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The journey of Asteria

Novel By: Gitee
Historical fiction

It's a story about a woman , a powerful one , a woman who will fight gods for the sake of her sister and she will end by fighting for herself , for her life , for her love ,for the glory ... A story about a titan named Asteria , it's about a journey from peace to war ...

.§. Some characters in the story are taken from greek mythes . View table of contents...


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Chapter VII

As Hephaestus left the chamber of Hestia, Aphrodite left as well to her beautiful silver chamber.

She closed the door quickly behind her, a smile has been drawn on her pretty face, she faced her large clear mirror and said with a soft high voice "Kathréptis, Show me Ares"

Ares received Aphrodite's appeal and has shown himself to her in the mirror as she did as well.

"I've missed you so much" Ares said, his blonde mi-long hair covered his forehead.

"My Ares, you can't imagine my sadness while I'm away from you" responded Aphrodite

"We will be together, I'll be back from Sparta soon" he said as he smiled

"No" she said looking very sad "I don't want Hera to know, I can come to Sparta"

"Will you my dear?" he questioned

"Yes dearest I will" she smiled happily as she saw his picture fainting.

Aphrodite was extremely sad, as she thought of Hera, as she thought of what she can do, she knew that Hera would separate them, but she had hope, a lot of hope that made her strong.

In the chamber of thrones, the conversation between Zeus and Hera became violent. The two of them were confessing facts to each other with an evil way.

"Yes I don't love you or care about you Zeus" Hera said as she walked away to the door

"Don't you my dear, open that door and you shall be send to Tartarus" Zeus shouted

"I knew it…you just want me to be thrown there" Hera said

"You wanted to kill me" he said as he got close to her

"At least I didn't want to send you 'a-l-i-v-e 'to Tartarus"

He laughed mockingly "Oh! You are so kind and generous Hera"

"I am Zeus, I am" she shouted

Zeus got more close to her and said as he touched her soft white skin "You are"

"You won't have me that way again" she said before a tear fell from her left eye.

"I've been the fool for too long" she said

"Why?" Zeus asked with a low voice

"Because you have compared me with hundreds of women, you have killed me slowly hundreds of times" she responded

"I love only you" he said

"I do too, and this is my only misfortune" she said as another tear fell of her right eye.

"Your misfortune?" he asked sadly

"I could have left you ages before, be free of your marriage chains, rule the world myself and kill you with my own hands, I could have complained to Hades, He would take your soul with a smile drawn on his face but I just can't" Hera said as she moved from her spot to her throne.

"Or because you wanted Ares to sit on that throne" he said smiling

Hera's face became red of fury, she looked at him angrily, she smiled, and said "Whatever you said, it just doesn't change the fact that you are a traitor"

He laughed mockingly and said "It doesn't change also the fact that you are jealous"

"I am, I'm jealous and you are a liar" she said as she smiled

"When did I lie to you?" he asked with a smile drawn on his face

"I love only you" she said as she tried to imitate his voice

Zeus headed to the door, he opened it and said before he left "I'm no liar my queen"

The travelers with King Marcus were out of food and water. All of them were exhausted and very hungry.

King Marcus was tired as well but he didn't show that to the others in order to give them courage.

Asteria was behind him close to Arthur, on her white horse, she was very exhausted, her vision became weak because of starvation, and she was going to fall from her horse, so she held the cord on the horse's neck.

She thought to herself Asteria don't, you cannot do that now, you are strong, stick to the cord, don't fall, you have to defend yourself.

Arthur was thinking of his home, of the happiness there, the face of his mother Atlanta and the proud king Agape who will hug him tight , suddenly he heard the sound of someone falling, he turned to see Asteria, he quickly made his horse stop and stood to help her as he yelled "Marcus, Asteria has fell"

Marcus made his horse stop and the travelers as well, Arthur held her, he tried to awake her but she was like a dead body except that she was breathing hardly.

She passed out and she was dreaming, she saw a vision, a white place, she saw there, her sister Leto, she heard her saying "Asteria my dear, I'm alright take care of yourself" suddenly Leto disappeared and Aphrodite showed up and got closer to her "Don't say anything to Hera, I'm begging" after Aphrodite has disappeared, she heard Ares saying "I will kill you all before you reach Sparta"

"Asteria woke up" a voice screamed

She opened her eyes to see Marcus and Arthur and another man with black skin.

"Asteria can you hear me?" Arthur asked "Do you know who I am?"

"Arthur, don't ask me those questions, I'm a little embarrassed" she said as she tried to stand up.

"Don't try to get up, you are very tired, try to rest princess" said the black man

Asteria looked at Arthur who smiled weirdly to her and then she replied "Thank you"

The black man smiled to her as well. Then she added "Could I have the honor to know who you are sir?"

"Prince Ron of the black lands" he said

"Glad to meet you, your highness" she responded

"Without the future king and your husband Prince Arthur you wouldn't make it princess" Prince Ron said smiling

"Thank you Prince Ron" she said as she looked at the room where she was lying. She understood what Arthur's looks meant "If that is possible, could you leave me with my husband for some moments?" she asked with a kind smile

"Take your time princess" said Prince Ron as he left and closed the door behind him

Asteria tried to stand up, but Arthur caught her "you heard him"

"Oh, did you started to care too much for your princess?" she said as she pushed him away

"Look, it was for your own safety" he said

"My own safety? How making me your wife would serve my safety?"

"They won't have you" he said looking a bit sad

"Have me?" she asked

"If you are unmarried, a woman with no protector… they would take you."

"I am married, you know that" she shouted

"Don't yell, I know … those men don't have honor or dignity, they don't care about a woman talking unless if she had a man next to her, we are in the black lands"

"I have one" she said as she looked serious

"Where he is? Where?" Arthur said angrily

"Marcus always gives me hope but you don't" she said as she dropped a tear from her eye.

"I don't even care, it was Marcus's idea anyway" he said

"Oh really? And why didn't he claim to be my husband?" she asked him

"Because they know that the future king of Sparta will marry princess Adara" he said as he got closer to her, which made her anxious, and then he added "we came here just because of you, you were unconscious, and that was our only solution, after we ask them to help you? They asked Marcus in return for female slaves. saying that you are my wife was a key to protect your life… now I just want to reach Sparta and never meet you again" after he said his sentences he headed to the door and left, Asteria still silent all the time with sad expressions drawn on her face trying to understand Arthur's words.


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