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The Time Travel Triplets: The grands conquarants

Novel By: Bernadette Frances
Historical fiction

Three Orphan Triplets all have inhertied a gift from their mother - to travel back in time through their sleep.
But these sisters are on a mission. Together; Alice, Olivia and Emma have to find different objects in order to unlock pieces of long lost history that not any historian knows anything about. View table of contents...


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The Curse of a Marriage, A Curse of Inheritance

I never understood how my sister experienced this unexpected situation on her wedding day, let alone how she felt deep down in her heart.

It has been a decade since she left this earth with her husband, not long after he perished but it has been something that was haunting me for many years; not long before the girls.

It all started with the wedding ceremony at Grovehill Church of Resurrection in Henry Wells Square in the year of 1999 when watched by many of our friends and family, the bride and my sister; Sara Newman walked down the aisle. I was the Maid of Honour, our little cousin Mary Ann as our thirteen year old bridesmaid, her brother Ian as our seven year old Paige boy. My father, Reginald gave her away to the love of her life - Eddie McQueen.

Eddie was a handsome man of six foot two, tall and limb with lush dark black brown hair, deep sea green eyes and beautifully perceived white skin. He also dresses smartly, especially on family associations like weddings, as he is a rich wealthy man who is keen to impress everyone such as ladies like Sara and myself. He is also a man who is excellent with children.

I have always told myself that he'll be a man of good use and of good use he was I have seen over the years.

Sara is a very beautiful young lady. As she is older than I with two years between us am, she had a very kind heart and always helped others as we helped her. She was an impressive woman at only five foot four inches tall, with snow-white skin, crystal blue eyes, bashful cherry checks and has an impressive waist figure - a bit like Beyonce's.

The dress she wore was beautiful. It had a very long trail, but not as long as Princess Diana's and it had very beautiful Victorian lace all over the edges. To add the colour of cream with the dress, Sara put small artificial cream flowers in her hair as a friend of hers who was a hairdresser designed it a very posh updo long mid length style. Her silky dark red hair was curled, wild and free but the top at the back (on the top of her head) was tied up into a flat ball and then was decorated with the flowers and a small silver tiara.

I was sure this was going to be a day to remember. However even though it was a day to remember, fate took its turn during the service that spooked out the guests and the couple themselves.

As the a female priest read out the introduction bit, she asked the guests, "If there isn't any reason for why these two shouldn't be married, speak now or forever hold your peace".

Silence echoed around the room.

"If there is a reason for why you two shouldn't marry, speak now", the priest said quietly.

Silence echoed around the room again…

"I object!" Or so I thought.

In the entranceway, a woman in her forties entered the church and looked straight towards the couple. She wore a black dress and wore black make-up. I could tell that she was a gothic.

"These two can not marry".

"And do you have a reason why, Mrs?"

"Deborah Maddison. I'm soon to marry a Lento Servant and I known for a fact that she and my future husband where companions when they worked at a nearby club".

She then pointed a finger at Sara. "That girl is very special to my Lento".

"Why is that?" Eddie asked her. "Is she is mistress?"

"No, silly. She's his experiment".

"Experiment?" questioned Sara, "But I do not even know him".

"Of course, my dear but you are the key to his success".

Deborah then walked around the altar. "You see when Sara Newman was born many years ago, she was just an ordinary girl. Then one night in her sleep, Lento cast a spell over her that makes her travel back through time in her sleep".

"What?" cried both Sara and an elderly lady in confusion.

"I can assure you, Ma'am that my daughter is a normal and a wonderful woman who has a normal life", the lady continued. "You are quite mistaken".

"No", Deborah replied, "I am not mistaken, Mrs Sara's mama… whoever you are. I know very well from a fact that your daughter has an unusual gift that will be inherited to you're grand children someday."

"And um, will it work?" asked Eddie, who was very confused and distressed by all of this.

"It will never work on her but it will on her offspring; just like I said and they will complete certain tasks. I can assure you, sir", as she then turned to Eddie after facing my Mum, "you may clam to love this woman but be warned. If you marry her, then your offspring will be cursed with this gift for all eternity. Don't marry her. You are better off on your own as a single man".

And with that, a chill burst into the church and autumn leaves blew inside. We all closed our eyes to protect ourselves from dust. After the wind died down, we opened our eyes but Deborah was gone - gone for all eternity.

The guests mumbled to one another. They were confused and considered.

"Maybe you shouldn't marry Sara, my son", said an elderly man who was Eddie's father. "That woman did give us the creeps".

"No, father", Eddie said strongly. "No curse will stop me from marrying Sara. I will marry her, as we arranged and to think this curse could hold us back. Ridiculous".

Sara and Eddie continued the wedding and were now literally man and wife. In law and through the eyes of God, they would be together until death did they part.


Within a few months of their marriage, Sara went on pilgrimage to Walsingham as we Newman's call it when a woman is expecting a baby in the family. A smile hides secrets and sighs send a message of a token of astonishing love.

Then on their first wedding anniversary, three beautiful triplets were born at Watford General Hospital. All of the triplets were beautiful, healthy girls.

I was very first person to see them after the delivery and my eyes twinkled when I gazed at them.

"Congratulations Izzy", Sara said delightfully, "Your now an Aunt of three".

I witnessed three remarkable babies. One had beautiful red hair, one had silky blonde hair and one had light black hair, just like her mum. They all had beautiful snow-white skin and light green eyes, expect for one whose eyes were dark brown.

"Have you named them yet, Sara?" I asked my sister.

"No, but Eddie has named one".

She then climbed slowly out of her hospital bed and held one who had the dark red hair.

"Her name is Olivia."

"Olivia, a very pretty name for a very remarkable young lady".

We both then turned our attention to the baby with blonde hair. Sara then gave her a little light smile.

