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alien human and sex

Essay By: emeraldrainbow
Historical fiction

a story with an essay about alien world for human specie, safe sex and fun

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Kid family mission.

Me and Caroline Pierce were ready for our task ahead. We were alerted to give a child a happy birthday.

But the number of birthday cake candles for the cake was two short of the age.

So me and Caroline had to go to the cake shop and purchase two more candles and put them on the birthday cake. Before it was presented to the child to blow out the cake candles and be given a sweet-tooth happy birthday.

The next assignment was to help a family traveling on holiday in a car. They were driving but the fuel on the car meter reading was running out and no garage was going to be met unless they had another ten minute of driving fuel to arrive at the garage and fill up the car fuel tank.

So me and Caroline drove with a fuel bottle and poured it into the family car so they could drive all the way to the holiday resort.

They had a fantastic summer holiday.

Me and Caroline sure looked professional in our AA (Automobile Association) uniform.

The computer game called me and Caroline. We were ready for our next carer objective.

A mother was ready to take her child to the park for a picnic with her family. The summer sun was about to pour with thunder rain and they had no umbrella or waterproof pullover for the baby pram.

Me and Caroline went to a outdoor clothing shop and purchased five umbrella and waterproof pullover for the pram and gave them before the rain began to pour heavy.

The family were dry going home and had a picnic which kept them dry even though it rained after.

Task achieved.

A girl wanted to play a soccer match. She was the star player in the team and she was a substitute with ability to score an equaliser and winner in the last twenty minute of the game.

But then she realised some of her studs were missing and the player to go off did not have the size boot she wore and no stud to screw in her boot.

Me andCaroline were alerted to go collect her studs and take them for her to screw in her boot before her substitute appearance was due.

We did this on time and achieved the task.

Me and Caroline were given a animal care task.

It was booked with appointment by a family going out for a day trip. We were alerted that a cat would be doing a toiletry littler in half an hour and a dog required a walk to go toilet in the forest in thirty two minutes.

So we went and took cat litter for the cat and gave the dog a walk with a waste disposal bag to put the dog pooh in the animal waste bin.

We also had to fill the dog and cat bowl with pet food and fresh water before it was empty.

We helped a family give their each pet a toilet and walk and have a meal and drink.

Our pet care assignment was caring we completed this task and we enjoyed playing porn world with the wildlife and many different pet

living in this planet.

A baby was crying for a flavour dummy and the correct one would make the baby stop crying.

Me and Caroline had to use the clue to which dummy was the one that the baby screamed for as a treat.

The first dummy was rusk biscuit flavour. The second was baby milk flavour and the third one was a plain chocolate dummy.

The clue was to choose a dummy which would not ruin the baby teeth and keep them healthy.

Caroline chose the second dummy so did I and we were correct.

The baby sucked the dummy and stopped crying aloud.

A sex game was made on a board. It had sixteen squares and on each of these was placed a toy shape which described on the card what sex act it performed. Each player had a go in turn to put a toy on each square until all sixteen were all full up.

To make the game fair first both lover people playing were allowed to not put in any type of sex act they would not perform.

Then each player competed with a ball that rolled around and appeared a number between one and sixteen.

This gave each player a number. Then to reveal what sex act it was the player had to keep rolling another gadget which had number between one and a hundred. This was used between both player having five attempt to spin it and who got the highest amount added was the first person to have their sex act toy revealed.

When the player had their toy on the board reveal the sex act they would receive.

If they declined to do it then they would forfeit another attempt and give the opposing player two goes. Which gave them an increase chance to have their sex act performed. For each player could only do up to three rejection of a sex act they did not like.

Every time this board game was played no one with good memory could remember what each toy number on the card meant which sex act as it could be changed by making each number be for another sex act when not seeing what it changed to.

Each player also agreed a sex act they could not reject to do if the other player won to play it.

This was only won by winning three amount of added number in a row and this sex act could not be performed until this happened on the board game.

The board game had many question which wanted an a, b or c answer. These were used when the player who got to five high added amount of number first with each turn.

With each question answered correctly would give them an extra three point to add to their spin the number add up.

This increased another first to win five high amount of number added on each next go to have a sex act performed.

This also made the loser either do the sex act or reject it that soon they had used all three rejection they could not anymore and had to do the sex act. Or they would forfeit the chosen one which was their favourite for their partner to perform.

When me and Caroline Pierce played this game in a world amusement instead of at home. We were worried that it could be done by evil people.

That what we select would make us be moved into a room where the person in the description of the card was there.

For the card description was not about normal sex it was about weird sex.

And we had no way out so we had to do this horror quest together.

We were even moved into a room where we weren't together then we got back together through tactic to defeat the evil horror game.

Which at the end would of sent Caroline to a room where a disturbing description of a person existed to get her on her own.

And I would have been sent to an ugly horrible female.

We only realised this after we began playing the board game which was normal when we played it at home.

The house where we went to play the board game being led into a trap. Was decorated with Halloween even though today was not the date of it.

If Caroline hadn't told the answer which made it seem I was in the room on the way to the man that was close to having her. Which put him off and he gave up playing. Then she would have been trapped in a room with them.

