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John, a captain of the Spanish army has been a hero ever since the battle of Liverpool; but when everybodies crops have been dying, and Spain has been taking in no money from crop sales. the King has come to the concensus that the problem is Witches, and sends John on a quest to the new world to quell the threat of these Black magic practicers. but on the other side of the world lies a deadly political conflict between Spain and the Vatican. one that could decide the fate of the new pope. among these dire times filled with death, conspiracy, and political intrigue; it seems that the whole land of Europe is lost. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1- Before the Hunt

"A man or a woman who is a medium or a necromancer shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones; their blood shall be upon them." - Leviticus 20:27

Spain, the jewel of Europe had expanded its empire upon many miles. The Catholic Church was at the pinnacle of its power, the Pope of 1690, Alexander VIII was head Europe. The Kings and Queens would notify the Pope before they did anything. This put the Pope in a great position of power.

There was the King of Spain, who was not loved among the people, his continuing ability to tax the people to no end infuriated the people, and many left Spain for other countries, many left to Poland, and Denmark.

John Espejo, (Es-pe-ho) was a captain in the Spanish empire, he was loyal to the king, and was loved by the people, ever since the battle of the Liverpool against England; he had been known as a war hero among the people, saving the life of the general, Fernando Hernandez; from the forces of the British.

He had a chiseled jaw, long dark hair, tanned skin of a pure Spaniard. His eyes were brown, and resembled not only hatred, but also sorrow; his heart had been scarred by the years of war and death.

The streets of Barcelona were lined with people, but even though the city was so beautiful, the streets were also filled with waste and rats scurried along the corners of streets. The people were depressed as John wandered the roads, headed to the castle dorms.

The castle was made by the most excellent craftsman's in Spain; John opened the two large wooden doors of the castle.

The citadel was made of stone, the floors of polished marble, and the throne of the king of Spain made of pure gold, a red carpeted cloth rested on the wooden planks of the inside of the castle, and in the middle of the citadel. Stood a large statue of St. Peter, apostle of Jesus. The statue was made of pure sterling silver. And it seemed to shine from the candles of the court.

The king of Spain sat in his throne, and to his right, in a smaller throne of gold sat the Queen, fair in face and wise she was. And it was clear to most that held a position in court, that the Queen held the true power over the kingdom, and the king was just her puppet.

John was approached by a castle guard, clad in steel armor, his face covered by a triangular shaped helm; he carried a spear in his right hand.

"Captain John sir, the King has been waiting." The guard said,

The guard led John to the court, it was large, and two huge dining tables were on each side of the room, major Political figures dined in the court. And the King and Queen conversed as John made his way through to the throne.

John knelt on one knee, "My Lord, you have requested me?"

The king, who was clad in blue royal robes and bore a Crown of diamond and emerald jewels, and had gray hair, even though he was young, answered John's question.

"I have John; I suppose your day has been going well?"

"As well as I can make it my Lord, My families crops have all died; we have made no profit for this season, I am afraid I am the only one bringing on money." John answered.

"And you are bringing money for good reason, John. The finest archer I have ever laid my eyes upon. But that is not why I have summoned you here." The King Began.

"You are not alone in your crop situation; it seems that the whole country has seen their crops fail to survive this season."

"Why?" John asked, "Is the Lord displeased with our efforts to spread his word? If so then I would advise to send missionaries to the new world right away!"

"I do not think it is God who causes these terrible times," The Queen said, clad in the same robes as the king, and bore a crown of sapphire. "We have communicated with some of the soldiers at St. Augustine, and have come to the consensus that it is not God, but Witches."

John turned to the Queen, his face held a surprised look upon his face, "Witches? Have the British withheld from their religious beliefs? Have they failed to follow the word of God, which strictly states to kill all followers of Witchcraft?"

"No," The King said, "They have dealt with the Witches in most of the Colonies, but we ourselves have not dealt with the Witch threat in our own territory, we have not dealt with Florida yet."

"Florida?" John began, "Could perhaps the natives be harboring Witches?"

The King rose from his throne, his robes dragging along the floor, he made his way towards the fire in the middle of the court, he stared into the fire for a few minutes, John followed; and began to wonder what was on the Kings mind. "I do not think so…" the King began, "But there is also the chance that they are, and 'if' they are, then we will have no choice but to deal with them."

The King turned to John, "I do not wish for another mass genocide in the new world, but of it is necessary, we must."

John spoke up, saying what was on his mind, "My Lord, why have you summoned me?"

"Because," the King began, "I want you to go to the new world."

John trembled by the words that had come from his King, the new world was e very dangerous place; tales of beast in the night, and strange creatures that were not from Europe.

"If that is your bidding," John had trouble saying, "Then I will do what I must."

The King put his hand on John's shoulder, "I have readied several ships in the harbor, you will not be alone, I have sent some of the finest soldiers in the Spanish empire."

Later that day, John had made his way to the Church of Barcelona, the largest Cathedral in Spain.

John knelt to the large statue of Jesus on the cross; John had in his hand his Bible, the Holy word of the Lord in his hands. John opened his Bible, reading from its Holy word.

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13.

"Lord, I am going to the new world soon, I do not know what I will encounter; but I come here to ask for your guidance, for the scripture says that if I wear the armor of God, I will be protected by the Devil.

"Jesus, protect me, and provide me with safety against Satan, and give me the will to strike down thy enemy."


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