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This may bring calm customisation of our lives. The stage is set in the deep jungles of Africa by the first person at the point of time who endured towards cross and was away by the day. The unfinished novel is guarded by the Catholic Doctrine and adhered to maintain the existing stars that always guarded the secret key under the justice of the supreme law of Ave Maria. It is hereby devoid of any personal motives only this late night be advisable in Africa. View table of contents...



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One day Lord Jesus Christ saw that his day never would end with love and he needed to adhere on life ahead by the change for the loved gifted gifts in lifetime. The day was set. Mother Mary kept her heart with faith of the almighty in blessing for the wholesome life. That day our Lord wandered in the secret of the desert and heard the gospel in heart where not even pheromones was the measure of destiny in the life of a man. Again in the same morning Mother Mary was heard by her accomplice that they were bear down with more pain over her son. A later day our infant Jesus in her eyes still lay before her. She asked him what should I do my son? Jesus answered oh my mother and virgin mother of all generation, I saw two criminals on both side of cross. One on my right side told me that he was adulterated and want to confess. I asked that robber what is your wish for the lifetime ahead? He told me that the robber on your left side is my brother and he is imprisoned by one side by the spell of Narnia and other side fighting the battle of his life with your faith. I want only one wish. When one of us come back into your world destined in your next vision of these generation you see before us can you get never lost in words of the ages but abide by the truth you saw in a sinner like me and ask the gift of hard pain you earned throughout your time in those times. I saw you the day one heard from the gospel we the people of the world saw. But even when the light and dark unite in your way let it not be miserable for this generation ahead and not again imprisoned by the myth of those ideal spell of the witch. Narnia will help you throughout your life but where will you attend in those life which you have only perceived today. When our father prayed for you at the last mass I attended we all wanted to warn you that you should charm down. Our holy father wanted to tell you we always wanted never towards the battle that was never fought and cant be win because else the maya cant be virtually be not always on your side. That was the day the lion king made the sacrifice on the gospel bread today Jesus have always lived for the generation. The right criminal continued. I am here on my own wish. I just wanted to let you understand you should be glad to be always with us and we will need you more in our lives. The left criminal never spoke a word. Both of the sides of the life have never changed in this age. In this age there was a guy who saw everything started by the television shows to the fluctuating markets to desperate sexy moves. In that small hut one day while he was taking bath he saw a cockroach wanted to pierce its head through a small hole in that plastic container. He understood the story of the camel which put one head in the tent and asked in a way to wake up the master. But the master never lost sleep. As this life he wanted to dare the cockroach if at that moment it can swallow the guy and the he took an hair at his bottom and put it through the hole. The cockroach fall down the head. But what would have the cockroach who would live if any nuclear bomb would have fallen? Well it was understood by both of them. But someone had to take this responsibility not to change or make mockery of the existing system but change the challenges ahead at least in the way the people of the world would make the world explore with true belief in themselves. And he also will have to live his life out of the strength of the culture he lived in and for the hopes of his parents. In the early morning when this guy got up there was no thought other than stare straight and the spirit of two dogs was really chased and it wasnt human. He dared to challenge the destiny and the guy was for a moment shaken. In that evening star movies showed the Narnia film. So the guy had to understand that the devil had entered the chandhini chauk where sheshnag mani was the choice. The devil knew the smile, colour, body, kids, generousity, sound, smell, taste, senses and weak skeleton of life was his weakness where being director of his movie he should not be shaken. Once Jesus granted even the left criminal real mercy when he even did not speak. One was left wandered in the maya of the earth. And what is this narnia and maya have never found. It is a plain sheet of white paper in an infinite dimension pyramid we are granted life on earth to live abundantly what we write on it with out truth of heart in the blood, flesh and wine of Our Jesus Christ and the holy Catholic Doctrine. Why catholic doctrine alone? From Roman Catholic Church laid the foundation. Narnia understood that this is the guy we need to safeguard under all interest. But what was the choice? The animals cant be turned against its nature and he cannot be Krishna and Mohammed. Why? This guy cant be shaken in his commitment and endurance in making the life best for the better place always over his head. One previous day this guy attended the global village conference by non-residential made in his unique land and he noticed that there were lot of heads of the state who would not let down making the benefits at the cost of those people who have toiled their whole life out of their homeland for the comfort of life. Why? It is to be understood. So the almighty in Greece who had one good and one bad life had to send one of his possession for him. There was the most beautiful angel Gabriel who was almighty's most adorable angel as she had the right to change any destiny in hell and/or heaven. In that examination this guy had the confidence so he just remembered Ave Maria and saw one beautiful figure on knees. Both of them understood who were them actually. But he had only two choices either to kill the angel Gabriel with the weapon she made the choice and the only this guy made the choice to put down the fire is having the courage to be always with her by accepting this angel with respect. In our culture to accept a lady throughout this life in faith would be to put the red powder in her mang. But why and how can it be true? She is trillions of years old and she is a fairy. But cant we know that any angel will shed her life if you believe and this guy unintentionally never wanted like this. He only wanted to save the angels existence and to tell he be happy where ever you are. Why is this guy like this and behaving this way? Not because he was loved as the best children at home and everywhere but today he loved to live at least his life straight from now. Let me explain. One earlier day when this guy was in the railway station he saw a policeman talking looking at the eyes of the small child when the mom asked him my criminal son is back home. The police man told hey you son is new but his behaviour hasnt changed. On that day he called up his father and asked his where you are. He told that he is waiting near his home. This guy asked himself will his father be with him throughout his life and if there is a genetic problem with brain the hemisphere has to be activated. Let us talk not what cant be right or judgemental but can be talk about why this guy wanted to resolve the bipolar disorder he always wanted to never accompany his generation all along the earth. He went through mahabharatha. There was 100 trillion people with dhuriyodan and ghandari wanted to open her eyes. Today none of us are pandavas and that was only an epic. No teacher and life of a mothers gift gave the ultimate living sacrifice ever on earth like our living God, Lord Jesus Christ, the son of man born and gifted on earth to give this guy this daily life. But this guy is an indian who loved all epics set in India and to him more than the motherland more he stand for is his national flag. What is his request to those whom who read these:"Whatever you practice up to you. But always remember that for a life form to exist there is lot of pain taken by a mother and papa(parents are precious always) so all along their hearts content. Let they may never be your part of life. You are here because of the blessings of all the past forefathers who are praying in heaven or where ever they are. Let us not harm anyone alike like you." NOTICE: The legal restriction of this article is virtually significant as this is only a fantasy with no unrealistic motives nor realistic significance. It is not intended to harm communism or create communal rivalry. We are all global citizen to spend some time of our daily time on line when we like to learn more. let us change the challenges we always endured for. Cant we!!!:)


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