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Johnny is an orphan that ran away from the orphanage he was in. Dying in the streets, Lila, a maid, finds him huddled into a small ball. She brings him to a nice, warm mansion. Unfortunately, Johnny’s life is not perfect. View table of contents...


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Johnny (CPOV)

The last two months have been a trying time for me. Without Lila and Dash, I probably would have given up a long time ago. Master William has been a troublesome person, no surprise. I'm so used to no eye contact that he gives me a slap almost every day. It is not that I try to look away from that steely gaze. His blue eyes are so cold and heartless; it is hard for me to keep staring into them.

Today, Lila was going to get groceries when I saw her exhausted expression. "Lila, what if I went shopping with you?" I asked, giving a hesitant grin in fear of being refused.

Showing her white teeth through a huge smile, she replied, "That would be wonderful, child!"

It was my first experience doing something like that, so I just stood awkwardly and held her bags for her. The name of the place was the Market. From stand to stand we travelled getting various things from soap to a slab of meat. Happily, I went along watching Lila greet some people as if they were old friends.

Now back, I am tending the gardens, my safe haven away from Master William; he does not like to get dirty so he usually refuses to go outside which does not explain his bronzed skin. Despite not doing any work and only sitting at a desk all day, he also has great muscles I have only seen once because I woke him early in the morning once. He had only a pair of briefs on and I quickly averted my eyes, while relaying a message from Lila: "Time to get up for breakfast."

"Looks like the chives are ready for picking again," I mumble to myself, busying my hands with the task of breaking off the stringy limbs, hoping to forget the picture of Master almost completely naked. "Maybe Bernard will make potato soup soon so I can put them in today."

Dash, as usual, is either playing in the woods behind the house or chasing a squirrel somewhere. One time he came back with a bloody squirrel in his mouth and all Bernard said was, "Well…guess we are having squirrel soup tonight." The memory sends shivers up my back and reminds me to discard of anything Dash brings back in his mouth. The pup comes back with, luckily, nothing in his jaws. Wagging his long, dangerous tail, he comes over and sits next to me. Petting him with one hand, I busy the other with some weeds nearby.

A shadow casts over the plant I'm working on, giving me a shiver. I recognize this silhouette all too well. Whimpering, Dash runs toward his safe haven: the house. About to turn and greet the Master, in a pitiful attempt at manners, a sharp pain in my skull stops me short. A quick inhale of breath reveals the pain I am going through. With my hair, he starts dragging me towards the house.

Flailing, the garden soon leaves my sight and in its place is the hall of the mansion. I try to alleviate the torment by grabbing Master's hand and using it as leverage. The tugging continues and he drags me to the nearest bathroom. Master throws me on the white tiled floor without a care to my wellbeing and a loud thud is heard as my body slams into the wall.

Recognizing the white tub already filled with water, I start to hyperventilate in alarm. "Master, please!" I beg, holding my hands out in front of me in surrender, striving to stop the strong man. At first, it seems he hesitates when looking into my eyes, but he overcomes whatever he was feeling rapidly.

In a quick motion, Master grabs the torn up fabric located on my chest and starts tearing. Fear trickles into my heart, at the thought of what he is doing.

With me still struggling and sobbing, he grabs my swinging arms and yells, "You are a filthy, vulgar scoundrel that needs to learn his place!" A slap to the face leaves me in a frozen, shocked state and gives Master an opening for more rips to be made. With the last of my energy I gather a shaky breath and scream.

To be continued.....


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