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Thy Code De Chivarly (lgbt edition)

Novel By: Artemis Lykaios Nightshade
Historical fiction

Garret and Paul had wealth, title, and good swordsmanship. Christian was a magician with horses of all kinds and was an expert with a bow and arrow. Terence? He had none but a mystery on his side. View table of contents...


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Terence was Lord Raoul and Lady Catherine's son's servant. Terence has served Master Garret ever since he was a lad of eight.

His mother died a few months after giving birth to him and his father was once lost at sea now presumed dead by many. Terence's only friend out of the whole mansion was Christian. He was orphaned like him.

His mother died right after giving birth to him and his father died a hero's death. His father was one of the King's best archers so Christian has a sharp eye which helps around the stables in which he works in.

But even Christian knew his mother because of his father and the King. They were friends, close friends.

Paul was Duke Gerald and Duchess Ainsley Ashcroft's son. A long family friend of Lord and Lady Evergreen. Paul and Garret have been friends since the beginning of their time, always getting Terence and Christian in trouble.


Helping Christian load up the last batch of hay, Garret and Paul Ashcroft, a family friend bellowed out to Terence.

"His highness awaits for you again Terence." Christian said in a reluctant tone as he pet one of the beast's mane. The white one was Lord Raoul's but even this beast has his fair share of disliking the Lord.

Sighing heavily, Terence quickly finished up with his last horse and quickly ran towards the small castle. He ran into Lady Catharine, wife of Lord Raoul, mother of Garret.

"What is it boy?" She asked her tone cold as an icy winter's night.

Terence quickly bowed and told her Master Garret and Master Paul summoned him. Lady Catharine nodded and told him to be on his way quickly.

Once Terence got to Master Garret's door, he caught his breathe and dressed his hair a bit. When was about to knock, the door flew open and the two roughly pulled Terence into the room and locked the door.


"Would you say he was slow today my friend?" Paul asked with a smirk, his arms crossed over his broad chest.

His friend nodded in agreement. "He was indeed my dear friend. He was indeed. Oh whatever shall we do to him? Look, he's getting fatter." Garret stated with a mock horror as he hit the back of Terence's back hard with a wooden sword.

The two laugh as Terence fell onto the ground and groaned in pain. Terence tried to get up but Garret kicked him back to the ground.

The laughter and abuse continued until Lord Raoul called out for the boys plus Terence.

They all ran out, Paul and Garret roughly pushing Terence to the side so they were first. Once they were all outside, they stopped and looked up, two knights from the castle right in front of them, real and in plain view.


Terence went over and stood by Christian's side who had a nasty bruise from the stable's master who had been a father to him even though he had a temper.

"Who are you people?" Christian asked meekly, hoping he didn't anger them.

One of the knights looked at him, there was three total and seemed that he was the leader of the small group.

"I am Sir Lucas, and these are my companions Sir Kayden and Laird Ewan of Edinburg Scotland." Sir Lucas said gesturing to each of his companions.

Sir Lucas and Sir Kayden were two of the King's most trusted knights while Laird Ewan was the laird of his own land and of course childhood friend of the King.

"What brings you here into our humble place and may we invite you in for some wine?" Lady Catharine asked with a small curtsey.

Laird Ewan got off his horse and stared at the Lady. He had a hard glance that would bring a mighty army down on their knees.

"Nay my lady. We are here to invite these young lads to the castle. The King demands every young lads to join him within the castle to be trained as knights, archers, and other things." Laird Ewan said with a strong Scottish accent.


Everyone looked up at the Laid in both terror and dumbstruck. Terence was the first to notice Ewan saying "all lads" which meant he and Christian can go as well.

"You say "all lads". So does that mean Terence and I may go along with ye?" Christian said in a Scots accent. Everyone turned to the stable boy taken aback.

Ewan nodded with a broad smile, "aye lad.'Tis seems to me ye has that bit of Scots in ye".

Christian bowed with a small smile, "aye, me father was a Scot and me mum was English as was told by my father and the King".

Sir Lucas got off of his beast and strolled towards the stable boy, "indeed, I do remember you now. You have the same eye color as your father. Quite the archer."

Sir Kayden turned to Garret and Paul, getting off of his horse as well.

"And you two must be Paul and Garret. Heard much about you, Paul, you're the Duke and Duchess's son and Garret, you are the master of this abode but who is the other boy? I never seen nor heard of him."

All eyes from the two knights and Laird turned to Terence.


Terence lost his voice for a moment when Sir Kayden asked who he was.

"Sir, my name is Terence; my last name is very much unknown. Never knew my mum or dad. My mum died few months after birth and my dad was once lost at sea now presumed dead." Terence said, his voice shaking a little.

He was nervous and was trying not to show it visibly but with two broad knights, a Laird of Edinburg Scotland and his Lord and Lady, he was downright nervous.

Sir Lucas nodded, his impression grim, "well, I am very sorry to hear that my boy. Now Lord Raoul, like we all said before, we would like to take these boys up to the castle and learn their place in the future," He then looked at the two serving boys. "And we mean all, servants included."

