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History of the Future Saga 3

By: Imuildaeren

Page 1, The beging of the inter-galatic age.

2028.  The worlds major powers start work on IGC (inter galactic civalition).

2029. The moons population reaches 500,000.

2030. The EU surrenders.  The EF take control of Germany low countries france italiy austria balkan area and greece.  America takes control of spain portugal.  Russia takes control of all of eastern europe.  Iran is close to taking control os saudi arabia it all so agrees to trade with western countries.

2031. The UN is disbanded and replaced by IGC.

2032. The American companie IGT (inter galactic technolgy) realeases cy-borg technolgy around the world claiming the only way is now.

2033. The worlds most important nations create the IGC army.

2035. Moon poulation has had a huge boom rising to million occupents from all corners of the globe.  Also the population of Mars is 700.000.

2035. In the most of the worlds nations populations are now cy-borgs.  Also people on mars are starting to pick radio signals saying,

"May the light be praised when the crusaid is over"

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