If I hadn't chose an answer which made it seem that Caroline was in the room I was in close to moving in the next room where the horrible ugly female was which was not a bisexual or lesbian. Then

I would of lost and been trapped.

This was because handcuff somehow had got on both our hand wrist. It was sexually taunting we survived the ordeal and used our security power to shutdown this perverted dungeon.

There were ten room in this spooky Halloween house for bondage and dominate sex.

We survived and won at the ninth room. It was at the fifth room me and Caroline were split apart and realised it was a trick.

We used our human robot body to communicate secret conversation message to survive this dungeon trap.

Porn star world considered that a virus could make everyone infertile and then no babies would ever be born. And no vaccine would be yet made.

This would make the description of this virus make our sperm and egg not fertilize to bring a body to birth.

Then this computer game would make every person be bodily born on a planet elsewhere in the universe where this infertile virus did not yet exist but it would in the future due to us living in the same chemistry nature.

But now we know what the virus can do and what it is made of from the sample from the planet where it infected us.

We have time to make the vaccine exist before it infected anyone.

If we had not yet developed a vaccine and the virus appeared being epidemic then we would move to another planet where it had not yet begun. This was because we became the human body in the nature of time when the organism which made the virus exist was in the early form of another kind of organism still to be born into a virus causing infertile. This computer game was determined to find a vaccine. For when the virus had spread onto every planet we could move to then we will not have anywhere to bodily live to avoid it.

For each time we moved to another planet. We were a new body on it so we did not bring our infected body to live on the virus free planet.

When any part of our body became sore and inflamed. Here was a virus on this part our body. A physical injury which would cause the same symptoms would make a different bacteria exist on the affected area.

The difference the bacteria was not in the form of a sex virus.

Then a flu which would recover and then not affect us would not be like AIDS a persistent organisms staying the same in our body until a vaccine is found for it.

A virus that our own body cell cannot destroy and then we rely on medicine and treatment to cure it.

Porn star world wanted to design a killer treatment by making the part of the body infected by the virus be dead while the rest of our body lived. To make the virus die in the dead part of our body while we still lived.

When the virus of HIV and AIDS has disappeared when every person who has it has died. This virus is still able to reappear for we have the body and nature that can infect us. This is when even a vaccine is made. Who has not taken the vaccine.

It is our blood which has a life journey going around our body so HIV AIDS will infect through this blood. The organism of these viruses can be born through digestion which does enter our blood and become HIV AIDS where it does live. The blood is with the cell and the immune where the viruses can live they require our healthy cell to weaken it to live.

Without this the virus would not harm us if our body cell were stronger to stop it.

The virus does live in the blood of our body then it will infect us with anything that we put in our body with the blood of the virus on it.

If the blood has not been HIV screened then you have no guarantee it is not going to infect you with HIV AIDS during a blood insert.

An insect if not having a body to catch a virus which a human does then I should make this a case of statement. The insect has not the body of blood to catch it.

If it does then the insect has the cell which is a vaccine to the virus.

If an animal that gave us milk was to be infected with HIV AIDS then I would be a baby breastfeeding catching the virus from the milk which does happen to a baby with an infected mother.

But the milk of the animal pasteurised for the heat to kill the virus then I will already make this a true statement. Heat can be the best vaccine ever it will destroy the virus but it is too hot to give to a living body.

The same for a poison chemical we cannot let it in our body and so we live with a virus which does have a not use with our body vaccine.

Porn star world saw what cell we have in our immune system.

Then when porn world made new blood cell which would destroy a virus. Then porn world made it be made into a cell that would be born from the cell in our immune system. The organism was added to our immune system and made the vaccine cell in us. Our immune system now had a new blood cell accepted by our body destroying the virus in us we were cured.

The future was HIV AIDS would have a vaccine we would be a living body with this kind of immune system.

Since the virus does weaken and kill our healthy defence immune cell. There will be a time when we have a body which has healthy defence cell strong enough to weaken and destroy the viruses in us.

The immune system in the biological human body which this computer game developed have medical body cell stronger then any virus and put an end to the existence of those organisms.

This stopped any virus making our immune accept it and not end it.

It had no powerful enough blood cell to protect us. The virus which did become immune to us had another organism with it that made the virus fight back and weaken our immune system.

When a prophet existed before the increase in scientific knowledge today. They had to get the vision by an angel appearing and telling them the message they would decipher and pit into their own meaning as only the prophet knew what the teaching meant not the angel.

Then now that scientific knowledge has reached through written report and technology assignment to read and hear the evidence. This done what the angel did by saying what the vision was that only the prophet then knew the meaning.

So too did the universe of creation of power for it made everything exist.

The prophet today now has the increased knowledge in written evidence for the angel to not appear to decipher the code.

Until the prophet had made the angel believe it is time to appear and decipher any code that the prophet has not remembered to decipher.

Porn star world waited for the moment to send the many angel to earth to find him and tell him what he only understand. For the universe of power of creation made him and made all the other people that wrote the teaching of science for it to be deciphered into alien meaning.

To make the healing and curing world and the transfiguring and changing body.


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