This greatly surprised Lord and Lady Evergreen as well as their son and his friend.

Lord Raoul tried to protest but Sir Kayden raised his hands, "it was in fact, by order of the King himself, would you dare defy his majesty?"

Lady Catharine did a quick curtsey, stating they dare not to defy his great lordship. She commanded the four boys to grab whatever things they need necessary for the trip towards the castle.


"Ye cannot believe we're getting out of this hell hole!" Christian exclaimed, no longer afraid of expressing his Scottish accent.

Terence couldn't help but chuckle, Christian even washed his mud hair well to reveal a dark red hair, a bit darker than the Laird but still red.

After the two were down packing, they went to Master Garret's room to get his belongings and head outside to join in with the others.

Paul was there with his mom and dad with his belongings. Garret ran up to him in a great bear hug until Paul stated he needed a breathe of air.

"I trust you have everything you need?" Sir Lucas said as al four boys nodded. "Good, Christian, you and Laird ride together, Paul with me, Garret with Kayden. Terence, you'll be riding with a very special person, Prince Thomas of the castle."


As if on cue, Prince Thomas, eldest son of the King and Queen strolled up on his beast towards Terence but not too close so the beast wouldn't harm the boy.

He mounted his horse and jumped down with grace. He walked towards the load and kissed Lady Catharine and Duchess Ashcroft's hand and bowed at their husbands.

He turned to Terence who was the only one not one a horse.

"You must be Terence, the mysterious boy," Prince Thomas said as he took the boy's hand and led them to his horse. "Hold on tight to me alright."

As soon as all the people who mounted on their horse, they all said their good-byes and galloped away on their long journey towards the kingdom ahead.


They rested in the forest, not a day long to the castle. Christian, who rode with Ewan, went hunting. They returned with a good game.

"Ye should have seen this lad!'Tis the best archer I've ever seen. A fine bull's-eye indeed." Ewan exclaimed as he and Christian demonstrated what they did a little further away in the forest.

Garret and Paul had titles and good swordsmanship, Christian had Scot's blood and archery, Terence...he had none but a mystery on his side.

"Well I don't know about the lot of you, but I am going to wash up," Sir Kayden said as he got up from his spot. But before he could make it to the waters, an arrow went flying and landed right in front of him. "We're under attack!"

Prince Thomas, Laird Ewan, Sir Lucas, and Sir Kayden drew their swords as Christian readied his bow and arrow.

They waited for the next attack in silence. A knife went flying but no one knew, the knife came directly towards Paul.

Using quick instincts, Terence pushed Paul who collided with Garret and the two fell onto the hard dirt wrinkling their clothes.

As the two complained, Terence fell on his knees. The commanding voice of Garret was dying down as the world began to spin and blacken in Terence's eyes.

Before he knew it, shouts were flying as if in a distant and the mysterious boy collapsed.


"Is he alright?" Terence heard Christian said. He wanted to answer to his friend but his eyelids felt heavy as well as his body.

"The knife's plunged deep within his back. Poor boy. We must ride fast but must keep on our guard. Our attackers might attack any time of the day." Sir Lucas said, picking up Terence and gently handing him to the Prince.

They all rode hard and fast towards the castle walls were a small village was along with the castle and keep itself.

"Summon the healer now!" Prince Thomas commanded in a booming voice. The little girl curtsied quickly and dashed off to find a nearby healer.

The Queen and her daughter, Zoe, showed up as her son, Zoe's elder brother rode up to them. He got off his horse and carried Terence.

"My lord above. What happened to the poor boy?" The Queen asked, her tone concerned and worried for Terence.

"Some 'tackers attacked us milady mother. We are in need of a healer stat. One girl has rushed to find a healer but I'm 'fraid he is dying most too quickly from all the blood lost." Prince Thomas said as they rushed a dying Terence towards his bedroom.

The healer finally arrived and shooed everyone while she did her work.

The Queen was the first to notice the look Ewan had when the healer came. It was not like any other, she wondered if the healer has captured the Laird's heart.


Terence woke up with a massive headache. He touched and rubbed his temples as if a great headache formed which it did. The rest of his body ached from the long journey and encounter but none was worse than the headache.

"Wh-where am I?" He asked weary, the King chuckled. The King.

"You are in my son's chamber, Prince Thomas but you have yet to meet my daughter, other son, and the rest of the people." The King said with a smile.

Terence was about to get up and address to the King with respect but he pushed him back down on the soft bed gently. The feeling of a soft bed was nothing of his bed back at his master's home. Hard, cold, and with all sorts of insects.

He had seemed to be drifting off to a peaceful and comfortable rest for the king chuckled and spoke as he made his way to the door.

"Rest, you've had a hard day coming here and nearly died. Once you have been well rested, my servant will dress you and take you down to the dining hall son we may all have supper." The King said with a smile as he got up and left Terence alone to rest.


When Terence felt he has had enough rest, he got himself up, stretched his muscles out and got himself dressed in the best outfit he could find and were his size before heading out.

Just before he made it to the last flight of stairs, the other prince saw him. His eyes glued on how magnificent the new squire was. The second prince of the king had seen nothing like him, there was something about him that made his heart jump like the last woman he met.