"An angel, she is. I'm going to name her Emma."

"Again, good choice of name".

Suddenly, Eddie arrived and brought us coffee from the vending machine, a few doors down. He laughed a little when he saw me. "What do you think of them, Izzy?"

"Very beautiful creatures", I replied as I was sort of blushing.

Then, I paused as I saw the last triplet. She looked like a very bright and elegant young lady. I smiled upon her beautiful face - those dark brown eyes, her lush white skin and well-formed mouth.

"I think you should call this one Alice", I said suddenly.

"Why, Izzy?" they both asked me, looking surprised and shocked.

"Well, Alice is my favourite girls' name and it is also my middle name."

So, that's the name for Alice came about and I am still proud to call her this name today.

But things that were so happy for the McQueen family weren't going to last forever.

On the night of June 23rd, a tragic murder was about to occur.

At the time, I was getting ready for bed as normal after having a nice warm bubbly bath.

I was reading a fantastic novel about wild animals when suddenly I received a telephone call. I picked up the call and asked that the caller was calling the Newman's residence.

I then heard heavy breathing on the phone. The breathing was very deep and aggressive, almost unusual to me.

"Who's this?" I asked, in a high-pitched squeaky voice.

I was very scared at first and then I heard that deep voice. "Your life will be at stake. Save the children, save their souls."

Then, I heard a woman screaming before the voice hung up on me; I knew then that something was very wrong. I quickly got out of bed and put on my dressing gown before making my way to the car and drove to my sister's house in Hatfield Road, St. Albans.

When I arrived, I already found the police by the door. I quickly got out of the car and then asked an officer what was going on. He placed his hands on my shoulders and looked at me straight in the eyes, like a Golden Eagle hunting for its prey.

"I'm sorry, miss. I can not let you into this house."

"But, sir you don't understand", I begged. "I'm the sister of Mrs McQueen and an Aunt to her three daughters."

"I've told you before, miss and I won't stay it again."

A chill creep down my spine and pain clanged into my heart. I knew that the situation I was in as well as the girls weren't very right at all. Why wouldn't he let me in and what on earth was going on? This question wasn't just spinning around in my mind but it was also twirling around in my stomach and in legs. Then, I heard his words that shocked me; "There has been a double murder."

Once I heard this terrible news, I knelt to the ground as pain rushed through my heart and veins all over my body. It was like a thousand knives stabbing all over. I then burst into tears and crouched down onto the pavement. The wind howled through the atmosphere of the street and I didn't feel anything. I wasn't feeling cold either. I couldn't remember how long I was crying for but by the time I couldn't cry for much longer, I fell asleep, feeling tiredness as well as rain in my eyes. It wasn't like rain pouring down the heavens as it was mourning for the loss of my only sister, brother-in-law and closet friends.

I kept them in mind throughout my sleep, dreaming of happy memories from we played hide and seek in the playground to the day of the wedding. Nothing would ever be the same again for the families of the McQueen's and the Newman's. I could see now the feelings of those who there loved ones so dearly and close to our hearts as well as our heads. I will certainly be effected by this tragically instant and will do so for all eternity. After all, Sara and I were more than just close friends were; we used to get along very well, despite that sister's wouldn't get along as friends rather than actual sisters.

When I woke up by dawn the next morning, I the first thing I saw was another police officer, who was holding the babies; Emma and Olivia while the same police officer I saw when I arrived the pervious night. He was holding Alice. I thanked them for their kind regards and for looking after my nieces before I was able to hold Alice and Olivia while Emma was still been held by the officer whom she came out with. She then sighed happily, as she felt warmth and a glow inside her heart as her eyes gazed upon little Emma.

"They are so beautiful, aren't they?" she said, as she couldn't help but resisting in starting the conversation.

"They are, indeed", I replied softly.

"It's a shame to lose their parents in a tragic way".

"But why would someone do such a thing?" I asked her.

"I don't know but that's why we are carrying out the investigation, Miss Newman". She said calmly, as if she was trying to so hard not to cry. "Do you know what happened last night?"

That was a question I didn't want to answer, but I knew I had to that the police had to sort out the murder.

So, I explained to her what happened as we got into one of the police cars with the babies. The interview at least took about an hour but during some of the minutes, poor little Alice was crying for attention. We both didn't know what she wanted but then by that time, another police officer kindly gave me a bottle of warm milk for Alice and that did the trick.

She drank it so fast, I could tell that she was really thirsty and so did our woman officer.

"This one could be a wine taster when she's older"; she said before we both ended up laughing.

After the interview, we both then became the best of friends. Her name was Anita - a wonderful girl who has light brown skin, dark black hair, baby blue eyes and bright pink lips. Come to terms with meeting girls within my years who are my friends, Anita (in my opinion) is like a modern black version of Marilyn Monroe, expect she had short straight hair instead of short curly hair.

Following the investigation, Anita kindly helped me out during the process of finding my sister's killer. She gave tons of me information about what could have happened during the murder and who were suspects during that time such what clues have been left behind and the forensic evidence, which could of lead to any of the High Courts anywhere in the UK.

In the end, the investigation wasn't solved because there wasn't enough evidence to bring that suspect (who I can't name for illegal reasons) to justice.

However even though it mattered to my sister and brother-in-law, it didn't really matter to my nieces. All they got is a guardian to be looked after and each other and nothing was going to take that away - not even their little broken hearts that they are hiding as I can tell they're still mourning over their parents death when I read to them at night before bedtime. I loved the girls and I loved spending time with them, although I am too young to be their mother. I haven't yet just turned twenty-four but these years from the past and present will go by quickly into the future, or so I had experienced in recent days, weeks and months of the girls lives. Ah, yes; it's one of those days that children will grow rapidly and then they will fly the nest before you even know it…




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