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The Second Death of Alexis Macentire

Novel By: InLoveWithADeadend
Historical fiction

Alexis Macentire is a flight attendent on the plane that wrecked in the 9/11. When her life quickly comes to an end, she realizes that she survived, and is continuing to live her life with her loving husband. But as the first anneversary of the 9/11 comes around, she starts to relive the tragic experience in her dreams, and starts to realize that reality is slowly fading. Has she been living a dream for the past year? Is she really dead? Will she choose to relive the experience, or live a lie with her "husband"? View table of contents...



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I knew something was wrong from the beginning. Very wrong. The pilot had left the cockpit and was trying to calm the passengers. He had left our newest co-Pilot in charge. I got a strange feeling about him. He kept to himself, and really didn't talk much. Except for when he was talking into the small black device on his belt. Then he got really quiet and stepped into an empty room. I had noticed him doing it as he stepped into the cockpit. I thought there was something off about him, but I had other things to worry about. Something went wrong with the plane and the oxygen canisters came out of thier compartments. All the flight attendents were just told to calm the passengers, and it got so out of hand, that the Pilot had to step in.

All the sudden the plane came to a hault. Everything shut off. Completely. What is going on? The only thing I could hear was the panicking of the passengers in the distnace. Something was very wrong. I went to inform the Pilot, but he was nowhere to be found. Then before we knew it the plane came back on. That was really strange. But I spoke too soon. Instead of continuing our route, the plane headed in a downward angle, as if we were landing. We were just above New York city, wich was far from our destination. Bad things happen all the time on planes, but I was truly afraid of what was about to happen.

All the sudden I felt the need to call my husband. So I stepped aside and dialed his number, not sure of what I was going to say. But somehow I knew, that whatever was going to happen was going to be a horrible experience. And pissobly me last experience. Something. Someone. Was taking over. And by the looks of it, this person was not trying to help. It felt like hours before Jordan finally picked up.

"Hey, Beautiful. How are you?" Hearing his voice made me tear up.

"I'm wonderful!"

"Did you need something?"

"No. I just wanted to hear your voice. I love you so much." By then I was crying, trying to stay in the moment, and not think about what was going to happen. I could tell he was worried.

"I love you too, Alexis. I always will. Do you remember our wedding day, when your grandmother came in and tried to stop the wedding? She never liked me. But nothing could keep us apart." By then he knew what was happening. The sound of people screaming and crying in the backround was loud enought for him to hear over the phone. H eknew he was never going to see me again. So he didn't want to waste one second being worried or sad. All the sudden the screaming got even louder, as I looked out the window, to what appeared to be the twin towers. I knew it was going to be a head on collision. And just before my phone lost reception, I managed to get out my last three words.

"I love you."

Everything went silent. But I could see it all. And then voices started coming into my head. It was the passengers on the plane. It wasn't their voices, but their thoughts. I could hear their thoughts. Most of them were scared. Some relieved. Some confused. Especially the children. Some of them were praying, or talking to their loved ones that weren't with them. Then the voices went away. I couldn't hear anything. I was watching everything happen, as if I wasnt actually in the plane. The collision. The explosion. People holding onto their friends and family. Even strangers. A strange feeling came over me. A feeling I can't quite explain. But I wasn't scared anymore. I knew it was going to happen so fast. But I felt like there would be somthing. Somone. Waiting for me. I wasn't sure what was going on.

They say when you die, you see a light. And you can choose the light, or Hell. But it seemed like God, or the Devil, or whoever it was that was causing these feelings, had a completely different plan for me.


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