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This is a bit of infotmation on the country of Bryton. By the way guess which country in this world it is. View table of contents...



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The Brytons are a once war like nation sitting on the edge of the continent of Europahen. The main island is Brythrion with the island of Irionladrion and many smaller ones. The country is then divided into the countrys of Britishen, Wyeshid, Irionladrion and Calpecotrion. Britishen is the largest country covering the flat lands and hilly lands of southern Brythrion they also have the largest population. Wyeshid occupies the mountainous lands of the west of Britishen and has the smallest population. Irionladrion is the whole island west of Brythrion and is relatively flat with hills in the south and the north; it is also the second most populated island. Finally Calpecotrion occupies the most hospitable mountainous land in the north of Brythrion and many islands; it is also the 3rd biggest population but is the most sparsely populated country.
The Brytons once had the greatest empire the world had ever seen, covering 3 quarters of the world. Bryton is now suffering from political conflict with EU and their democracy and the Bryton religion and war orientated council. The EU is also trying to wipe out the clan and Celtic church. Britishen has been most affect by the EU with many EU councils being created and the displacing of many important and noble families. With this happening ,'natives' as the EU dubs them, have retreated to wilder areas many becoming heavily armed armies that are establishing their own not fully legit met councils. The main cities, Londriuom, Bath. Cythadf,Lyceuidrion, Eideann-buri, have become ridden with poverty crime and unwanted immigrants.

It is becoming more and more obvious that war between the clans and the EU will happen and the UN still doesn't know where the Bryton nukes are. The world status with Bryton is that it is facing a democracy revaluation helped by the EU.


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