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When we look at what's happening between we woman of the occidental and women of the oriental, there have been things that should be arranged...

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(Copyright © 2012 Natsfreewill) Every single action that you do, seems correct to you right? But what happens when you realize that all you were doing may be wrong? Gets in your nerves, right? Did you ever realize that violence and misjudgment are also like this? Time has passed and it seems that nothing has changed. Racism is still running around, the rights for others haven't been made. It's like we are still living in the past. This is my encounter with reality; I want to talk about the racism against women. We are living in a world were we cry and no one hear us, and that is one of the most horrible actions today. If we haven't given our chances to think and realize that our actions are wrong, then everything can disappear in a blink of an eye. India, "a world of machismo and violence", is another one of those countries whom haven't truly given the rights to women. Yes it is a difference because as well as 'niggers' in the past didn't have rights, women now a day in India cannot fight for their rights. The reason to all this violence is because the man is the main base of the house. Women are only treated like dolls and cannot feel the passion of procreating; they cannot share the ideal of running a house, they cannot have their freedom unless they want to be divorced. In reality, there is nothing that they can do for the freedom that we, the women of the new world, have. Women in this place have no freedom whatsoever. They live in a world were men are the high kings of every single female in this planet. The reason of why I come to you with this is because as the women try to fight for their freedom, they get corralled, ignored, beaten and some have even died as some poor animal. And what is the reason? Because they get punished by their husbands, for saying the truth they get beaten, for speaking, for anything against the men's will. Freedom and hope disappear as the woman gets, not only broken by fists or belts, burned with acid. Acid I say, because the husband knows that, if they get divorced, they might get another husband or lover and if they don't want to share love with them then there will be no love for the other. As the men don't show any mercy they get away with everything and even if they go into jail they get set lose to the streets again because it is an atrocity in the laws of India if a woman wants to get divorced. I repeat once again, women are shunned out, beaten, pummeled, destroyed, scared and left with cero respect or any hope left. What's worse, it's that the human excrement called men prevails. You can see that there's a great difference in history, there's a small hole that it is being deleted, the racism against race and skin is more important yes, but the racism between women needs to be a matter of importance as well. Both of these histories come around as one, there is pain, sorrows and indifferences. Once the niggers protested and they got their rights, now the women of India have made their move, they have campaigns, protests, movements and have shown the whole world by TV their situations, the real world they must face each day. I know how grave the situation is and how it has been with the women, I can finally say that the world is improving. Ever since they fought back, as well as going to the tribunals and declare there pledges, and since that day, even today, they've fought for their rights and for the case of violence and mistreat men have toward women. What's painful to watch is how dangerous and fatal it's the burned skin of a woman with acid. The women of the first case of the acid attack sent her man to court where he had been declared guilty and, not one, but two life imprisonment. Justice has been made for these ladies who have suffered so much. There is a lot to accomplish and make the world know about what happens in the India. There was justice in history, not only for the black people, but for women as well. Let us not think of only one thing, because there are more things happening in this world that we are unaware of. There has to be someway to save this world before it reaches the clutches of destruction. I say we should put a stop to ignorance and do something for not only men who suffered but to us who give life and suffer, sometimes, even more.


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