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This essay is about my very own country;Cessnania! I had to write this for my NM history class and I thought I would post it! Let me know what you think, please! :)

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This research paper is about my very own country. This essay will include the name of my country, the capital of my country, the population, the climate, major exports, transportation, at least five different country objects, the way of government, some laws, ect.

The name of my country is Cessnania. This is because, in 1362, Robert Mandel discovered cessnania. (It wasn't called cessnanaia back then.) On April 13, 1362, Mandel was digging to find oil. Not only did Mandel find oil, but also found a broken half of some type of flat circular stone as well. On the half stone was half of the outline of modern day cessnania, and "cess" was also engraved on it. It wasn't until 1368 that the other half of the stone was found. Again, it was Robert Mandel that found it. This half, had of course, the other half of the outline of modern day cessnania, as well as "nania." Mandel assumed that this engraved stone was made by the ancient peoples of cessnania. Therefore, Mandel declared to the population (at 63 thousand people at the time) that this country would forever be called Cessnania.

The capital of Cessnania is Cockpitamia. The reasons for this are, Cockpitamia has always had the largest population. Also, Cockpitamia has been the heart of trade since 1362. And has been the soul of the Cessnanians activities and celebrations.

The current population of Cessnania is, 63 billion people. It has grown by 63,999,937,000 people since 1368. This population growth is due to, climate, and exports. As well as government, and laws.

Warm and breezy is the climate that the peoples of Cessnania usually adhere to. In the summer and spring, the temperature is usually about 70*F-80*F, with about 10 mph of wind. Fall and winter is normally about 60*F-67*F, and about 15 mph of wind. The peoples of Cessnania have grown accustom to this climate. However, some unfortunate news is that, natural disaster does occur here in Cessnania. Floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, tornadoes, and wild fires all occur from time to time in Cessnania. But not more than other countries. Although, the Cessnanians always do their best to be prepared.

Major exports for Cessnania are to include, crops, toy windmills, books, airplanes, and gliders. Crops are pretty easily taken care of. The climate does most of the work on the crops. Toy windmills are made by the millions. Cessnanians write and publish books by the tons. And seeing as flying is a national pastime, more airplanes, and gliders are made than people.

Transportation around Cessnania includes, bus, subway, car, bike, scooter, ect. In addition to regular transportation, most families have at least one airplane, or glider, if not more. The few families that do not any type of aircraft, are free to the community airplanes and gliders. These aircraft are owned by neighborhoods or cities but are free for anyone in Cessnania to use. The sharing of aircrafts is one or many examples of how close the Cessnanians are to one another.

Some country pastimes are, of course, flying, as well as , getting together. They get together as a family, neighborhood, a district, a state, or even a country. At least once a year, most of the country gets together for a sort of 'family reunion,' because everyone in Cessnania is extremely close. They are all like family. Most Cessnanian children find that history is their favorite subject. The top occupations are, pilots, writers, historians, and cops. Again, of course, being a pilot is in high demand. Writers are plentiful as well. The authors are very creative and extremely talented. There isn't a lot of crime in Cessnania, but there are quite a lot of cops. And who can forget all of the children with sparkles in their eyes when they learned more history. A lot of them became historians later in life. The country tree is a maple tree. This is because, the first tree that Mandel saw when he discovered Cessnania was a maple tree. The country song is, "We Love Thou Oh Fair Cessnania."

The government has become very productive. The Cessnanian government allies with experts throughout the world. The government has a very balanced budget. And taxes are at a reasonable price. The taxes are put to good use. Such as, education, and needed buildings. As well as, law enforcement, fire department, and teachers pay. The government tries not to send soldiers to war. But ww2` hen they do, the make sure that the soldiers are 100% ready.

In Cessnania, laws have to be reviewed every 20 years by the president, all mayors, all governors, and other members of the Cessnanian government Cessnanians must retake the written and driving portion of the driving exam every seven years.

In Cessnanian schools, the rules are strongly enforced. However, the children are usually well behaved. The children hardly talk during class unless asking the teacher questions, they don't talkback, and they ask questions when needed. Most of the kids get exceptional grades. They are extremely bright. The teachers do their very best to prevent bullying. In other words, Cessnanian schools are extremely productive.

Finally, to conclude, Cessnania is a large country, with a warm and breezy climate. Most Cessnanians have at least one airplane, or glider, if not more. Cessnanians love to fly and get together,. The children absolutely love history. Most adult Cessnanians are pilots, writers, historians, or cops. The government and laws are good. And the schools are very productive. Cessnania is a lovely country!


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