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My Young Master

Novel By: Ciel1847
Historical fiction

Kane Knox is a 20 year old butler in love with his 13 year old master Royal Blackburn who is cold towards everyone after his parents death View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 3, 2011    Reads: 358    Comments: 3    Likes: 4   


Oxfordshire, England

I first laid eyes on my master May 9, 1834 when I was seven years old. My father was the beloved butlerfor the Blackburns so it only seemed appropriate that he be there when the young master was born. I was an only child and I was excited to meet him.

I was waiting outside the Madame's birthing room when my father came out and signaled me to come in. Now that the moment had come I was afraid. Father noticed my hesitation and clasped my hand and led me inside. The room was bright with sunlight and void of furniture except for the bed that Madame was sitting up in holding a small bundle.

"Come here, Kane. Don't you want to see Royal," she exclaimed in a teasing voice. The Madame was a very kind women, she treated me like her own child since my mother passed when I was two. I approached the bed cautiously and peeked into the blanket. Inside was a beautiful baby with ocean blue eyes, hay blonde hair, and two rosy cheeks. He looked up at me and gurgled. I took it as a good thing since the adults "ahhed" in response.

"Alright Kane, let Risa rest," Mr. Blackburn said ushering me out of the room. Father come out with me and shut the door.

"Wasn't he a beautiful baby, Kane," father asked with a sweet smile.

"Yes he was," I agreed.

"Well, there's still work to do. Kane go play in your room and please don't bother the Madame for now," he ordered me.

Without arguing I climbed the stairs to my room and sat on the floor by my blocks. It was at that moment that I decided that I would serve by the young master's side for the rest of my life.

Chapter 1

Oxfordshire, England

13 years later

Since the master's birth over a decade ago, many tragic events have occurred. The first event was my father's passing after being trampled by a rampant horse. I was fifteen at the time and took the news terribly. Father and I were very close and when the news reached my ears it felt as though someone had punctured my heart. Mr. Blackburn and Madame were also crushed by the tragedy; they insisted that I stay in the mansion until I was eighteen. But I refused saying that I would only stay if I could become the new butler. They were hesitant at first to hire someone so young but they knew I was more than capable. What they didn't know was the main reason for my staying was to fulfill my promise of staying by Master Royal's side forever. By that time Master Royal was a happy, healthy eight year old who loved being outside, his parents, and even me. I was by Master Royal throughout his child hood; eventually he came to love me as an older brother. I thought my feelings for him were simply brotherly love, but as I grew older I realized they were much deeper and sinister. I started having dreams and fantasies of the master too graphic to describe. I feel disgusted every time I think about it.

Then, just last year the master's parents were killed when a fire destroyed part of the mansion. After that the master was never the same. He turned from a loving boy into a cold duke. The once cheerful mansion bustling with life was now empty except for my master, me, the cook, maid, and gardener. I still love my master but I'm afraid his change in personality does not allow him to love me anymore, which breaks my heart. But my desire for Master Royal's happiness overpowers my judgment and I let him treat me like a doormat;my fate for eternity.


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