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Being interviewed in 2075 about the past.

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A.O.Borges II. Professor of World History. Obama University.
Former Senator.
Present time 2075. First interview.
Life/Time/Romney Magazine

Mr. Borges were very happy you accepted our invitation to share your long life with us. How did you make it all the way to 62, and we hear you have had very little done. Oh Diane I'm grateful to be here, and share, as you know history is my life. I love talking about it, but let's get on with this as you know my time is short. I remember.......... the yearrrrrrr.
The year 2039
The two Economic Powers are now India and Japan. America is now only ranked 9th in The world as a power., But is very attractive piece of real estate, cut backs on America's national defense and having over 300 bases all over the World Have weakened Homeland Security, only 40 years earlier we only had ten Aircraft carriers, 8 with nuclear weapons, Now in 2075 we have 14 but 12 of them are reaching the 75 year mark. Hawaii had been transferred ownership to Japan, back in 2032, in the now called the Comprise Trade, When America had been unable to repay China for the outstanding loans. So they traded the Debt to Japan just to pay of the monthly Loan amount, the debt had to be been paid off, estimations say 2093 they will start paying on principal. Americans could still Live there, if they have dual citizenship, small price to pay. Most people agreed.

The year 2044
The United World Powers Inc. formerly known as the United Nations
Decide due to all the space junk orbiting earth, they will use the moon to transmit all satellite transmissions; With the Copra Space Program. India already had a space station on the moon on the South Pole. India's Prime Minister Solanki frequently visiting the station. It was a televised event that grew boring to watch after his 13th trip. Trips to the moon, were common place 2044- 2055 sometimes up to 4 or 5 cruise ships would visit the Moon weekly, 2049 the 1 millionth passenger got to walk on the moon. India was very happy to have prestige of running the new Copra satellite station. Now all transmissions would run on one beam of light, everything, from 98 G Samsung Telereciever to new GP1 tracking system that we all were injected with at birth, or later. In case we were ever hurt or lost someone could come and rescue us. We felt really safe knowing once injected, it could never be lost or removed from our bodies, because it would genetically bond to our chromosomes life was grand

A.O.Borges II. Professor of World History. Obama University.
Former Senator.
Present time 2075. First interview. Time 600 hr take 2
Life/Time/Romney Magazine
Mr. Senator, can I ask you about the Soaring 2020's. of course Diane, please call me Alex. You know they called my great grand father Alex, my grand father, and my Dad, were Alex. I got to meet my grandfather and My Real father. Before the Natural Selection Act of 2030. How ? Could I forget the soaring twenties? Diane responds Really? How primitive. Yes things weren't always so clinical.

The year is 2022
America was in turmoil, we now have a United States Police Department, The multi tiered law enforcement agencies were eliminated in 2022 When President Karen Hussein, convinced America it was the same thing, but less waste.4 years earlier owning Guns had been band. Do too many radical groups claiming this was not the America there fathers had talked about or there grandparents told them of. What a bunch of cavemen? Some wanted to over throw the country and start over, but special interest groups like NRA. And the gun manufacturing companies now sided with there best buyer The U.S Government. You must remember History has always favored the radical, it wasn't easy for us to control weapons, as far as back 2013, there was a lunatic named Corey Wilson with the use of the 3D printer, he was making 10,000 polymer weapons and extended Magazines for hunting rifles that would hold 100 rounds, America's Government was under attack we had to do something. We must thank our Government when they came out with the Holo3D Detector There was massive up rises at the time, against government building and honest hard working public servants who spent there whole life, fighting for the way we are now. They were Prime Targets. They had guns, public out breaks, one being able to attack our great nation through media, you weren't even born yet when all this chaos was happening. Thank your Government for The Clean Internet Act of 2024. Now all usage of internet had to filtered through our great nations BBCIS main frame Computer system. The criminals had the nerve to say BB stands for Big Brother. absurd ?

A.O.Borges II. Professor of World History. Obama University.
Former Senator.
Present time 2075. First interview. part 3
Life/Time/Romney Magazine

The year was 2029
That's when our International science teams realized that that Florida and western coast of California would be gone in less than 15 years not the 150 years we originally thought we couldn't tell anyone because of mass hysteria, so we... had to make the right choice for America.
With our lower income and Illegal migration from South America and Asia, and our ageing population moving to retire in those places we decided to trim the fat as we use to say. We passed the Retirement States Act. That would actually help seniors have more benefits in California and Florida. Even though we were almost certain there would be neither of them due climate tic Weather and rising water tables, believe me when I say, you don't know how hard it is not to send aid, to an American going through a living nightmare. They were true Patriots; they just didn't know it at the time. But economically we killed, I mean we found a short term solution to two problems our very poor, and our aging nation, and the Illegal Aliens. I could spend a week talking about the soaring 2020's, but believe it or not the changes really stated as far back as 2010 or earlier.


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