it's eyes. Just before he fired the monster opend it's jaws and let out a loud and primal shriek.

Then it stopped as the bullet punched through it's skull, killing it. The beast once more fell into a pile, now coverd in black blood. The scavanger let out a sigh of relief and flicked some of the goo off of his gun as he concluded that the beast did have eyes, since one of them had just popped from the bullet. He took a second to examine the values that he had scavanged before he was ambushed by the beast he had just killed. The backpack loaded with lightbulbs and LED lamps were still intact and would sell for enough to pay for his rent for two weeks, a night with the girl he fancied at the brothel and maybe he could eat someting else then radioactive fish and grilled rats for a while, down in the dark metro of Stockholm. Plus he would have a great story to tell at the pub later. All in all he felt pretty happy with himself.

Until he heard the shreiks echoing from the tower of Tyska kyrkan. He looked up just in time to see a miniture version of what he had just killed crash inte his face. He would have been able to take one of them, but the glass of his visor had broken and sharp shards of glass had cut deep into his eyes, rendering him blind. Soon four more of the animals swarmed him, tearing at him with their claws. He wanted to scream when the ice cold, poisonous air enterned his lungs as they tarnished his gasmask but he was already choking on his own blood.

More comming soon!


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