"Father, who is that?" The prince asked, pointing towards Terence who went to sit by his best and only friend. This caused a bit of jealous among the prince but he cooled himself.

"That my boy is Terence. No one knows if his father is dead or alive," The king replied, looking at Terence noticing the pants he wore were a bit too big for him. He cleared his throat and clapped his hands a couple of times, preparing his meal speech. "It gives me great honor, to welcome Garret, Paul, Christian, and Terence into our humble abode. Soon we will hear from my son, Thomas, about the Code of Chivalry, but now, let us feast until we fall."

As soon as the king sat in his place, the servants came in with plates of food and whine glass containers to pour in their goblets.


"The meal was just terrific your majesty, thank you ever so much." Paul praised, bowing to the king but not before sending a sly smirk to Christian who silently scoffed in secret.

The king bowed his head in return and motioned with his hand for Paul to rise. "I am pleased to have satisfied your appetite. My servants shall show you each of your rooms, you all may wash up then have a tour around the castle grounds."

All four bowed their heads then all separated with a servant along to show them the way to their chambers to ready themselves for the night.

Terence followed the servant to his room and was surprised to see it was decorated with such fine fabric silk. Pure gold and silver with emerald jewels, diamonds and sapphires as well.

"I hope this room will be to your liking master Terence, there is a hot bath awaiting for you at this very moment, I would suggest you take it now while it is still steaming."

Terence thanked the servant with a bow and waited for the other to depart so he can undress himself and bathe while it was still steaming hot.

Climbing in slowly, Terence let the hot water sooth his aches and pains as he slid down further until his body was invisible due to the smoke. He found the soap and began to scrub himself, getting the dirt from under his nails and between his toes.


Prince Phyllis, second son of the king made his way to the dining hall along with his siblings and the rest of the kingdom to hear his older brother speak of the Code to all the newcomers.

His brother had once been the heir to the throne but in moments time after he had fallen for a farmer's girl, he stepped down to let Phyllis himself rise to become heir after their father's pass. In truth he had never imagined himself being an heir after father.

He admired Thomas but also envied. Yes he had women swooning over just like his older brother but what Thomas had what Phyllis didn't was blessings. No matter what he did in his past life and now, it was never good enough; he had never received any blessings from father, the king.

He felt ashamed and took his frustration out in hard swordplay. No one except Valmont liked to hard duel with the young prince, it gave them both great satisfaction, pleasure, and release.

Prince Phyllis stopped in his tracks when he heard the sound of the water being drained. He stepped aside to take a peek at who was at the other side. He opened the door slightly and silently to peek, what he saw, he believed was sent from God himself.


Terence had just finished drying himself when he thought he had heard a gasp. He shrugged and continued to dress himself. When he finished with the pants he went for the shirt, he slipped it on and looked at it as if something was wrong. He was right.

While wondering about the shirt, he heard a chuckle then footsteps approaching towards him. He looked up at the mirror and saw a young man with royal clothing and dirt blonde hair. He walked high and with posture, never slouched, never below.

"You've got it on backwards boy. Here, let me help you place it on properly." Prince Phyllis said taking the shirt off from Terence and turned it around to place it back on and tied the laces. The prince finished helping Terence dress then together; they escorted each other to the dining hall.

"I thank you my prince for helping a poor soul dress." He said as the prince nodded with a broad smile.


When they have arrived at the dining hall, everyone was seated and waited patiently for them to arrive. They talked amongst themselves as to keep each other company until they presented themselves.

The king rose and clapped his hands a couple of times as a way of silencing the people. All turned their attention to the king then to Prince Phyllis and Terence.

"My son has arrived and so has the newcomer to the kingdom. Please, take your seats and we shall begin the feast. My son, Thomas, shall present the Code of Chivalry before he fulfills our famished stomachs." The king said as Thomas rose from his seat to take the center.

Thomas stood tall as any prince but his poster was of both royalty and a famer's. He had grown to love the farm-life as his wife had grown to love a royal's life; both had managed to work things together. A castle was built on her father's land and flowers forever bloomed her mother's grave. It was perfect for the two.

"I will now present the Code in which will be and shall be in first and foremost forever in our minds and hearts as well as the souls of each and every one of us. Let us began," Thomas said as his wife gave him a scroll tied together with a golden string. The eldest prince untied the string and unscrolled the scroll. "To fear God and maintain his church. To serve in the liege of the Lord in valour and faith. To protect the weak and defenseless. To give succour to widows and orphans. To refrain from the wanton giving of offence. To live by honour and for glory. To dispise precuniary reward. To fight for the welfare of all. To obey those placed in authority. To guard the honour of fellow knights. To eschew unfairness, meanness, and deceit. To keep faith at all times and speak truth. To persevere to the end in any enterprise begun. To respect honour of women. Never to refuse challenge of an equal. Never turn your back on a foe."

Everyone wait patiently until the eldest prince had seated himself next to his wife to applauded for the Code given upon them. The king rose from his seat yet again to announce the beginning of the feast.


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