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Vikings Captive (Sara Blake's Picture Challenge)

Novel By: mommy3
Historical fiction

The lovely Lady Caitroina has vowed vengeance towards the Vikings who have destroyed her beautiful home. The leader Viking Finn Cerridwyn is the one responsible for destroying her home. He has heard tales of the lovely Lady Caitroina and has wanted to capture her to become his. Will these two find love or will they destroy each other. This is for Sara Blake's Picture Challenge my entry was based on historical fiction. (This takes place in 800 A.D. in Norway.) View table of contents...


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Chapter One

Brenna Hastings was giving birth in the homeland of Norway and was having severe complications. She has been in labor for eighteen hours and still no baby has come out. Her husband Thor Hastings was very worried that he was going to lose his wife and child. Brenna was in so much pain she screamed the entire time almost losing her voice.

"Thor something is wrong. I should have had my child born something isn't right."

"Hush now. Everything will be alright my love. I love you Brenna. Please don't die on me."

"Ha. I will not die. This child needs to be born, but he is becoming to be as stubborn as you."

Thor grinned when his wife told him this. He saw some energy still left in his wife, but noticed it was slowly fading. He could not bear if he lost his wife he loved her with all his heart. Even though when they first met they despised each other.

He remembers that day like no other. He was on a raid towards Sweden and saw this monastery along with a tall castle. He really did not want to be raiding, but knew his men would make fun of him if they realized he was going soft. They went towards the monastery and asked for the monks belongings which caused bloodshed. Rule number one when a Viking lord or Vikings ask for things always give it to them.

So since they did not listen the monks were killed all except this one. This one monk stood definitely to him with a sword ready to attack. Little did he know that this monk was not what he appeared to be?

He raised his sword to strike this monk down when he noticed this monk was awfully attractive. This monk had baby soft skin that was pale. He also noticed that the monk's lips were very full and luscious. This could not be a man with all these lovely attributes.

He raised his sword and swung with all his might towards this monk what caught him off guard was the monk blocked the attack. The monk counterattacked with full force back sending him backwards a bit. He was surprised this monk knew how to fight. He soon saw the strike again which caused the monk's robe to fall unmasking the disguise. He saw the most beautiful woman in anger. He looked up at her and was attracted to her.

Once the robe was fallen from the monk's face the golden haired beauty was revealed. She had light golden hair flowing to her waist tied in a braid. She had blue eyes with an angular face that was breathtaking. Her height was only to his stomach she was a tiny wee lass, but she was very skilled with the sword.

Her movements were well trained which came to a shock of all the Vikings watching her fight their lord. Thor was angered when this woman smirked at him thinking she had bested him. We shall soon see my wee lass. He thought.

He put away his sword which made her angered and she was preparing to attack him again. He chuckled at her attempt of attacking him. He looked at her and brought his fist down onto her wrist forcefully making her drop the sword.

She cried out and the sword was fallen but that did not stop her from using her fists. She drew her fist towards his face when he saw this he gave her a cold stare, but she did not heed well. He grabbed her fist with his bare hands before she could strike him. She still was determined to fight him and decided to use her legs attempting to kick at him. He picked her up and carried her onto his horse while the men were laughing and cheering.

"You cursed beast let me go this instant! Hell's spawn! Let me go!" she yelled.

"Silence! Be still woman else I will thrash you!"

"No let me go this instant you bastard!"

He grabbed her more tightly around her arms and swung her towards him. He looked at her luscious lips and groaned. He swiftly kissed her forcefully on the mouth making her go stiff. He nibbled on her lip to get a response from her she gasped in which he plunged his tongue into her mouth. She was overwhelmed with this strange feeling, but once that subsided she bit his tongue.

"Daughter of Hell! I will teach you a lesson my wee lass." His look of thunder the men were worried for the safety of the wee lass. Their lord was known for his quick temper and surely thought the wee lass would get hurt.

Surprisingly the wee lass looked back at him with contempt which caused him to throw back his head and laugh. His men looked on and were in shock by their lord's reaction.

They eventually fell in love with each other later on and now are happily married. He is now expecting his first child. He was getting concerned on how long it was taking.

"Brenna my love. Stay with me my sweetheart."

"Thor I love you. Promise me you will take care of this child if something should happen to me."

"No do not say that love. You will be fine. I promise I will but you will be fine."

She sighed and looked at him knowing once she had this child she would no longer see her husband anymore. She lurched up in the bed with pain screaming and pushing. The babies finally arrived which came as a great shock to everyone since they thought she was only having one child. She ended up having a boy and girl.

Once the children were born she told her husband she loved him and to remember his promise. She looked at him one last time sighed and slowly died afterwards. The lord was grief stricken he howled sounding like a demented person. He refused to believe his wife was gone and stayed by her side till morning.


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