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Johnny is an orphan that ran away from the orphanage he was in. Dying in the streets, Lila, a maid, finds him huddled into a small ball. She brings him to a nice, warm mansion. Unfortunately, Johnny’s life is not perfect. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 6, 2014    Reads: 23    Comments: 5    Likes: 3   

Master William (chapter 12)

FYI: for any confusion, Master is fighting with himself! Enjoy! :)

"Shit! What's wrong with me?" I bang my fist down on the desk. Deciding to get it out of my system I let my eyes soften. "That's the first time I have heard his voice…also the first time he's looked me straight in the eye…"

"Bloody Hell!" I kick my chair over making it slam against the wall. "Damn it! You pervert! Stop thinking of him like that!"

'But,' a little voice defends in his head, 'you liked his eyes from the beginning and now with his cute looks and adorable voice combined, you're at your limit!'

"Crap! Shit! Fuck it all!" Sighing in exhaustion from this burst out, I wearily grab my chair and sit it back up by the desk again. Sitting down, the same tingly feeling from before wraps around me.

"I'm happy?" I ask in surprise. "Oh, what a messed up bastard I am!"

A gentle knock, different from Lila's harsh ones, comes to my notice. "Come in!" I demand, waiting anxiously to see who it is.

The little boy enters with a pitcher of coffee. Mustering up the courage, I stare as coldly as I can at the timid face. His delicate hands start to tremble as he gets closer to my coffee table beside the desk. He puts the pitcher down and grabs a pack of matches beside it. Going to the gas lamps in the room, he lights them one by one. Once done, instead of standing beside me, like he should, he decides to stay on the opposite side of the table.

Apparently, hate and love are very close emotions. My anger boils over and I grab him roughly by his arm to pull him by me.

Standing up, I tower over his small frame by over a foot. His body is no longer trembling, but shaking. Liking the power I have over him, I whisper maliciously, "You scared of me, boy?"

His eyes answer me without him actually telling me. "You're supposed to stand here when pouring the coffee," I instruct, trying to ignore the skin contact. Letting go, he does what I said. A dark red mark at his wrist gets me mad at myself for being so harsh.

Putting down the coffee pot, the child starts to look towards me and says, "Am I done, Ma-?"

He cuts off when our eyes meet. My heart starts pounding and it suddenly feels like I need air. The flickering lamps give an angelic feature to his face. Suddenly, I notice our lips are too close for comfort. Shaking, the child keeps his gaze with confusion, fear,…and something else mixed in, locked with mine.

'Oh! To Hell with it all!' my mind screams, giving me permission to do the forbidden. I press my lips to his soft ones in a quick flash. My hunger and thirst for more drives me to wrap my arm around his tiny waist and tilt his chin up. I stare at him with lust-filled eyes until his close from the passionate kiss. Feeling something tremble at my chest, I realize it is his fragile fingers grabbing onto my shirt for dear life.

'What-what am I doing?!' I quickly push him away making the child fall to the floor. The numb feeling left from his lips puts me in another world of pleasure. I come back to reality when I hear a sustained sob. Looking down, I see the boy in a frozen state: his eyes filled with tears and pain.

"Get out!" I yell, coming toward him as if to squash him like a bug. Scared shitless, the boy scrambles to his feet and runs out the door.

Turning to the dark window, I press my hand against the cool glass. The reflection of a torn-up man comes into view. His eyes are confused and frightened for what is to come. "Ha! I have turned into a mess!"

Clenching my hand to a fist, I realize what must be done. Voicing the thought, as if to convince myself, I declare, "He can no longer stay here."


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