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Ishin Shishi: Kyoto no Raion

Novel By: Masamune Yukimora
Historical fiction

The story is about a 15-year old samurai named Raion Wata.
Raion is a member of the Ishin Shishi, he works for them as an assassin. His nickname is Godspeed Swordsman.
One fateful night he meets Hikaru Yamauchi a priestess.
And so their adventure begins. View table of contents...


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Sword 4: Cooking lesson

"Good morning Hikaru!" I said.
"Good morning Raion." She responded gladly. "What are you doing up?" She had a confused look on her face.
"I-I wanted to thank you for all you did for me for the past couple of days so I made some breakfast." I blushed a bit.
"You wanted to thank me?" She stepped a bit closer and put her hand on my forehead. "Do you have a fever?"
"No! I'm being nice." I responded quickly.
"OK if you say so." She said with a smile.
She sat down at the table. I brought rice balls, tea, some bread and chocolate cakes that I baked myself.
"Oh, I see you made some chocolate cakes. Did you make them yourself?" She was surprised when she asked that.
"Off course I did. Do you see anyone else here?" I had a bit arrogant tone in my voice.
She took one and had a bite. Then she spit it up in my face.
"What the hell?" I yelled whipping my face.
"What did you use to make that? Mud? It has an awful taste."
"Whatever. Just to let you know I don't bother to cook much." I said turning my face away.
"Because… I have no one to cook for so why bother." I had a sad look on my face.
We didn't say a word for a couple of minutes.
"Ok I'll teach you how to cook!" Hikaru said proudly.
"Say what?!" I was a bit shocked.
"Be in the kitchen first ting in the morning. Trust me, with me as your teacher you'll learn to cook." She sounded even more proud then before.
She smiled at me and walked out the room. I was sitting there for a bit and then I thought:
What the hell just happened?!
I decided to listen to Hikaru.
And so I was in the kitchen first thing in the morning. Hikaru was already there.
"Good morning Raion." Her voice was full joy.
"Good morning Hikaru." I simply responded.
"What are you wearing?" She sounded surprised.
"What do you mean? I'm wearing my kimono as always." I said with a surprised tone of voice.
"You can't wear that it'll get dirty. Hire change into this." She said that while handing me a white kimono.
"Ok." I said.
I took of my orange and black kimono and put on the white one Hikaru gave me. I wasn't a big fan of completely closed kimonos so, just like my usual one, I left my chest exposed.
"Is this ok? Umm, Hikaru? You OK?" I asked.
I had to ask because her face was all red.
I approached her.
"Hey, are you OK?" I asked.
"Y-Yeah I'm fine." She turned around so I couldn't see her face.
I stood next to her.
"Here you can start by chopping up these vegetables." She said quickly.
"Alright." I picked up the knife and in a few seconds chopped up the vegetables.
While I did that Hikaru put some water and a lot of spices in it on the fire.
I picked them up and put them in some hot water. Now we just had to wait for the soup to be cooked.
"Wow, impressive. How did you chop them up like that?" She really sound impressed.
"It's an easy job for someone who spends most of his time killing." I was both proud and kind of depressed.
Hikaru gave me a sad look.
"It's ok." Her voice was soft and gentle.
She putted her hand on mine and looked at me.
"You're saying that because you think that it's true."
"What do you think?" I looked at her emotionlessly.
"I think you just grown accustom to it. If you focus on something else I'm sure that you'll see that you don't have to kill anymore." She was serious.
"You don't get it. Killing is the only thing I know how to do. If I don't kill then there's nothing left for me in this world." I had a sad look in my eyes.
"There's me isn't it?" As she said that there was an emotion in her voice I didn't recognize.
I was shocked. I didn't expect for her to say something like that. I turned to her and was looking at her. We were standing like that and then we heard that the soup was done.
"I'll get it." I said as I walked away.
The next morning I prepared the same soup.
"There you go, taste it." I said proudly.
Hikaru putted a little bit in her mouth and then… Again she spit it up in my face.
"What the hell's wrong now?!" I was whipping my face.
"It tastes horrible. I think it would be better if I cook from now on, unless you want to kill someone with your cooking." Then she started laughing.
"Whatever!" I shouted.
I thought:
Unbelievable, it's simply unbelievable.


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