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The Observation of a Different Perspective

Essay By: tlynn742
Historical fiction

After a small boy gets kidnapped, he is taken onto this ship that comes to a drastic ending.

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I awake to the sound of my empty stomach growling at me, and I open my eyes. I find myself in the back of a caravan, desperately wondering where I am. The last moment that I remember is a vague memory of my family as I am being driven away from my hometown of London, England by a man I did not know. I thought my parents and family were going to come with me, but I haven't seen them since my disappearance.

I sit up and look out the window to see not the street, but the inside of a ship. I lay back down and reassure myself of everything. My name is Mathew McCarthy and I live in London, England. I am 14 years old and the date is April 12, 1912. Everything is true and I am very sure that I am awake.

So I exit the caravan and decide to wander around to discover where I am. I find a beautifully carved staircase that started going up stairs and decide to travel upon it and I find a hallway that must be the newspaper room. I look at it and see the date, April 14, 1912 and the clock in a corner says 12:30 a.m. There was a weird feeling about this night though, as if something was wrong. I continued running the hallway, going up stairs, trying to find my way. I eventually stopped in a deserted hallway for panic struck over me and I cried; I knew I was never going to get out. That's when I feel it, a drastic lean and screams.

I steady myself upright and go to the sound of the screams, very scared now. I don't know if this is just my head messing with me or not, but I tumble along anyway fighting against the lean and my anxiety. I finally get up high enough to find a large room that is starting to fill with water. So this is where the drastic lean and screams came from. I ran away to the outside to be positive I was on a ship, and make sure my mind is still all right.

The scene outside is deranged. Families are being separated from each other, the lifeboats' ropes that are holding it up are being cut by mad men that don't know what else to do, and the ship is halfway underwater already. I hear a constant yelling in the distance saying, "Women and children only!"

I tried looking for the man's voice, but I am so small that I mine as well be an ant. To add on that, people keep on pushing into me, knocking me over, and a man actually kicked me. So I decide to go in a corner and stand on a table to find out where my sense of direction is. After moments of trying to find the man that called for women and children, I find him and get into the boat with forty other terrified women and children of all ages.

One lady grabs me and starts rocking me saying, "It's alright, everything is going to be alright," but I honestly think she needed someone to hold, so I let her continue. That is when the boat starts clumsily going down into the dark cold water and everyone hopes for the best.

We land in the water with a plummet and our rower for this boat starts rowing away from the ship. Then an unexpected thing happens when a great big wave comes from the ship and pushes the boat into the sea of people that decided to jump off the ship and into the water.

Once they see us, everyone wants to be on our little boat and they start to gather on it until the boat tips over. Everyone is fighting over the boat that now looks like it is more of a life raft than anything productive. I started heading in the other direction because I know that if I was being pushed around on the ship, being in water is going to be much worse.

I start swimming in the other direction away from that crowd and I am hit with the temperature of this water. It feels as if it could freeze me within seconds so I breath hard and keep swimming. I finally can't take it anymore where I stop swimming and find a piece of the ship floating in the water and I climb on.

I feel my heart start to slow down and my head is going foggy when I look at the side of the horrendous ship that I know is going to end my life, I see the words Titanic written on the back. I heard a rumor about this ship back in my hometown, how it earned the nickname of The Unsinkable Ship.

I laugh to myself about how much they were wrong, and then I think about my family. I think of how they're going to know if I didn't make it back. I think back to my friends back at home and the people who took me away, why they could ever do this to a fourteen year old boy and only hope there are survivors from this catastrophy. That is my last though when finally I see the last of the ship sink, and it's current drags me under along with one hundred other bodies, and everything is warm and black. . .then nothing.


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